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43 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 48
Everyone desires someone to share life with, and we are here to look for that special someone. I don't believe in limitations; therefore. I'm willing to explore the possibility of knowing my soul mate either near or far. so that I earnestly and sincerely look on the internet as there is another saying that "fate should not be left to chance alone." I have a thirst for a family feeling. so now I want to let you know a bit more about me: I was born in an intellectual family, when I was studying for a master's degree in tongji university of shanghai. the prime minister schroder happened to came to shanghai and visited tongji university, he also signed an Agreement with tongji university, what about to award three outstanding students each year and give them opportunities to study in germany. I was selected by the first batch and transferred to the technical university of munich to completed my master's degree and major automatic control. except that I once worked in france AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT company for two years .in other times. I was working in the bosch company in the local of germany and shanghai department. influenced by the family environment. I study hard at school and work hard in the society. I am pure in mind and straightforward and not good at with scheming, integrity. loyalty. honesty. commitment. passion and love are all constituent part of my soul. I Have a lots of interests and hobbies. and I thought I was capable to some artistic talent and keen appreciation when i was a little girl. I am also an interesting woman in many ways. as an optimist. I am a firm believer in growth and self-improvement. hoping for the best comes naturally to me and I was raised to value hard work and family. for me. the life is definitely about the people I get to share it with and I feel lucky to come from a stable, loving family and have wonderful friends. for more than ten years, I have been looking forward to some one who is reasonable and manly elegant, amiable, bearing, and more importantly, someone Who sincerely love me that will be together always. I once wasted many time by somebody who are good at disguising themselves. and now, with the growth of my age, I know that I should not be a single strong woman" the reason for my character. i need to love and to be love, need to mutual support and rely-on in the spirit and life which comes from the family. at present I am working and living in germany, and have not yet met the right one. though I have not ever had a love experience with any foreign man, but I have been in general contact with a lot of foreigners in the work for a A long time, and I don't think the difference of nationality and culture is a big obstacle. I will work hard to adapt to the new environment and manage my feelings. I have a good temper. I like talking and joking. I can be a little quiet at first but once i feel comfortable I will open up. I have never married and I don't have children right now, but I would like to marry and have children. I am looking for a person that will be open to be loved and love me back so I can say farewell to my single life. and build a full of warm family with loving, inclusive, thoughtful, caring, fun and understanding.
45 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 55
50 Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 65
My name is Merry, a woman who doesn't need to rely on gorgeous clothes and heavy makeup to express herself. Kindness and Thoughtful are my nature. It is my advantage to love sports and learn to accept new things. 1. Why am I looking for a Man from a Western country (because I know you will ask me) First of all, I am not looking for a green card (I have a visa for western countries); I am not looking for rich man. In China, my economy is very stable. I am not a rich person, but life is comfortable enough. There are two reasons for choosing a man who lives in a Western countries: A: They are tall and strong, strong muscles, warming smiles and eyes, independent, interesting, respecting women Good at praying and communicating to solve problems. B: I like Western culture, pursue personal and moral values, emphasize freedom and equality, and the family is in the First place. I really like America Thanksgiving and weekend family Union days. 2, my photos and profiles are real, I. Deny any kinds of games, refusing to talk dirty . because life is very short, the rest of my life is only for the one who is Willing to walk with me. I am looking for a cover in my life. He is kind, honor, romantic, and faithful. A man who is family Oriented becomes my soulmate . My goal is very clear and I will take 100% effort to achieve it. I especially like the West. Wedding vows. 3. I am an university teacher. I work very freely. I like reading books and checking materials. I have a Better understanding in the economy, culture and history of western countries. I have lived in the United States for 1 Year and Western European countries for 1 month. I like to explore new things, advocate a healthy and natural life, work And rest time is very normal,I get up early every morning, exercise qigong, I also like reading, reading and writing at Home in my spare time . I like to watch movies at weekends and go to the museum. 4. I was born into a traditional family, my Parents were kind and taught us family and moral values. My daughter is 20 years old, she is very smart and eager to learn, Understandable and individual, she likes literature and art, our relationship is more like a friend. I divorced in 2015, and the biggest dislocation in this marriage is that our values and pursues are different. He is a good person, But not a qualified husband and father, he only cares about his feelings and preferences, his favorite is computer Games. I like Westerners who love life, passion for life, love of family, sincere expression of emotion and art of sex, Which makes me more certain that men living in the West are more suitable for me. 5, love and money If love is mixed with Schemes that have nothing to do with it, then it is not true love. Money can't buy love, but love has to be built based on Money, you can go together to realize the dreams of both sides. Shakespeare said: Love is not the sweet words in the shade of flowers, not the secret words in the peach blosoms, not the light tears, not The hard compulsion, the love is based on the common voice. 6. My view of marriage? I think that a happy marriage comes from: Sexual harmony, respect, and trust. My understanding of the concept of marriage is: Loyalty and independence. Loyal to love, not betrayal, I like to enjoy "fun", my sweet cover love life, have a positive Attitude toward life and good living habits. Although I want to get married, I am not in a hurricane to marry. My marriage Must have love. The home is the core of life, especially for me
39 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 39 - 49
As you can see from my pictures on my profile, I am smiling to you! I love smiling and infecting everyone around me with my happiness! You know, happiness is contentious! Haha... Here is a smart, tender, well-educated and HOT girl from Shenzhen. Haha, maybe u will fall In love with this beautiful lady after reading my profile? Lol... My name is Louisa. I was born in Foshan, which is 2 hours' drive from Shenzhen. Have you ever heard about this city before? I have been working as a customer manager in the investment bank in Shenzhen now, mainly dealing With investment, insurance and mortgage. I mainly deal with high end customer on the investment and Insurance. My work is very demanding, so I spent much time and energy on my work. Although I am Hard-working, yet I never take work as my whole life. Working is just a small part of my life, but Now there is something more important to do-- -to find my love, build a sweet home and have kid together. I can speak excellent English, because I. Majored in English in university before. I love traveling a lot, because I can learn a lot about Foreign culture. I have traveled to Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand. I Think it is really a good chance to learn and practice my English. Actually, I majored in English When I was in university. Thus, my English is pretty good ! In my free time, I always do exercise to keep fit, such as playing table tensis, squash, as well as Badminton, and climbing mountains, because being healthy is of great importance. Do you agree with Me? And I am also fond of watching movements. Maybe one day you can cuddle me on the sofa and watch Together ^_^ I am expecting for the day...hehe.... I can play the piano...would you like to listen? Are you the one for me?