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38 Kunming, Yunnan, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 53
39 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 52
What a pretty adorable sexy funny smart lady seeking the life partner here. I am outgoing with a positive bubble personality who likes painting, gardening, photography, swimming, beach trips, tan lines, breeze dried hair, salty skin, traveling, bare feet, sunset with mango mojitos, glittering seas, good vibes, being free... I’m a Sun-lizard Pink-lit Sky Sunset Seeker...I’m here looking for someone to share life together. Someone who is positive physically fit and strong which means he is able to protect me physically. Who is smart, funny with a strong sense of humor which means he is capable to make me laugh from time to time. Who feels not fear but excited about all the new things and challenges in life like I do which means we are able to experience the new adventures in life together. Who likes dogs not cats which means he is honest sincere in a direct communication style like I do. Who is responsible and wants settle down with a family which means we are on the same page of what we are looking for in our life at the moment here. who enjoys at least one of my niches like beach trips, swimming, painting, gardening or photography which means we are able to spend time and have fun together!!! who would spoil me like a little girl which means I don’t need to grow up or older any more. LoL. I enjoy a simple living not a big concrete jungle city girl. I love outdoors and approach the nature.I’m a romantic woman who enjoys the walking along beach under starts by night. Holding hands to enjoy the sunset together,or just laying down there and feel the breeze simply being there. Crossing the eyes and looking at each other even without a word. Taking bubble bath in a hot tub together with candlelight in a raining weekend evening are romantic and relax moments to me... I think ‘life is Art’ and each day is a stroke of the brush onto this ‘canvas’. I also believe that everything I have ever done, every choice I have ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing happened to me it’s all lead somewhere even I haven’t realized yet. So I’m here waiting for you and I hope you are reading my profile with a smile on your face and I truly believe we will find each other sooooooooooooooooooooon no matter what....
41 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 48
Thanks for your time to read my profile. there is a chinese saying: "hand in hand, we spend our life together to the end of the life." and that is what I am looking for now, and i am here to search a special man, my right one in my life. my name is yaqing. growing up in the southwestern city of china, I came to shenzhen alone after graduation from university. at present I am working in a branding consultation company. I can speak very good, english, so I think we will have no problem in communication. and also i am learning french now, and just personal interests. I like sports, and I play tennis well and Doing yoga every week. i can play tennis very well, and i wish you will also be the one who likes the sports and we can share many same interests together. I love yoga and i keep a good figure and you can see that from my profile pics. I love all kinds of food, but i really really love the dessert, and tiramisu is my favorite. and i wish that we can spend a romantic weekend together with sports together. and we can share hiking, tennis, swimming together and also we can go to have a big meal to get the calories, and don't forget to order me the tiramisu. and i will give you a sweet kiss. I like traveling a lot. and i traveled to many countries in EU, and also i wish i can travel to you next time. I still remember my favorite trip to greece. I really love the sunshine, and the blue sky, it gave me the feeling that i can fly and enjoy all of this. I still miss this blue Aegean sea. Her homepage can be found and i wish that I can find someone who will take my hand and we go there one more time, to leave the beautiful memory together in our heart. I always think that life will be completed with the person you love. so that is why I am here and with hope. I wish we can communicate And get to know each other better. I wish we can find the right balance in life to deal with all the problems in life together. and i wish we are still have faith and love to each other. keep honesty and loyalty is very important for me. to be happy everyday. I always keep smile on my face, and i want to bring the happiness to the people around me can be installed normally. And will you be the one who bring me happiness all the time in the near future? I wish that I can see your handsome face every morning and give you a sweet kiss. and you may stroke my hair, and put your nose into my long hair and smell the happiness. I am here waiting for you.
49 Dalian, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 60
My happy hours in childhood was companied by playmates in the military compound(Military compound is a place that military cadres live in, along with their wives and children.),full of freedom and joy. lambs and ponies accompanying us on the hillside running, herbs garden located behind the hill is a good place for playing , every Saturday, Sunday night were movie nights,which was particularly exciting, such a quality time with family is unforgettable! These memorable days later become my special treasure from childhood and made me value family and friendship! Mom is a doctor in charge of inspection division, she is also the influence I accepted from childhood,explains a lot why I especially like pretty, clean room, and I even designed and decorated my own room, my home is very lovely! If I may add. Lol Dad is very amiable, busy at work before retirement, but still took a lot of time to take care of me and my sister, and he can cook delicious golden crisp pancakes, pulp sweet potatoes, dates! which is a subtle influence on me, now I can cook more than 20 kinds of Chinese and Western cuisine, and can make no alcohol cocktails by myself, whenever friends gathering at my house, eating the home-made food,having tasteful cocktail, they all said they are gonna to be spoiled! I lived in Dalian, which is a beautiful seaside city in China, also one of the ten most livable cities all around the country, there is Asia's largest square Xinghai Square, Tiger Polar Museum, I often drive along the beautiful Corniche appreciating the beauty of landscape, I look forward to someone like me, who also desires an happy family life, with a good sense of humor, would show up and admire the beauty of nature together. I am a college English teacher, associate professor, love my job very much, adore different cultures and history! My school uses interactive and task-based English teaching methods, so far has trained a lot outstanding students who like English, in 2012 my student won first place in the National English Recitation Contest, really proud of her! My greatest achievement is that my students love me, and I also love my students! This happy working status and balanced diet make me particularly young, everyone says I'm only 33 years old, ha ha, such a compliment, I hope to continue being young, and grow old together with my future life partner! I am an happy person, confident, humorous, healthy and creative, faithful spouse, especially like family life and loving cooking and enjoying gourmet, visiting parents to bring them comfort and joy, and dinner with friends together and sharing different cultures which surely would bring happiness and novelty to us, I am willing to face the culture conflict caused by cultural differences too, as long as we are willing to communicate, love will cling, until love slowly become warm affection, we’d take care of each other, never betray! I like playing badminton, dancing, sitting in a cafe and chatting with best friend, climbing, breathing fresh air, embracing the nature ! Because of my work,aside from my two besties who are Chinese, there are a few foreign friends I am very fond of, I like spending time with them, discussing the culture, customs, languages, food, travelling, they constantly impressed by my enthusiasm and humor, have I mention that we also share tips of baking cakes!
37 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
I believe that the gentle, beautiful, compassionate woman exudes charm from the inside, woman soft hugs is man’s home. I am a beautiful outside and wonderful inside woman, I focus on managing real happiness, and inner peaceful wisdom. I am loyal to a serious relationship, I’m a humorous funny lady, outgoing and easygoing. I can make people laugh a lot happily. I have a hot sincere heart, I love life and the nature, I am positive to life, have much energy and passion for life, I am loyal and faithful to my loved person and my family. I am looking for a man whom I respect him as my father, I love him as my husband, and I spoil him as my boy. We are together to nourish each other, success each other, and bring each other the best side, we love each other deeply and sincerely, be honest and loyal to accompany each other the whole life. We hold each other to sleep at night, smile to each other in the morning, I will make him nice coffee, squeeze toothpaste for him, watch him brush the teeth and shave lovely, I smile to him with my sweet loving feelings, and he holds me tight, kiss my lips… I sincerely hope to be your companion and your soul mate, your best friend and best trustworthy friend, and be the person to take you look inside and fine the real happiness. I am eager to be your life partner, lover, best friend and life teacher, your soul guide, to become our family happy soul support, because 80% of the level of happiness in a family decides by woman, what kind of woman you marry, what kind of life you will have. I am willing to sail the love boat for you. I AM very confident that I have the ability to make myself happy, to make the man I love happy, and to make our family very happy! I hope to be your spiritual dependence and soul charger, to be the source of your steady flow of wellbeing power. 我相信温柔,美丽,善解人意的女人由内而外都散发着魅力,女人温柔的怀抱是男人力量的家。 我是一个外表美丽,内心更加动人的女人,专注于经营真正的幸福,内心平和的大智慧,我对待感情专一忠诚,很幽默风趣,性格开朗活泼,我有让人哈哈大笑的能力。我有一颗炙热真诚的心,热爱生活,热爱大自然,乐观积极性格,对自己的爱人和家庭忠诚专一。 我渴望有一个敬之如父,爱之如夫,宠之如子的男人在我身边,彼此滋养,彼此成就,彼此带出对方最好的一面,真心的深深相爱,忠诚相伴,携手一生。 夜晚相拥而眠,早期相视而笑,为他冲一杯醇香的咖啡,为他挤好牙膏,看着他刷牙,刮胡须,我带着爱意向他微笑,看着他脸上幸福洋溢,回馈给我一个暖暖的拥抱,香甜的吻。 一起看日出,一起看夕阳,我小鸟依人的依偎着他宽厚的肩膀,他揽着我的纤腰嬉笑而行。累了给他捶捶背,困了唱歌哄他入睡,甜蜜蜜的在他耳边密语,风儿的味道都充满香甜。 我真诚的希望成为你的陪伴者和心灵的朋友,你最亲密的朋友,你最可信的人,成为能建造你的人。我渴望成为你的爱人,情人,挚友,老师,成为我们家庭幸福的灵魂支柱,因为一个家庭的幸福程度80%是由女人决定的。我愿意为你撑起爱的风帆。男人娶什么样的女人,就代表他即将活一种什么样的人生,我坚信我有能力让自己幸福,有能力让我的爱人和我们的家庭幸福! 我希望成为你精神上的依赖和灵魂的充电器,成为你源源不断的幸福力量的源泉。 希望你善良,宽容,有一颗柔软而仁慈的心,对幸福同样充满渴望,想要被自己的女人珍惜和爱护,想要每天醒来被你深爱的女人感动,请相信,你值得拥有! 我想要看到你温暖的笑容,笑醉了春风。我遇见你,就要解除你心灵的束缚,引领你瞥见自己的内心,与自己的灵魂对话,跟随自己的内心,爱是恩赐,请你带着一颗真诚的心,走近我的心,我温柔的双臂拥着你,希望你乐于享受这被爱充盈的感觉,和我一起进入这深情的世界吧…男人的心都是被女人柔化的,美丽的女人养眼,智慧的女人滋养别人的灵魂,你会发现,我就是你一直在寻找的Ms. Gold… 两颗心的交融,两个灵魂的邂逅,让我们携手一起,全然的投入,爱与包容,创造我们共同的美丽人生… 女人,荣耀的帮助者!我渴望与我的英雄疯爱此生… 我是真诚真挚的寻觅一生的伴侣,游戏人生者勿扰,谢谢!
43 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 53
TO MY OTHE HALF, MY MR. RIGHT Dear my other half : First of all , thanks to God , that u can read my letter , which from a single, independent, brave girl , live and work in guangzhou , canton . China. I' m single . no marriage history ,no kid, no sponsors, no friends for benifit. because i conside the marrige is holy ,glory, and loyal matter in all my life . that is why i keep single till 36 years old....right now,im still waiting for,looking for my man, who conside the marrige is holy ,glory, and loyal matter .HE and me together we can look forward to a serious relationship, possibly leading to marriage..... devote &committ ourself to our family , our love ,our kid , our future life.... Yes , i 'm looking for a husband who is honest ,responsible and humor . Enjoy family life ,we love each other ,everyday ,every moment we spend together , full of peace ,happy , and honor . If he like sport , travell or dog ,or cat , gardening ,flowers , will be extra surprise for me . I'm a Asian Princess , a native Mandarin from North China, cute , always smile , smart,mature , responsible and humor lady. Well educated , faithful and loyal. Understanding of Western culture, major in English for Bachlor Degree , open minded, fun, creative single girl who likes to go out and have a good time. who enjoy to travel,also enjoy family life,stay in home to take care baby,husband.... Relocate in other place. Go out for nice meals .Go to sports , play tanis, runing, swimming, fishing, hunting, etc. Ya , ya, im little strong &plumper... Gentle,caring , enjoy hot romance... Teach HSK ( hàn yǔ shǔi píng kǎo shì) for one year.(part--time). Teach English in middle school in China for 2 years ,before .Right now working for international trading company for 4,5 years as English translator / intepreter. Meanwhile , i still study Master Degree in Human Resource Management . However , i consider that find a right man to get marry , build up our own family more important than work &study in my 30s age . Do u agree me ? For meetingg the right man , i alredy attended jiang Su Satelite TV , China , dating shoow : Feng Cheng Wu R ao ,it means pick me up , all the photos and videos u can search at Goole . or visit my qq zone , 1297702959@qq.com ,where u can see all the photos about me .As a result ,sadly, i did not find my man ...then, 2 weeks ago , i attended guang Dong TV Program ; keep healthy keep beauty . TO sum up , i will be the wonderful wife and perfet life parter , i hope we can enjoy our everyday ,every moment in our future family life, day after day , till the end of the world . Pray , pray to God , pray ....let u find me , let us meet together, let us open a new page of our future life journey ..... I 'm here , where r u ? my other half ? No gays ! No ladyboys ! No hate marrige man ! No one night stand ! Thanks !