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35 Guangyuan, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 31 - 43
I am a stranger to you, so I fill in my personal information and recently put my photo on the album.In addition to these, what do you see, I want to tell you, I am gentle, grateful and cherish.Advocating romantic andwarm love.I am a person who is sincere, kind, happy, healthy, and has no bad habits.I also have the virtues of traditional oriental women.Our family has a happy kitchen, different Chinese dishes, my romantic candlelight dinner, emotionalappeal to comfortable afternoon tea, sweet .Love is you.No matter how often you see me, you will be moved and happy.Every day we are new, curious and happy.One day in thefuture, I hope to see you.Standing not far away, I will smile at me and wave to me, then tell me loudly.I am here waiting for you for a long time, I will smile at you and live with you, althoughI don't know when you will appear, but I will wait for you because I believe that you are there. 我是一个陌生人,所以我填写了我的个人信息,最近把我的照片放在了专辑上。除了这些,你看到了什么,我想告诉你,我很温柔,感激和珍惜。提供浪漫和温暖爱。我是一个真诚,善良,快乐,健康,没有坏习惯的人。我也有传统东方女性的美德。我们的家庭有一个幸福的厨房,不同的中国菜,我浪漫的烛光晚餐,感情用餐。舒服的下午茶,甜蜜。爱就是你。无论你多久见到我,你都会感动和快乐。每一天我们都是新的,充满好奇和快乐。在未来的某一天,我希望能见到你。不远处。不远处。我会向我微笑,向我挥手,然后大声告诉我。我在这儿等你很长时间,我会对你微笑并和你一起生活,虽然我不知道你什么时候出现,但我会等你,因为我相信你在那里。
57 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 58
Thanks for reading my profile. Honestly, this is my first time to be on the dating site. I was born in a town of Sichuan province. But my family education was very great and strict. Father was a great doctor in our hometown, and respectful. From him, I have learned a lot how to be sincere and work hard to archieve the goals of life. So without question, I had been the good child among the kids. Through hard studying, I have come to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. I saw a new world which was totally different from the town I was. That inspired me to work more hard to create the life here till now. Compared some people in China, they think I am successful, who has the own great growing business. However, I know there is always person who is more successful in this country and to this world. I just feel thankful to have the life now, which I earn everything decently and support my family to get what they want. From my before marriage, I have a son. He is my pride, graduated from the Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, got his master degree. Also met his love and got married, living very happily. Since he can have his own life great openning. I started to think how it would be my future? Shall I keep on working so hard on the business till the end of life? What the meaning it would be for me? Money? No, I can get the things I want already, and I am never a over-wanted person. I keep running business, I know very clearly it is because the sociel responsibility I have carried on. The employees life and their families, and also hoping to bring more values to my hometown. To help more people to reach their dreams. However, what my dream it is? These years I kept asking myself. I have found, I still have the faith on love and happiness. I do not want to spend the rest life lonely. So I am here. I do think I am smart, and understanding. I am caring too. Have a kind heart. But all these need to be touched by a man, who likes to get close to me, through the business woman outlooking. I love all the beautiful things in nature and want to be the little girl in his arms. I wish when I look into his eyes, I could see the sparkles from his, and so does him! :)



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