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If you’re ready to meet Chinese women, it’s helpful for you to understand a thing or two about the ladies in China. As the world’s most populous country, the People’s Republic of China brings a long history and diversity in thought and attitudes. It’s one of the oldest civilizations with one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. China’s influence on economy and culture is palpable in nearly every part of the globe. The women in China are generally active, confident and motivated by the things that they’re most passionate about, including their families and careers.


Many Chinese women are conservative in their approach to dating. It’s not that they’re playing hard to get, but rather they prefer to observe and make an informed decision. Family opinions are important to many of the ladies in China, and they really value sincerity and integrity. Many Chinese women are interested in education and professional career. You may find that a woman is enthusiastic about discussing your educational background and career aspirations, as that would lend insight as to your future family goals.


For the person that wants to meet Chinese women, patience is a virtue. You’ve come to a place where ladies want to make sure that they’re investing time, effort and heart into something that will truly last.

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41 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 52
What a pretty adorable sexy funny smart lady seeking the life partner here. I am outgoing with a positive bubble personality who likes painting, gardening, photography, swimming, beach trips, tan lines, breeze dried hair, salty skin, traveling, bare feet, sunset with mango mojitos, glittering seas, good vibes, being free... I’m a Sun-lizard Pink-lit Sky Sunset Seeker...I’m here looking for someone to share life together. Someone who is positive physically fit and strong which means he is able to protect me physically. Who is smart, funny with a strong sense of humor which means he is capable to make me laugh from time to time. Who feels not fear but excited about all the new things and challenges in life like I do which means we are able to experience the new adventures in life together. Who likes dogs not cats which means he is honest sincere in a direct communication style like I do. Who is responsible and wants settle down with a family which means we are on the same page of what we are looking for in our life at the moment here. who enjoys at least one of my niches like beach trips, swimming, painting, gardening or photography which means we are able to spend time and have fun together!!! who would spoil me like a little girl which means I don’t need to grow up or older any more. LoL. I enjoy a simple living not a big concrete jungle city girl. I love outdoors and approach the nature.I’m a romantic woman who enjoys the walking along beach under starts by night. Holding hands to enjoy the sunset together,or just laying down there and feel the breeze simply being there. Crossing the eyes and looking at each other even without a word. Taking bubble bath in a hot tub together with candlelight in a raining weekend evening are romantic and relax moments to me... I think ‘life is Art’ and each day is a stroke of the brush onto this ‘canvas’. I also believe that everything I have ever done, every choice I have ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing happened to me it’s all lead somewhere even I haven’t realized yet. So I’m here waiting for you and I hope you are reading my profile with a smile on your face and I truly believe we will find each other sooooooooooooooooooooon no matter what....
41 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 54
I could be your sweet, kind, consider, thoughtful huckleberry if you are my Mr right. Happy is One in my top list, my belief is that only happy wife can bring happiness to husband, only happy mum Can bring happiness to children. Body shape management is one in my top list, I like running Swimming, boiling, golf, Yoga. If you like sports, I would love to do exercise together. It is also good way to start a sweet Relationship, right? Ambitious and continuous study is one in my top list, these two are key factors to guarantee me to Achieve higher and higher level. Volunteering for my local humane Society is one of my passion, and I'd love to find someone who cares about this, too. Humor is lubricant of daily life, my no-joking Gene father always expects my call because I always bring a funny beginning in the call, like "do" You know who is calling you, please guess" or "this is your daughter calling you, but do you know Which daughter? ". I transmit my humor to my kid, now he is more funny than me and tells me lots of jokes. Beside Humor cells, I have different mathematics and engineering/high-tech background, it is amazing that Humor and engineering are getting along with each other very well in my mind, and they are best Friends I like all kinds of readings, e.g. history, mathematics, physics, Semicontor, engineering, mechanics, manufacturing, car, optics, Finance, education, movie, medical, business Marketing, art, management... I accumulate these step by step, time By time. My favorite thing while I take plane is Reading magazines and newspapers