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57 Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 59 - 89
We many years, we never only God, we never beg God bless man woman, we never respect man woman, china people, Aesthetic, marriage, all same, respect you country, woman, no me, God know, all know, Respect Mr, hello, we never ask country event big, only ask weak own, for? I woman weak, for? All same, life, forgery, very lie Fol, also no, for, young pretty woman, also no, in China, man many, same, mother many, billion, 0.6 billion many, china woman, no say write one little, china people, aesthetic, marry, all same, In own country, or in these country, many years, billion, china people, In, Russia and America europe Australia Canada, and, these country foreigner, marry have, more million, China people, husband or wife? All same, I have many photo, china people, aesthetic, all same, I same, I never only such, age no fit, no fit me write, please no write letter, I no write letter, I no look letter, I no need Letter, this website such, respect Mr, I beg God bless you, no fit, write letter? I use, no can write letter, man and woman, all need fit, respect Mr, I beg God bless you, I no prety, I no need friend, only Need fit, old husband, I many bitter, I more cautiou, Only here write letter, I only one website, more young pretty woman, only that time, in China, China people, all same, Why have this technology? I angry, I no fol, I only privacy, I never no tell people, I no fol, I angry, this 7 year, I no listen no look, never no, I no fol, I angry, this 8 year more, I no have man, very no reasonable, very lie, I innocent, why have technology? I old, China, that old time, many old people, not have knowledge, Wage no low and give house, many people, use, relationship, have work and give house, I many year knowledge, have work, And no have give house, I this weak old woman, I work, use, weaker relationship, for? Very lie, I work many years, very bit, we some old, that time sick, let we work, Give young people, we only wage, I only write once, I not know english, husband eyes, I know food, wife for husband feet, I. No have man, divorce, 8 year more
44 Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 54
My name is Agnes, i am an elegant and family oriented woman, my friends say i have a sunny beauty Smile on my face, could you find it from my pictures? My pictures are recently and i would like to open my heart to the right one. I have not Married and I have a good work that can support myself well, though i live a good life myself here, for a long Time, I still look forward to family happiness and desire someone to share life with. I'm looking for A man who is straitforward characteristic. Someone who shares the same qualities in their career And love, a man that is faithful, courageous, dexterous, smart and warm-heared. A man who knows How to keep our secrets and inspire confusion. A man when he falls in love, will not change. I know Nobody is perfect and I'm always willing to adapt as you must adapt to me. I wish to have a relation That isn't only about him or me, a relation that is about us. A relation that fulfillment our needs and Discuss our wings, a friend who could pass her fingers through my soul. Feel exactly what I feel Believe what I believe, perceive as I perceive, look, experience, exam, understand me and I her. Someone who will open his heart and know I will not hurt him but only to enjoy what our love has to Offer. Normal riches can be molen, real riches cannot. In your south are infinitely precious Things that cannot be taken from you, ordinary riches I don't care for if I can't share the real Riches in your south I can tell you honestly if we get together that I will give my ALL in every way To please you. Never raise my voice to you or ever do anything knowingly or purposely to hurt you. I know how precious love is
38 Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 33 - 51
In the ocean, I am the one grain of sand. I, hidden in the expanse of the sea. I do not want to drift. In no way, frost wrote: "The Yellow forest, a two-way, unfortunately I will not be able to go to get involved. "And I select a track less one, and decided on the road of my life. Only in public, I would like to become a real ordinary people. I do not want to go to others vulgar, went to talk to others the same vulgar life. In the feats of his people, it is also a denial of their own. I, the humor of tolerance. I always do not like to be full of angry himself, I think he was laughing is the world's most beautiful scenery. So every day, I will become a cheerful girl, as far as possible, bring joy to them. The ratio of the earth expanse of ocean, the expanse of the sky, the sky over the expanse of the human soul. To enable the narrow-mindedness of tolerance up to 100-chuan, the treatment of someone else's negligence, I pay has dismissed. I have to do it yourself. 齐 old gentleman had said; "I have learned, and may wish I were dead. To take out the framework naturally does not have its own heaven and earth. When the popular foam fiction, I think it was a waste of time, when popular online games, I feel it is in the 虚 youth. To do so themselves, and see what the real me, come up with 12 points, tell yourself: "I am I, why tell him? ! To throw away those artificial floating-wah carved ornaments, shine their trump card, the pursuit of their own personality, so I own, it is a good idea! I would like to be proactive. I am a tiny grain of sand, but not backward 甘, life without new no is. I would like to make life in the Emirates, so a grain of the immortal pearl tears. The long road repair Long 兮, we will be up and down while the quest. I hope the tower toward the arts and culture in the 巅, utilities in 1506, the Qing power's edge, and the flowers, leaving a line of solid and stable footprint in the United States and love to shower room… This is who I am, can promptly and i packed the wind of me. This is my sense of humor, tolerance and I don't want to be left behind.
59 Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 51 - 65



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