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55 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 67
I am a very ordinary woman, I am a mature woman, I am a non-greedy woman, I am an ordinary woman, a woman who occasionally loves dreams. Do not blindly pursue brand names. Simplicity, generosity, low-key, environmental protection. I know love, I know pain, I know life. I like to share my insights and skills with friends around me. I am very happy to be able to help others. I am not perfect, I have many shortcomings, I am straight and enthusiastic, I have personality but kind, gentle, understanding, I have a good sense of humor, I have a special focus on quality of life, and I am very practical and relaxing with me, I: I always have a heart of gratitude, my understanding of happiness: A healthy body, understanding and cherishing, caring for me, able to exchange ideas, eager to be romantic but not emotionally and gameplay life, just to find a person who appreciates each other and can be seen to be true; Willing to leave the past ordinary days, go to the gym with one another, travel to the mountains, listen to music, play balls, sing, walk, shop, buy food and cook in the kitchen... Don't bother the emotional one. I was born in the autumn of October. I traveled to many countries between 2000 and 2008 for work. I just returned to Chengdu to accompany my mother and take care of her in 2010 and 2018. I will decide which city or place to live in according to the situation. I like the human environment of Western honesty. I like that you have a sense of family. You are not arrogant, not mad, do not disrespectful, not angry, have a good sense of humor and sincerity, value the family, love physical and mental health, have a good look, do not smoke. I will love you wholeheartedly, respect you who are not perfect. Life-long soul partner: Age 50-62. I usually spend my leisure time; reading books, listening to music, doing housework, cooking, tourism, playing table tennis, badminton, enjoying outdoor sports, singing. My favorite things I like to get hands on with my loved ones, like family life, health care, sun, walking. Five things I can't afford to be healthy , loving, happy, family, health care and skin care products My friend describes my three adjectives : Good, honest, warm and generous, trustworthy and make friends. Everyone's first impression of me. Quiet, beautiful, genuine.
52 Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 43 - 65
60 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 53 - 70
I am a kind, happy, proud, generous, caring, There are passionate, learning-loving, hard-working and helpful women. I love singing and dancing, reading and listening to music, fitness and cooking, and I love traveling too. I pursue everything natural, beautiful, sunny, positive, positive. I enjoyed my family, and after my father died, I often looked after my old mother, sometimes helping my daughter look after my grandchildren, and enjoying the family fun. I have worked as an attendant and financial manager. After leaving the country, he opened a beauty salon, and is not running it now I am a kind-hearted, happy, generous, generous, caring Passionate, love learning, can bear hardships, helpful women. I like singing and dancing, reading and listening to Music, bodybuilding and cooking, and I also like traveling. I pursue everything natural, beautiful, Sunny, positive And energetic. I enjoy being with my family. After my father's death, I often take care of my old mother, sometimes help My daughter take care of her grandchildren, and also enjoy my family. I worked as an operator and in financial Management. I opened my own beauty salon after I got divorced. He is now an executive in his brother's company and is well Respected. I hope I can find a man who loves life, loves study, is active and enterprises, has a wide range of Hobbes, Lives regularly, is healthy in body and mind and is full of love, tolerance heart and sense of responsibility for life Soul mate. I hope my other half with me is the same frequency, heart and soul, will be you? I believe we will have a good talk, and we are grateful that we can meet, know each other, love each other and go forward Hand in hand. I am now an executive in my brother's company and I am respected by all
46 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 50
I am from the beautiful ancient country of culture - China, I live in the hometown of giant panda ~ Chengdu. I am a beauty facial manager who has been engaged in the beauty industry for more than ten years. She is a kind-hearted woman who is full of love and compassion for her friends. She likes all good things and things. She is sincere and honest with her loved ones and friends. I also said that I am very gentle and meticulous. I like to drink Chinese tea. There is Chinese tea culture in the tea. Every day, I will make a cup of tea and watch the tea and tea. I also like Chinese Zen dance, I like to dance, and it is also the shackle in my life. It is one of the most precious gifts in life. It dances, it carries and conveys the wisdom of our own life, and leads the promotion of love and Awareness, let the inner self, joy, strength. I also like plants very much. I saw the vitality of plants and the full love inside. It also filled my heart with joy and stability. I like to be with nature, and I also like to travel! I have a pair of smart, happy children, and the children support me to encourage me to find my life partner. I come from China, a beautiful country with ancient culture. Now I live in chengdu, the hometown of giant pandas. I is one is engaged in The beauty industry for more than ten years of beauty facial management division, is a kind of friends is full of love and compassion of woman, like all good things and things, to relatives and friends sincere, honest, friends say I am very gentle meticulous I like to drink Chinese tea, which has Chinese tea culture. Every day, I will make a pot of tea to taste the tea quietly.



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