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35 Estancia, Iloilo, Philippines
Seeking: Male 37 - 54
I am sure that I can carry a good conversation. I am quite level headed. My friends tell me I am funny most of the time but would mistaken me as the serious one if you don't know me that well. I love honesty and sweetness because that is me. Trust me when I say I can spot dishonesty and insincerity. We don't want to waste each other's time, so if you're just looking for someone to flirt with and send nudies then please pass my profile. I love traveling and the outdoors. I can guarantee I am not boring. I am sweet but not naive. Someone gave me the impression that I have it all figured out, Oh trust me, I don't. You never know what goes on behind the scenes. All the messy middle and rollercoaster rides. Life isn't perfect. Life will throw you under the bus and could even kill you but that all depends on your perspective. You've been hurt, you may have been betrayed, but you are alive. Think of it as a blessing and an opportunity to get back up and be with the people you love. Every life journey will always have sadness in it but there will always have beautiful memories that lingers. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other even when we hurt, for we will never know what is waiting for us just around the bend. I know there are many people out there also struggle with the same problems. Be strong. You're not alone. You will always have a choice. Remember that we can never undo something that has already happened and all we can do is to learn from those experiences and become a better person than we were. Trust your strength. So stay positive, appreciate the pleasant outcomes and learn from the rest. And just to add, PEOPLE'S OPINIONS ARE ONLY SECONDARY. DO NOT TAKE IT TO HEART. Stop struggling with what other people thinks about you and if they are mocking you. These people wouldn’t have to deal with the results of the decisions you make so why even bother putting much weight on it, they’re not living our lives anyway, well that’s the way I saw it which eventually gave me a feeling of self-liberation from the dictums of society. As difficult as it has been, sticking through my own decisions have been the most rewarding experience so far. So let it be and live your life. Smile and Stay Strong. Be forgiving and Be Kind. xoxo, KC
35 Santa Barbara, Iloilo, Philippines
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
I'm not looking for company or mere companionship. That's for souls who hate to be alone. I like myself and l enjoy being alone but I'm not lonely. I desire a passion that builds between two people who have a deep and mutual craving for one another. You can't create chemistry outside of a lab. You can fake it, but you can't make it. So I won't settle for "company" until I find the one I breathe fire for. I'll hold out, and keep the kindling stocked and ready to ignite. It's all or nothing for me. I refuse to be loved in half measures. I didn't spend years teaching myself that I am worthy of oceans for you to show up with a knee-deep love. I don't do half efforts or half-truths, and I most certainly don't do half-hearted or half-love anything. Things either touch my soul deeply or not at all. I don't wanna see myself pleading for faith, honesty, commitment, communication, and consistency. I don't wanna find myself desperate for courtesy, care, and respect ever again. I'm no longer accepting the bare minimum, never again. I'm worth more. I'm not begging for common decency. It's time to demand what I'm worth. Don't disturb me if you ain't ready for me. I'm a timeless blessing, not a temporary fling. "If you plan on being mine, boy I'll be your blessing, shining knight." This is a very short and concise description of my personality to avoid a long introduction. I'm a combination of both sigma and alpha woman, but more of a sigma. You'll have to discover the rest. I'm at the stage in my life where I don't wanna be crazy in love anymore. I wanna be calm in love, patient in love, happy in love, and understood in love. I may come to visit the USA soon. I started the visa process again. Of all the things that are happening in this crazy world right now, I came to realize that it's about time to make the most of my time left here on earth. I don't want to live life with regrets. So I'm facing my fears and taking more risks. I honestly want to just love and enjoy life, that's the loudest voice I keep hearing in my heart lately. I want to listen to that voice. I will love more, fiercely, deeply, innocently, and wild. I will live a big life, the most authentic life I could ever have. If you want to join me in this new journey while we are birthing a new world, be ready with a warrior's heart. I'm not looking for a deserter. This is not for the faint-hearted. It's not going to be an easy ride baby. I'll see you on the other side!!!



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