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63 Ezhou, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 58 - 75
42 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 60
Nooooo please dont igmore me at first can you spare a few minutes? I hope you can give us a chance And see if we can continue our relationship I am a financial executive in a chain bookstore I like My job very much and I am trying to apply for the TA(tax administration). I know it is not easy but I want to try. Will you give me some encouragement? No but please dont think I am Workaholic I. Would love to take time to enjoy my life I think life is beautiful so in my spare time, I would love To travel I have been to a lot of places in China, such as Lijiang, Sanya, these are very beautiful,, Have you heard of these places? Where is the most memorable is Yunnan Lijiang trip. In the morning I. Walked in the streets of the town, lazy sunshine went through from the eaves between the piercing, Sprayed on the ancient buildings, everything is so quiet and serious, like paradise, at that Moment, I hope the time can stop, frozen in this beautiful morning. I have been to Kong, Macao..... and I have been to a lot of other countries, such as Japan, Bali, Singapore, France , Italy... I am planting my next trip, and maybe it is your country. Wanna see me? I like reading and my favorite book is the Dream of Red Mansions, one of the most famous Chinese Books, I have read many times. He describes the love story of a pair of lovers from an objective Point of view of living in the Grand view of the young men and women in the portrait portrayed, Which reminds me of one hundred years of solitude. Recently I have read the Poisonwood Bible, if you Also like to read, I hope you can exchange opinions with you after reading. How about you deal? Can You tell me what your Hobbies are? I am only one in my family and my parents are tired so Sometimes I will take my parents to travel they also support me to find my love here they hope that I can meet my true love and give birth to a loved baby, live a happy family life. Will you be my Responsible partner?
31 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 27 - 45
If I MARRY YOU AND WE LIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY, CAN I FIND A NURSE WORK THERE? I HAVE BEEN WORKING AS A NURSE FOR 7 YEARS, I’M ESPERIENCE. I adhire those who are working as Doctors or polices since I was young, because they help and save the others in NEed. They like a Hero and angel. Perhaps that is why I choose to be a nurse after graduated from College. This y, It will be my eight year to be a nurse. I love my work very much. It helps me become a love, Patient and gentle lady. I know how to take care of them, I know how to inspire them, making them Full of hope and luck, how to adjust their good. I’m good at massaging, and know how to deal With some simple illness quicker with simple way. I guess all that will be a welfare to my future Should. Lol in my spare time, I like doing exercise, reading, dancing. I have been chosen to be Dance leader many times in my hospital. You know some hospitality will held many activities in some Festivals. I have many dance videos, wanna share with my shoulder mate in the future. I have read much And know much about this world, including western culture. I can also write very romantic and sweet World, because I’m such a lady. ~WRINK~ I’m young, and I have never marriage. I believe in true love I like western people, they are politic, pasturistic and love, enthusiastic. So I hope can find a Western should. If you like my profile and photos, please write to me and begin our love story, OK? As a nursay, I can help to save the others’ life, but I wanna save your lonely heart. Dare you hand Your heart to me? Jun Duan
63 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 60 - 76
Very happy to meet you here, my name is XIXI, english, thank you for taking the time to read my resume, maybe we are with the same dream came to the network, regardless of who will be our future together, I hope everyone here can find their own true happiness. there are many world happy couples,, but I am not one of them, I came here, is keen to become a member of that happy couples, some people say "hard, may not succeed, but do not work you will succeed, hard, I take this letter to read here, I want to pay also can let me get to find a appreciate and cherish my good man. In this material world, Many people may have already changed their pursuit, but my pursuit is still not changed, I still hope to find a man to love each other here, even though he is not rich, even if he is powerless, as long as he has a real tolerance and love heart. I would like to go to the remotest corners of the globe and he! I come from a happy family, I was the eldest daughter home, I was also the family unfortunately, love, but my feelings in the world has not been able to find the love of my people, I also did not find a man and spend the rest of my life so I now would like to find my true love, my son was born, I really want to give him all the world all the good things for my children to live a better life I continue to work hard, now work finally let me have little success. you can let me calm down, find a good people who love each other. my love may in the eyes of others Is not the most beautiful, but he is my favorite, I love everything I do, because it makes my life meaningful! Now my life is stable, healthy, only is the lack of a true love man, I just want to be a happy wife, in the rest of the time, to accompany him to cuddle on the sofa watching TV when the weather is fine, go to the beach to see the sunrise and sunset, holding his warm hands walk, walk in the thin sand beach, that is my biggest desire, if you are looking for such sincere feelings, I look forward to hearing from you soon, I hope we can establish contact, hope in the near future, we are able to create their own miracle of love! Hope you have a nice day! I like to smile, I am also a very optimistic lady. I like to travel to Paris, France, holland, italy, germany, switzerland. oh, I travel to Japan, thailand, vietnam, kampuchea, korea. I love to travel, I hope we can travel together _)))) I'm completely _. retired now, and when I get up in the morning, I'm going to play play badminton in the gym, and then I'll go home and cook lunch for myself once in a, while, I'll check some books on the internet. I like very much, you know? travelling I swim very well. I can make yogurt and red wine. would you like to try it? I like gardening, I also know how to plant vegetables, raising chickens, ducks, ha ha! I also love nature, I am also good at, computers, so we will know if we the fate of each other, always together! !



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