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52 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 60
My English name is Diana. I have received higher education and worked as a supervisor in the national railway Department. My income is stable. Although my daily work is very busy, I still love it. I am going, full of love and Kindness. Part time as a body coach to help obese women improve their temperament and scupt a perfect figure, so as to Reduce weight scientifically, nourish the body and mind, and cultivate both inside and outside, so as to achieve Women's strength. So I have kept a body shape of 50 kg for many years. I usually like reading and writing articles, Because words are like a gorgeous and cold sword, which can be waved by me wantonly and make my thoughts ripple. Use a Plain pen in your hand to write all the landscapes. When the words flow out from your fingertips like spring breeze, it is A joy in your heart, and it is an eternity of memory. In my spare time, I like to cook various kinds of health preserving Tea. In winter, my favorite is quinoa burned jujujujujujube health preserving tea. When I cook the fried quinoa burned jujujujujujujujujujube in a. Health preserving pot for about ten minutes, a unique strong fragrance comes to my nose and wars my heart in one Fruitful... There are also appetizer tea, fruit tea, nourishing flower tea, rose tea, Vitality beauty tea, motherwort health preserving tea, which are various in varieties. They can be said to be healthy Care for the body, and enhance immunity, It makes me a real health expert. Would you like to try it? Ha ha ha If I am willing to pay for a lifetime, can I have what I want forever? Finally, the world is safe and quiet!
54 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 52 - 68
My name is Lann, I am a woman who does not need to rely on gorgeous clothing and heavy makeup to express myself. I am just an ordinary woman eager to love and be loved. She has elegance and loves the all kinds of tastes of life. The man I am looking for is not perfect. His kindness, honesty and strong heart can move my heart more than any clever words. My character: Be quiet as Virgin: likes imagination , yoga, tai chi, flowers and grass, classical symphony, cup of coffee, and personal space. Moving like a rabbit: like passionate Latin, like sports, travel adventure. 1. Why am I looking for a man from a western country (I know you will ask me) First of all, I am not looking for a green card (I have a visa from Europe and North America ); I am not looking for a rich person. In China, my economy is stable even if I am not rich, yet my life is comfortable enough. Why I choose to live in a Western country for two reasons: A: They are tall and strong, have an optimistic attitude, like sports, like to travel, willing to accept new things, good at praise and communication to solve problems. B: I like western culture, go after personal value, pursue the integration of spirit and love, respect women, and pay attention to family responsibilities. 2. My photos and profile are 100% real, because life is short, the rest of my life is only for the man who is willing to travel with me. I graduated from a century-old university which is well known in China in 2000. I am currently doing administrative management in a medical university. My work is busy and fulfilling. I like exploring new things and advocating a healthy and natural life. I Divorced in 2016, the ex-husband is a good man but he is an unqualified husband. Although he has no bad habits, he lives in his own world and often ignores the existence of me and my daughter. In our 20-year marriage, we haven't traveled together, we haven't done a romantic thing, we haven't even quarreled, seemingly happy family, in fact we have already become strangers. 3. The life I look forward to: When I open my eyes in the morning, you kiss my eyes and say "i love you" Let's make breakfast together, exercise together or drink coffee in the garden in the warm sunshine, you will be my best personal photographer when we are old When you can't walk around, look at our works and find the happiness you once were. In the evening,we are cooking together, working together, having romantic dinner, and snuggling on the sofa, chatting, watching movies, winter, he put my feet on his chest, warm and comfortable, kiss good night before bedtime, which is a must for us every day The last thing to do. Travel: At the airport, maybe, you took my hand and ran all the way, watching me panting, you would hold me, open your forehead hair and say "baby, how are you"     When climbing, I was so tired that I could not move. You simply carried me forward.     On the beach, facing the sea, you hug me from behind and bit my ear, we listen to the sound of the sea together. 4. Love and money? Money can't buy love, but love has money as the cornerstone, making our dreams come true. Loyal love is plentiful in my heart, and I cannot estimate the wealth I enjoy ----- Shakespeare 5. Love and marriage Loyal to love, we will not betray, we must be passionate lovers, constantly create and enjoy "fun". Marriage is a division of labor and cooperation based on love. The husband and wife are a team, each playing the role of lover, comrade, teacher, and friend. 6. The core of my marriage? I think a happy marriage comes from: sexual harmony, respect, trust 7. When we have different opinions?   Communication. When we have conflicts, I will calm myself and ask myself, is this the result I want? Then, take the initiative to communicate and explain your views and feelings.
59 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 65
I am looking for a true loving relationship to see how wonderful lives can be. I am a warm and easy-going person. It makes me happy and gives meaning to my life to see my loved ones happy. And I am ready to give more than I take, like I have always been. I am young at heart and open-minded, active and sometimes a bit funny. I work out (taking private strength training lessons, doing aerobics and stretching) a few times a week for years, and I always feel so good walking out of the gym, bursting of energy, feeling light and free… I like walking, dancing, singing, badminton, tennis, and many other activities and enjoy very much outdoor… I love sunshine in winter and love to work in the garden, in fact, I loved staying outdoor most of the time on lovely days in my garden or on the porch. I love traveling, my trips to Europe and America were especially rewarding, some with family and also friends and they were great experiences to travel with a small group of people. I take time to appreciate nature instead of hurrying to places. I don’t like wasting time going shopping on trips. I like to go with a general plan that allow impulsive decisions as well. I am at a very good age and time to travel, with almost no family obligations, have the freedom of time and money, and physically strong for trips. I value quality over quantity. I like to spend money wisely all the time although I don’t need to save money. I think twice before I buy, especially durable goods. I try to practice the principle of 断舍离, getting rid of unnecessary stuff from time to time and keep control of purchasing. Keeping an orderly and very nice home is really important for an enjoyable life. I believe in healthy eating and manage to cook with balanced nutrition: protein, fiber and carbs, especially on the days of training. I dream of a loving relationship that the couple would always smile, hug, kiss, and walk with fingers interlocked. I will always take your words or actions with good intention, unless I am proven wrong. I believe it is not about winning an argument, there is often no right or wrong at home. What matters is that the couple treat each other nicely, with understanding and respect, and without judging. About my work and profession. Currently running my own online teaching business. Did my MBA in China Europe International Business School, years of marketing management experience in multinational companies like Whirlpool Home Appliances, Lion Nathan Brewery, General Mills, etc. At the age of 56 I am still young and full of energy, still optimistic that I can find THE ONE who is meant for me.
50 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 53
58 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 70
Hi, My name is Yi, I was born and living in Shanghai, a magical city with both western and oriental culture, and one of the most well known city in China, famous for its food, drama, exhibitions and beautiful sites including the Oriental Pearl, the Shanghai Disneyland, The museums, Shanghai Expo, showplace etc. I am excellent in playing piano, guitar, Guzheng, my favorite songs are To Alice, and Romance of Love. i had been working in children’s education for decades before retirement, since I was graduated and became the senior teacher in kindergarten and also published tens of essays and won a lot of prizes in the competition of the children’s education. I also created a large numbers of songs and dance for the children too. I am really enjoy what I am doing to serving and offering help for development of youths. I also am taking an active interest into various area, such as reading, singing, dancing, volunteer, gardening, and swimming, table tennis. My favorite movie type are romantic, comedy, and science fiction. I also love reading books about emotion and stock market. Besides, I consider myself an excellent cook and i can cook Spicy crab, a variety of Chinese bittern, western dim sum. i am a big fan of traveling and have been to more than 10 countries including US, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Thailand, Vietnam etc. I am very humorous woman and always make people laugh, understanding, communicating, and have good taste for life. I am dreaming of sharing simple life, doing our favorite things, traveling, cooking and gardening together with my future partner. Are you the destination of my searching?



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