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49 Dalian, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 41 - 60
My happy hours in childhood was companied by playmates in the military compound(Military compound is a place that military cadres live in, along with their wives and children.),full of freedom and joy. lambs and ponies accompanying us on the hillside running, herbs garden located behind the hill is a good place for playing , every Saturday, Sunday night were movie nights,which was particularly exciting, such a quality time with family is unforgettable! These memorable days later become my special treasure from childhood and made me value family and friendship! Mom is a doctor in charge of inspection division, she is also the influence I accepted from childhood,explains a lot why I especially like pretty, clean room, and I even designed and decorated my own room, my home is very lovely! If I may add. Lol Dad is very amiable, busy at work before retirement, but still took a lot of time to take care of me and my sister, and he can cook delicious golden crisp pancakes, pulp sweet potatoes, dates! which is a subtle influence on me, now I can cook more than 20 kinds of Chinese and Western cuisine, and can make no alcohol cocktails by myself, whenever friends gathering at my house, eating the home-made food,having tasteful cocktail, they all said they are gonna to be spoiled! I lived in Dalian, which is a beautiful seaside city in China, also one of the ten most livable cities all around the country, there is Asia's largest square Xinghai Square, Tiger Polar Museum, I often drive along the beautiful Corniche appreciating the beauty of landscape, I look forward to someone like me, who also desires an happy family life, with a good sense of humor, would show up and admire the beauty of nature together. I am a college English teacher, associate professor, love my job very much, adore different cultures and history! My school uses interactive and task-based English teaching methods, so far has trained a lot outstanding students who like English, in 2012 my student won first place in the National English Recitation Contest, really proud of her! My greatest achievement is that my students love me, and I also love my students! This happy working status and balanced diet make me particularly young, everyone says I'm only 33 years old, ha ha, such a compliment, I hope to continue being young, and grow old together with my future life partner! I am an happy person, confident, humorous, healthy and creative, faithful spouse, especially like family life and loving cooking and enjoying gourmet, visiting parents to bring them comfort and joy, and dinner with friends together and sharing different cultures which surely would bring happiness and novelty to us, I am willing to face the culture conflict caused by cultural differences too, as long as we are willing to communicate, love will cling, until love slowly become warm affection, we’d take care of each other, never betray! I like playing badminton, dancing, sitting in a cafe and chatting with best friend, climbing, breathing fresh air, embracing the nature ! Because of my work,aside from my two besties who are Chinese, there are a few foreign friends I am very fond of, I like spending time with them, discussing the culture, customs, languages, food, travelling, they constantly impressed by my enthusiasm and humor, have I mention that we also share tips of baking cakes!
27 Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 42
I am a easy going girl .have a very caring personality.i like to think for the others.it is like in my nature. I like a lot of things. cooking is my biggest hobby . i have been working outside and live by myself over 3 years.so keep improving cooking skill haha. I love animals. but mostly mammal with furs , i am afraid of bugs like hell. please don't let me handle them.so i kind of hope my future partner ok with them otherwise we two will screaming and run from our house . I have 3 cats. it's not my plan but i got them,so i plan to let me them be my family. sometime they even make me understand what it will like to raise baby haha. besides. when i am away from home, they can spend time with each other, i 'd love to have a dog with my future husband.raise since he is a baby dog , just like our love, get stronger everyday . I like exercise everyday,sometime yoga . sometime swiming. i like night run in the smmmer night. my dream is to eat health and live a health long life with my loved one. Self-improvement is very important to me, the ideal life in my head is me and my future husband able to make each other a better person together. i think it is not a very hard thing to fall in love with someone . or just get married. but what i am seeking in my life is ture understanding,it's hard to describe .if i fall in love with someone, i hope we can be like good boddy sometime. hang out and plan together.i want to know his hobby, things he have passion for. life is long. share similar interested is important.build the deep connection .
38 Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 45
Hello, I’m Sharon, a typical woman can be found in the northeastern China, who was born in Heilongjiang Province then live in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. As a civil servant, I always appreciate the smooth and steady part of my life. However, since I was born in a family which has been into traditional Chinese medicine for generations, I have learnt a lot about Chinese medicine from my father, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, especially application of Chinese medicine in daily meals, for which I give lectures about nutrition for a college and other institutions as well. In addition, I also give lectures about infant nursery and Maria Montessori theories of early education. And like my father, I visit patients at times, help resolve skin problems and allergy. Although I lead a joyful life with a “big heart”, there had been dark clouds in my blue sky before. I had marriage once, from which I have a son, who is active and smart, and will go to primary school this autumn☺Therefore, I come here, looking for my future happiness. If you have kids of your own, I believe that I will become a competent mother for every kid, full of love and care, making effort to keep the home sweet and cozy for every member of the family. So far I have been educated to become a person grateful to the experience, eager to help others and down-to-earth, nevertheless, I have a dream from childhood, in which I have a lovely manor, where a room full of sunshine would be turned into a studio. In the studio, we could design and make clothes, or doodle...Once open the window, both of us will be addicted to the view of the sea, and the breeze of the flowery spring. Well, it’s very much like a contemporary utopia of my fantasy. If you have a similar dream, shall we try to make it true together?



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