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53 Huai'an, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 67
Hi there, I am Debra, a woman with a heart filled with love, light and hope. I am from Huai'an, a beautiful city in China. People that meet me for the first time tend to consider me easy-going, approachable and warm-hearted. I feel the most amazing thing about online dating, is that by scrolling on our phones, looking at people’s photos and reading their profiles, we can easily look at hundreds of potential dates that match our preferences. However, I wonder if you are like me, always thinking what the person behind these profiles is really like in daily life. For me, besides all of the personal qualities and selection criteria that I had to fill in for this profile, I am a person who lives by a regular schedule. In the morning, I like going to the market to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables that I will use during the day for doing my cooking. I love to try out new recipes! I feel at ease living in a neat house and I will always make sure that everything is in order. “Tidy house, tidy mind” is the saying I think, and for me that’s true. After having done my chores, I love to have a rest and enjoy some nice coffee. Another thing that brings me peace of mind is walking. I love to stroll along the canal of my city, which is a great way to clear my mind. I love staying home and reading the Bible while relaxing on the big balcony of my home. I will just watch and feel time passes me by, and enjoy how time changes the light and everything around us. So impressed and grateful that god has created all of this. Now I have arrived at a point in my life where I am comfortably secure, and I am on the way to slow down my pace and find that final piece of puzzle that will complete my life. Though I am hoping to find a lot of good on my way, acceptance of whatever life puts on my path is important to me. I will treasure all the great experiences with gratitude, and will do my best at finding the silver lining to any possible setbacks. In life, realistically, the sum of the positives and negatives will always turn out to be in the plus. My vision of happiness is you and me, living in a beautiful place, a place with green hills and green trees as far as the eyes can see, where a breeze gently caresses our hair. Situated in this wonderful place, our warm home is where we spend our daily life together. In our home filled with the fragrance of fresh flowers, we feel content enjoying home-made comfort food together. When the evening arrives, we rest on the patio holding hands while swaying in our rocking chairs, enjoying the sunset and feeling grateful that we have each other's company.
55 Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 53 - 66
65 Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 78
Dear Sir: Hello! I ventured to disturb you, Oh really sorry! Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail, Express heartfelt thank! In fact, I am also very good, but failed to show up in this, I do not have nice and beautiful Appearance, I am very content. As long as interrelated in this, I think you will understand me Fully, Will not let you down! I can introduce myself? I will introduce it: Give you a warm home: Your: Working partners, Career assistant, Counselor, Medical staff, Nutrition division transfers, Sports Opponent, Travel partner, Art appreciation company, Valentin-like company, Over a lifetime of Happening. I'm not pretty, Shaper, pump and generic, gentle and kind, Cheerful. I'm not smart, No. Ambition, But I'm very capable. I am an ordinary, No university degree, I have a curious mind, Will Continue to work hard to enrich itself. I have no desire, Not looking for an ATM or a Jinshan When the backrest. Because life is nothing exciting is true. I really appreciate you so far around The globe came to my side! Solemnly declare: I did not cheat anyone! This is true of information! Information is truce, I am willing to bear legal responsibilityy! Dear Sir: Hello! Hope to receive your mail, thank you! Take care of yourself! Send my most sincere greets! Another added: I am now retired, After retiring, Every day I go to the swimming pool swimming exercise, Swim 1000 Meters a day, Speed:28 minutes. While swimming distance where I live very far away, But every day I. Have insulted, I have been insting for seven years. Haa, Swim every day at work just like Himself, To and fro need seven hours,,,,,, Another added: I have a good family background and good family education and influence, my father used to be President of a Chinese university, my uncle is the education minister, the home has five university Professors, we were due to the impact of Chinese Cultural Revolution and influence, not able to move The university gets, not that we do not have that capability, but we are very strict father called,,, Zhulina Additional supplements: I am Taurus, Thank you for reading my information!



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