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21 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 22 - 39
33 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 31 - 45
Hello, my name is Phyllis and I come from Chengdu, China. This is a city with a pleasant and slow-paced climate that is scented by birds and flowers. I have a gentle and romantic personality. I have a big happy family. Mom and Dad are in harmony. I have a good education. My English is good. I like to communicate with people in English. I am a doctor and I am always willing to help others. Helping others makes me very happy! I like singing, reading, sports, traveling, and I like everything linked to nature. I have never experienced marriage, but I believe in love that is long overdue, and I long to have my own family. I look forward to being infinitely with you. In the bright future, no matter poverty or wealth, disease or health, we will all go through trials and hardships together. I am fully prepared for love, and I am always ready for your arrival Mr. Soulmate. Hello 我叫Phyllis 来自中国成都,这是一座鸟语花香气候宜人慢节奏的城市,孕育了我有一个温柔浪漫的个性。我有一个其乐融融的大家庭,爸爸妈妈感情和睦,我受过良好的教育,我的英文不错,我喜欢用英语与人交流。我是一名医生,我总是乐于助人,帮助他人让我感到无比幸福! 我喜欢唱歌、阅读、运动、旅行,我喜欢与大自然链接的所有事物.我没有经历过婚姻,但我却相信姗姗来迟的爱情,并渴望拥有自己的家庭,我憧憬着与你无限美好的未来,无论贫穷与富贵,疾病与健康,我们都将一起风雨兼程,我已为爱做好了全然的准备,时刻准备着你的到来 Mr. Soulmate.
51 Mianyang, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 61
Hello, friend! I come from China, an ancient civilization with a long history of five thousand years. My hometown is on the fertile and Beautiful Horqin Grassland, a small city located in the northern border and the hometown of red-crowded cranes -- -Baicheng city. I currently live in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, which is also a beautiful small city. I came Across this website by chance, so I decided to start an unusual life journey here, hoping to meet a man who is just as Sincerely, happy, easy-going and optimistic as me here. I'd like to briefly introduce myself to everyone who is reading My profile! Since childhood, I have been influenced by my parents' personality and the influence of my family, forming my frank and Generous, sincere and kind, quiet and feminine character today. In the past life experience, I constantly tone my Temperature and endurance, so that I will not give up an optimistic and positive attitude even in difficult Situations.I have no bad habits (No smoking, no drinking, sometimes I can drink a little red wine depending on the situation), like small animals, and Treat people with respect, sincere to friends. At present, I have a stable job in Mianyang, and I commute regularly Every day. I like a quiet and leisurely slow-paced life. During the holidays, I like to stay at home to cook food, listen To music, clean up my room, and sometimes have dinner with friends and family, go shopping, watch moves, go out for Sports, etc. I especially like traveling, because during the journey, I can not only see the beautiful scenery, but Also learn about many interesting people and things, and at the same time, I can increase my knowledge. I hope that in the Rest of my life I can meet a man who loves life and loves to travel. Let us check out the beautiful scenery around the world And spend the rest of our lives together. If you want to know me more deeply, then just send me a message
40 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 52
Hi! I am Ling from Chengdu! There are a lot of delicious food here, like spicy hotpot! em……I don't know how to better introduce myself…… i think I am a cheerful and lively, open minded and generous woman with relatively independent thoughts! I like travelling and music best. I'm an educational training lecturer and a radio anchor in my spare time, I am an authentic sichuanese. If I have the chance, I will make authentic sichuanese food for you. maybe i am indeed an interesting woman. When I first started working, I started my own business with my friends. There were some failures and some successes. These experiences sharpened my will and tempered my character to some extent. Besides, I have a wide range of interests. traveling, listening to the music, singing, watching movies, reading books, climbing the mountain, hiking, and rock climbing. I like travelling and music best. I am a radio DJ in my spare time because I like music. For traveling, I have been to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and plan to go to Europe next year. For my personality, have an elegant introverted side, but also a passionate side, my mind is relatively independent. I am very happy that we have similar thoughts As for the relationship, I think the most important thing for two people to be together is the same idea and lifestyle. I admire the police very much, and I also like watching spy films. I've basically seen all the Tom cruise’s movies, so it's nice to see that you're a police detective. I wish we knew more about each other. I am looking for someone who is desiring to create a forever family with me without deceive and dishonesty.
37 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 45
It's from the people in life. Share a few words -- "the family is the most important thing in my life and the spiritual belief that is willing to sacrifice everything for it, a strong sense of empathy, the spirit of the Covenant, the world's imperfect people, the self-revision of gratitude, the common sense of tolerance and compromise. Those who sincerely treat you, know your good, understand your suffering, and are impenetrable and concerned about you are even more worthy of treasuring. Real success is family happiness. Be loyal and honest, love cleanliness, and spend the rest of your life with each other. Parents are open-minded and generous, and they are loving their younger generation. If you have the will, you have the will. Modern technology makes the world no longer separated, but only the hearts and minds are loving each other. Character is not the best way to break in a problem, and appearance is not the key to mutual appreciation of everything. Past experience does not matter what work you do. There is no emotional fit, only cherished. The 27-year-old had not married, and the people around them had already had their homes, often urging them to be too small. Too many scammers and girls beware!" No matter how good the 20 or so men wrote, "I'm in good condition, and I'm very good". I'm just a man. I am often mistaken for a middle school student or a star in the early 20th, and this is also true on this platform. At the age of 12, he began to live in the first five-year secondary school of the North Korean National Taiwan Normal University (NSBU), to teach English outside, to students with special skills, and so on. 20 years old, full-time bachelor degree, working in the world's former monopoly until now, life course, articles published in the national core publications and websites, national level Putonghua. It's not the two generations of the Guan Ni. I'm a single, broad-based, simple, direct, honest, very clean, sort of clean, dry. All kinds of things are organized and neat, such as the place to sit, the office, the home, the table, the cabinet, and so on. There are many chores to do, and you enjoy a warm, quiet and pure life. Over 50 pots of plants and a piano that has not been played for a long time have been disposed of, and self-demanding. Small and light. Love the cute food and the food. There are many lovely things or dolls in the family that have been dealt with. Shop for quality goods and food at home or cinema 4D, or attend a wedding reception every year. It has always been a good-looking and good-looking image. It is an absolute picture and a recent photo this year. Too few annual holidays but will travel. As a male husband, he should have good look, figure, financial strength, ability, and quality. Love people as they are, care, self-care, self-care, not self-centered, understanding, Righteous, simple sunshine, transparent inside and out, honest, honest, honest, diligent. Love cleanliness, modern appearance, open-minded but not open-minded, not narrow-minded, not obstinate in all things of the world. This is complemented by the principle of kindness too many people rate me very much like a authentic German who appreciates the European qualities of a German family. Many letters say I've been to many national cities... and it's true! Since childhood, I have been to China more than half of the time, and some of these cities have been to China several times, as well as many developed countries. Clothing, food, accommodation, travel, use, Sauna, massage, film, opera, music and art, general economic conditions, cleanliness and hygiene quality, The level of the comprehensive economic growth environment in terms of the quality of cultivation, knowledge, and cultural quality is different or very different from that of my weak woman! There is a lot of things and the fast pace in the country does not have the energy to chat. Be honest with your partner, and ask for open communication and video certification as well. Some male members' marriages, children, conditions and ages are false information, and the facts are divorced and unmarried. The facts are that there are children without children, and the quality and comprehensive conditions are not met. Men who do not meet the above criteria, have children, children and ex-wives, smoke, drink alcohol, and are completely disfigures, and have clear recent images, which are far from the actual person, are not accepted. Please take your weight! The true meaning of love is a family! February 2019 has just returned from Spain and Portugal! July 28, 2019 departs to four Nordic and Tallinn countries and three fjords. I'm afraid of cats, and I love koalas in particular. Spend a lot of time and energy on cleaning up every day, and don't keep pets at home. In 2021, lung cancer was performed last year, and the body became weak.
40 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 60



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