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53 Dalian, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 53 - 60
Hello, I am hanna. Nice to meeting you here! Read my profile very carefully, and be ready has wechat app in your phone. We all need to get to know each other and see each Other first through the video,so WECHAT is the best for that,and free.use phone dowload it....WECHAT can tell where Usefull and advanced app. We all busy with our life, but we carry phone all the time, so I need to use WECHAT to get to KNOW You and meet you on video of WECHAT! Save our time! About me: I used to lived and worked in US for many years! Now I have come back to my hometown Dalian city. I live in the city down town my owned apt myself. Good location, near the Subway and a lots of big walls, drive to beach only takes 30 minerals. Dalian is very nice sea city in China, beautiful and Very clean, famous in China.... I can speak English, of course Chinese, lol. I have no any kid, very success with my life I am very independent with my finance and mind..... I am retired now,donot need to work,has a lots of time enjoy life and traveling. I am neat well organically woman,like make Home clean and nice,also I like healthy life style,like work out for my body..... I have been to many countries, still love to traveling. I am very confident woman and know what I want in my life and work Hard for my dreams. I am here looking for that special one who is quite nice Gentlemen who love his cover and respect Women, and well educated. Booking for man who owed house or apt, not rent , not low index.live alone too. I am a city Woman, Want my lower live near city too! No SCAMMERS! I am new Member, but not new to here. Under 48 years old man, dot win me!
56 Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 52 - 65
57 Fushun, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 60 - 75
I am Xia, a woman no longer young but live positively with confidence. I love gymnastic exercise, singing, reading, dancing, movies, walking, swimming, gardening, planting flowers, raising fish, traveling, photography and enjoying every happy moment in life. I can be quite and can be active in my daily life! I come from a very beautiful rose city in Fushun, Liaoning Province! And I love experiencing the natural beauty by traveling and spending my vacation. I have been to Austria, Czech, France, Italy, Switzerland, Rome, Germany, Japan and Taiwan! How about traveling with me, taking a deep breath of the fresh air and whispering all over the night in the nature and gardening? I am also a big fan of modern music emotional, life, and social related movies. I used to work as professional Trainer for nurse and later i studied Clinical Nursing and Treatment and Obtained the Certificate of Physical Therapists and Nursing professionals, and worked in Worker’s Hospital for 30 years and right now i am running my own clinic and the main service is Internal medicine and Surgery since 2000. I am proud of my excellent technology and good reputation, and win the respect and good evaluation from my clients. I enjoy what i am doing which can offering help for others and returning for health. Now I am retired and looking for someone who is understanding and love caring, holding his hands and spending the quiet peaceful time for the rest of my life with and sometimes cook and travel together, Someone who will explore and discover the greatest beauty inside my heart. i am a good cook, and My favorite dishes includes fish, shrimp, vegetables, beef and fruit. So Lets Start our Journey!
55 Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 54 - 62
Excuse me, I have to state in advance that if you are thinking of scamming me, I remind you to leave as soon as possible Don't both, I will know and report! On the surface, although my physiological age is more than 50 years old, but my appearance age and Body age look like I’m In 40s, and my mentality is as young as a woman in 20s. The photos on my profile are all new photos, there are dates on them In short, everything I show is much younger than my actual age… because of proper maintenance, a woman like me who has Experienced the baptism of years but has not let years left too many traces of cruelty on my body can not only make you feel The young vitality of life from the inside to the outside, but also let you see the elephant temperament that young girls Will less have. This elementary temperament must be the result of a woman's lifelong practice with wisdom and kindness Therefore, I can confidently say if you want to find an interesting and tacit soul to spend the rest of your life Together, then I must be a woman worthy of your hand in hand. I graduated from the National Medical University and have Worked as a doctor and a civil servant, And ended my excellent career a year ago. I am a woman with higher education, inner maturity. I am smart and kind, honest And incident, optimistic and cheering, strong and independent, confident and sunny Humorous and romantic, gentle and consider and love learning, elephant taste. In short, I am an excellent woman with Many good qualities. I like laughing very much and am understanding, easy-going, warm-hearted, grateful, willing to Share, Good at listening, respect everyone around me, and am very willing to help others. Therefore, I am a person who can Handle relationships well and is deeply love by people around me. I am a woman with strong curiosity and spiritual need I have a wide range of hobies, such as singling, dancing, music, musical instruments Reading, writing, swimming, tourism, photography Cooking and many other leisure and entertainment activities, in short, I’m a woman who loves life. I am a woman who knows How to think of others, I will be willing to participate in the things you love and be happy with your happiness. I am an Affectionate and caring woman with the ability to love, I have always regarded being able to bring happiness to the People I love as my greatest happiness and the significance and value of my life existence. I am a woman who understands How to interact , how to express love and how to make my partner feel happy and comfortable, I have a high EQ.



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