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47 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 39 - 58
(A Chinese poem: Because I don't know if I would still meet you the next life, that's why I try so hard this life to give the best to you.) Hello, I joined this site early November,2019. I see many good serious guys here although there are many scammers. I hope I am lucky enough to find a good decent guy here. All my pictures you see here are quite recent, taken in 2022. I used to work for a nice American company in Shenzhen, I was also an interpreter for American businessmen for many years, so no need to worry about the language barrier. I am currently living in Shenzhen but working in HK . I use English a lot for work, I speak very fluent English, so communication is not a problem at all. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by other cultures, curious about the outside world, so I read a lot of books about the world and different cultures when I was a student, I learned English very well too. I took courses to learn Japanese and French. I think piano music sounds so beautiful, and I like to listen to it, so I also took a course to learn piano. I went to piano concert a few times. I do think two people from different cultural backgrounds being in a loving relationship is fun and interesting, where two people can learn from each other, grow together as partners. And of course an intercultural relationship requires two people's patience and understanding more. However I think if there's love, love will lead the way, love will overcome all difficulties, distances and obstacles. Well,if you are a serious decent guy, I would like to hear from you.
39 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 55
It's a whole new journey for me. To begin with, I would like to say I am very lucky to meet myself, in this most beautiful age. :) I currently work in an American management consulting company. DC is like my second hometown. At the same time, I run an education blog, teaching youth Internet entrepreneurship. I think this is the best way to give back to the society. As much as I like my job, I feel like it is about time to consider my future family life, how would it be, what does he my future husband look like. Instead of thinking about it all the time, I decided to take a step and so here I am. When I was a little girl, I always have had this dream "to see the outside world", so after I grew up I went to Beijing to study English, and learned a lot of foreign culture, one day I decided to see the bigger world with my own eyes - so I took a trip I visited 40 countries in the world. I have seen the world, I have met the true self, I have figured out what I have been missing is that someone to spend my life with. I am still a little girl inside after all these years. I often shed tears because of other people's stories, I often jump up with joy just because a smallest wish come true. The world is complicated, but it can be very simple. To me love is the purest things in the world. I really hope the day we meet, we are the best of ourselves, we can be ourselves in front of each other, we can share with each other anything we want. To me this is the best relationship looks like. So if you also wonder what would she look like, and you also ready to make something really nice happen in your life, I suggest we have a little talk here right now. haha 😁
51 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 50
Just for marry with soulmate before 2022.06 in here.then close this profile if your quality and goal isn't so pure and Respected, dont disturb me. Rate of true love is 1/2.5 million according research conclusions. I insist on principle Of soulmate for half of life, I ever refused massive suits. You must be a white gentleman who outstanding quality with Stable and noble soul. [My traps] 1. I never been married and take the initiative to be single.need sense of security And belonging and conventional March, I'm Chinese. 2. High-quality talks with concise, rationale, emotional Broad and subtle, ever been CEO/VP/V Dean/Chief of editor in enterprises,university,news media.in spare time, I'm An independent strategic planner and corporate/government consultant. 3. My Hobbies are writing,reading, Spirituality,photography,costume design,stamp collecting,outdoor sports,tourism,music,cooking Public welfare charity. 4. I thank God and parents give me generous, energetic soul especially long curly black hair is My treasure. (But since political persecution, some of my hair has turned little gray) I like different national cultural backgrounds.Learning ability,theoretical construction and scientific Research ability should enable me to make new achievements & contribute to humanity in future multinational Marriage. 6.I has senior quality of world citizen.I have done many public charity deeds, including going deep into the Sichuan earthquake disaster area to provide disaster relief to the victims and triple volunteers; In the process of suffering FM terror, hell like persecution, serious physical and mental illness, economic hardship And safeguarding rights, I still love justice, draft legislative proposals on the protection of human rights and Promoted it to the State Council. 7. Be mentally prepared and plan to get married before 2022.06. [Your traps] 1. Nobel Morality, calm and low-key personality, mental health, justice, unity of knowledge and action, high sense of Responsibility; Logistic/rational thinking, broad and subtle pattern, international vision, high savvy Know how to love and be loved, your original family ethics and emotions are high quality, spirit of charity/public Welfare is great; 4. White, handsome, good temperature, health, fitness Love to read,sports,travel,music,gentlemanually demo, above 178CM; 5. Master or doctoral degree; You are best never married, aged 40-53 yrs old; 7. If you have own company, I will help your foundation to develop by leaks and bounds while fulfilling my Talent Mission; 8.your quality must be wisdom,simple,nobody,outstanding manually gentleman who can be my soulmate & protector/hero 9.be mentally prepared and plan to get married before 2022.06. [Tips] we need high-quality matching by high quality & Effective communication to confirm our lifelong partner of rest life by logical steps - Analyze our both's matching degree,confirm on video,plan how to meet,discuss how to be together and how to handle Transnational marriage procedures and establish family in a real environment and scene. If your goals are chotic or Lack of concentration, you are casual and irresponsible behavior that waste time and energy online will be low and lost Responsibility and love to self and others.so no disturb me.thx. People who lack simple, efficient communication, true wisdom, and motivation cannot achieve results and true happiness. So please be sure to show a sound introduction, multiple photos, a brief analysis of our fit, and then we call our video to confirm each other's true state. If the one-month communication cannot reach the agreed-upon questions of how to meet offline, get along with each other, and plan to get married, I am sorry for the time and effort we have devoted. Only a sound brain, a high moral character, and practical action can enable us to have love and happiness. I hope that the future husband will not only be my soul mate, but also my protective God, hero, and outstanding man!
42 Changsha, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 32 - 52
I am always dreaming that scene: In a sunshining afternoon, I am preparing tea or coffee and some desserts on the table beside a big window, my lovely hubby and our kids are playing water with waterpipe on the grassgroud of our garden, the spray is shining brightly under the sunshine. My hubby and kids are running and laughing. And my hubby waves his hands to me when he looks at me through the big window and I can't help smiling to him. I know very well what I want and what kind of man is suitable to have a sweet family with. I am here looking for serious relationship and don't hope to waste any time with those who just keep glancing right and left here. Once both of us have interest in each other, let's keep constant and sincere communication to know more. Then maybe we can leave here hand-in-hand and come together into real life. Our purpose here is not to stay here long, and it's just a way to meet the right one. So I think it's wiser to use the time to get to know the one you are really interested in better, go into and enjoy life together as early as possible, after all, everyone in the world only has one life, we shouldn't waste more time on glancing right and left, and much better to use the time to improve our life together and improve ourselves to be better people. I like travelling very much,scuba diving,hiking, camping,sports, dining out, films and the nature. I always like to make the home tidy and nice with fresh flowers and green plants. Friends like to taste my cooking sometimes on weekend, they think I am decent but also open-minded, kind-hearted, interesting, family-oriented and passionate to life. Hope to meet you here soon.
58 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 65
I am looking for a true loving relationship to see how wonderful lives can be. I am a warm and easy-going person. It makes me happy and gives meaning to my life to see my loved ones happy. And I am ready to give more than I take, like I have always been. I am young at heart and open-minded, active and sometimes a bit funny. I work out (taking private strength training lessons, doing aerobics and stretching) a few times a week for years, and I always feel so good walking out of the gym, bursting of energy, feeling light and free… I like walking, dancing, singing, badminton, tennis, and many other activities and enjoy very much outdoor… I love sunshine in winter and love to work in the garden, in fact, I loved staying outdoor most of the time on lovely days in my garden or on the porch. I love traveling, my trips to Europe and America were especially rewarding, some with family and also friends and they were great experiences to travel with a small group of people. I take time to appreciate nature instead of hurrying to places. I don’t like wasting time going shopping on trips. I like to go with a general plan that allow impulsive decisions as well. I am at a very good age and time to travel, with almost no family obligations, have the freedom of time and money, and physically strong for trips. I value quality over quantity. I like to spend money wisely all the time although I don’t need to save money. I think twice before I buy, especially durable goods. I try to practice the principle of 断舍离, getting rid of unnecessary stuff from time to time and keep control of purchasing. Keeping an orderly and very nice home is really important for an enjoyable life. I believe in healthy eating and manage to cook with balanced nutrition: protein, fiber and carbs, especially on the days of training. I dream of a loving relationship that the couple would always smile, hug, kiss, and walk with fingers interlocked. I will always take your words or actions with good intention, unless I am proven wrong. I believe it is not about winning an argument, there is often no right or wrong at home. What matters is that the couple treat each other nicely, with understanding and respect, and without judging. About my work and profession. Currently running my own online teaching business. Did my MBA in China Europe International Business School, years of marketing management experience in multinational companies like Whirlpool Home Appliances, Lion Nathan Brewery, General Mills, etc. At the age of 56 I am still young and full of energy, still optimistic that I can find THE ONE who is meant for me.
30 Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
(True reminder: I'm not beautiful without make-up, pls look for sb. else if you want to find a beauty) Please do not disturb if you want to find an obedient naïve beauty instead of a decent, proper, ordinary-looking wife. Good men are very rare and I have not yet found anyone I want here, but luckily, I didn't waste too much time on this website, either. I’m 29 years old from China, intelligent, loving, considerate and gentle. I’ve been searching around here for about 3 years but results in vain. But I’ll keep searching until I find the right one. I’m very serious about relationship and marriage. I might be a good girlfriend or wife, but won’t be a choice for hookups, so pls save the time for both of us and make sure we stay tune for the same channel. From my perspective, even a strong fighter a man may be, he still yearns for true love from a woman. He protects her, likewise she supports him - what a good match. They are not only sweet lovers, but also good friends, intimate partners, and close families. “A good woman is for a good man.” I’m rational and I won’t give my love to a man unless he’s good. I’m constantly searching for the right one and it’s hard, but pls do not disturb if you are not looking for a wife. ** A few words to my Mr. Right: I will stay single all of my life, until that day, I find you among the millions, because I really have no interest in those men that I have ever met in my daily life or chatted with online. To a woman who knows exactly what she wants and is determined to spend her quality life with a serious attitude, loneliness is her best friend throughout her life, by which she devotes most of her time to studying and working alone. Your past does not matter to me, as I can see most men will not wait alone patiently until he finds his true love, but I hope you can have a refreshing new start with me. You deserve a loyal, capable and affectionate wife if you’re my Mr. Right. I'm very independent and hardworking, and I do enjoy my life these years, but together with you, we build a good family. So far, I have never met anyone offline from dating websites, I hope you will be the first one, and the only one. You have been absent from my life in the past years, but I managed to go through those lonely nights and empty feelings, I'm still waiting for you as I know one day you will show up as a happy surprise. I'm ready to give you all of my love to a man for the rest of my life. Wish you a wonderful 2021 and look forward to meeting you soon! **