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35 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 41
Thanks for reading my profile. We are totally strangers to each other, but I hope this could be a chance to close each other. I was born in a traditional family, so I am good at cooking Chinese food, both Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine, I like to cook for my family, and the happiest thing is to watch them eat all with a satisfied expression. If you like eating lightly and healthy food, I can cook well too. I have a small secret. In the last 20 years, I had been fat twice, but I lost weight successfully and gradually by controlling my diets and insisting regular workout. Now I am healthy and good shaped! If you love hot and spicy food, I have no problem. I can promise you that, you will love my hot cooking, and do not want to stop! I love cooking, I also love to clean my home and make it very cozy and comfortable. The home does not need much luxury decorations, or fancy furniture, but every member of the family can feel happy and content living in it! I also like to DIY, to make my home become more beautiful and cozy through my own hands, I will feel very happy then. I like to go jogging along the river bank road. During that one or two hours, the time only belongs to myself. I like to watch the lights from every window. I believe every light has its own story. I run and feel the wind so lively! On weekends, I usually spend time with family or friends, I like to go to the countryside nearby, to bring my daughter to feel the nature, no matter in the nature park or just enjoy the hot spring. Family happy time, is the best gift we get in life. I look forward to get to know you, and hope this is a beautiful start to our possible happy together future. I would like to be obedient to my husband, and bring him happiness! Having mutual trust, mutual understanding, and support each other and encourage each other! Life is a journey, I look forward to walk with you, even though we will have tears and laughs, ups and downs, we can get through with each other. To get the rainbow after the rain, and enjoy the sunset, and share the rest of life, together!
53 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 52 - 72
50 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 41 - 57
My name is wang jia. I am 47 years old. I am 156 centimeters tall and weigh 43 kilograms. now I work in community justice. I come from, china. It is a beautiful city surrounded by two rivers and surrounded by mountains. It is famous for its sichuan cuisine and hot pot. I am a quiet woman, accustomed to solitude, but also keen to participate in a variety of sports. quiet time, quiet if stop water, introverted and enthusiasm, deep, play time, such as fire, spontaneous and crazy. I am cheerful, mature, and sometimes quaint and elegant, lovelaughter, I love small humor, love life believe in love. I am always full of passion for life and I love all Fashionable clothes, which make me confident, beautiful and natural. of course, I wear jeans and t-shirt more often, which makes me feel comfortable and fashionable. simple, on the other hand, I have the temperament of classical chinese women, leisure at home love to wear qipao, love holding a cup of warm tea sitting at the desk quietly reading ancient chinese poetry, I am kind-hearted, considerate, gentle and warm to others. but the real gentle, never easy to show, it is not easy to see, just enough precious, this is not melodramatic, also not artificial, because I understand, self-respect and self-love, can get the whole heart sports, cherish. I love travel and quiet reading in my spare time. when there are Holidays, I will take my parents and daughter to travel and vacation. we like to go to the seaside for leisure, to see famous mountains, scenic spots and historic sites, and to enjoy chinese and western food. we can experience various cultures from these natural scenery, cultural landscape and catering food, so that our life can get more growth and sublimation. on weekends, I like to cook with my parents and daughter. we make dumplings with various fillings, hot pot, traditional chinese food, fried steak and homemade ice cream. I have a wide range of hobbies. singing, dancing, I like going to the grand theater to listen to the symphony and watch the dance plays. I prefer yoga. I go To a yoga studio for morning classes every day and occasionally go to the gym for yoga classes for members. my favorite sport is yoga and swimming 🏊 I have an 11-year-old daughter. she is a primary school student. she is a lively and lovely, cheerful, smart girl, I love her very much. as for love, I always keep a serious attitude. I think the real shocking power of love is that both parties give and understand each other, tolerate each other, love each other and cherish each other. I look forward to meeting the person who is really close to my heart and my heart. I look forward to every morning when I come back from yoga practice and wake You up gently in your ear. then we can sit at the table for breakfast and finish the plan of the day together. I look forward to walking the garden path with you every sunset, unhurried steps, every step a sound of love and warmth, rambling chatter, every word a mutual concern and love. with sunshine, breeze and you and me, this is the world my heart longs for. how did I get to my daily morning class? self-disciplined yoga How beautiful are the scenic spots, beaches and coconut forests that I have been to? How good are the dishes I cook? ... Are you ready to ask me a question?
49 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 46 - 60
The relationship just like birds. if you hold the bird tightly, the bird will die. if you catch the bird too loosely... it will fly away from you. but if you catch the bird cautiously and give it a lot of love loyalty, honesty... birds are always with you. you. "and love what are we doing here? It's in the searching for that relationship and then we will feel love and be loved in a successful relation. I am a divorced woman who are full of positive spirit and sunshine mood .i come from chongqing which is a beautiful mountain city in china. having a lovely and intelligent 10y/o son who lives with me. my personality is cheerful, talkative, kind, wise, industrious, brave, independent, self-confident, considerate and challenging. I have been always depended on my own ability to improve my quality of life. and it has been got a little successful in my career, I am currently running a small hotel airbnb. and I am also good at chinese pasta and hair care professional skills which Are my own unique professional skills. I am also a diligent chinese woman. I think that these skills and personalities are enough to enable me to survive anywhere. to make my future life be happy and enriched. I am also a woman who is eager to learn and make progress.with a wide range of interests and hobbies, fitness, modern dance, table tennis, music, traveling and all meaningful outdoor activities are my favorites. I go to the gym three times a week to keep shape and stay in healthy. i've had a good and fulfilling life so far. I lead a very positive life and I have been working hard to learn englis to improve my english level til now. And optimistic, very hard working and with a heart with kindness and charity. a respect, peaceful woman who values integrity and intelligence with humility. those are my must have in woman. looks are nice but they fade over time. but inner beauty only gets better with time. I appreciate life to it's fullest,happy to share knowledge, able to enjoy life and appreciate fun. this is a true description of my situation. then are there something you wanna tell me? And you can chill cuz I love to share..



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