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37 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 41
I'm humble on the outside but outgoing on the inside. People may think I'm shy by my look, yet I'm very open minded but have my own thoughts on things. It's just, I have to know you first. I'm always wanting to explore new things so I'm a traveling person. I travel to America pretty much every year, sometimes for business but mostly on my own based on interest. I've been interested in all aspects of this place since years ago and trying to get all information related to it, like the history, the nature there, and more important, the people. So that inspires me to travel to this place for fun! I'm amazed by how a mish mash the place is, for all kinds of people are out there, and you can get brand new thoughts in your mind every day when you go out and dig the big city like New York. So inspiring. I've been to California and the east coast a lot... always so many things waiting for me and my partner to experience, maybe that'll be me and you. I want a man who can be as active as I am on traveling and even just taking a walk after dinner together, going to the gym, cooking and watching a movie on TV, TOGETHER. I want to be with him to take the journey, our journey, and I hope we always are willing to work things out happily. Spontaneous on both sides, no push but that's not an explanation of being selfish or lazy on working for us both. I mostly want a stable long term relationship and maybe hopefully a marriage potential on this site, and I'm not afraid of relocating at all if I find the one though I have a descent job here, but a good relationship always goes first. I hope to find one that I would always like to talk to. That's important. Maybe you could give me a sign to see if we can connect. WeChat Number: priscillazing
61 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 64
English Major, international trade minor. Traveling, photography with poems to match...chatting...hiking, reading, swimming, long walk along a long beach(just out of my apartment),cooking, writing poems in classic Chinese forms... Enthusiastic with good taste for life and feel myself part of nature. I'm always satisfied and appreciate what life offers to me.I live a very peaceful life alone with my beautiful angellike cats with white-hair/blue eyes. Often go outdoors when it is fine taking pictures, sometimes would take my cats with me. You may see the pictures I took in my blog if you show interest in my lifestyle. Cooking for friends and chat in a leisurely and comfortable afternoon with different kind of herbal tea is something I really enjoy . Sometimes this could be a picnic by the lakeside, riverside...Swimming is my regular exercise all year round... reading,mostly philosophy,literature,history,even politics and economy...enjoying classic music, both western and Chinese... I'm a caring and loving woman full of grateful feelings to life and my beloved ones. I'm a good traveller whenever get the chance.I'm planning to travel around the world in the near future...hope to have a partner as well as a lover to share all the beauty of the world. I write poems in classic Chinese forms often to match the pictures I take and sometimes would translate an Enlish poem in this form. All the pictures above were taken in 2012. Plus: I have certificates for Chinese accupuncture and massage ; have learned and have been practising the former since my childhood. PS: only responde to those with pics. Those scammers and those who want me to send you money, please don't waste your time here.
49 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 59
Life is like a trip, there are inexhaustible scenery, but you need to cross the ridge. in this journey, I used to have a close partner to accompany me for thirteen years, but unfortunately in the middle, he got off the bus early and left so I have to continue to be alone in this journey. even so, I still love this journey so much. I still love to laugh, I work hard, pursue my own business career, working from an ordinary employee to the world's top 500 enterprise senior executives; I raise my son alone, to the best possible I give him love, let his world be full of sunshine, and I have never given up on self-improvement. I Do exercise, play the piano, participate in all kinds of study, travel to the different countries. I like to go to the gym, to run outdoors, I like the excitement after dripping great sweat, I am those who believe in self-discipline must be successful. I love music, no matter which language (I believe that music has no national boundaries, so I am often touched by a beautiful melodic or a piece of lyrics. of course, I often play the piano myself, let my soul get peace in the sound of music. I like to travel around the world, I have been to more than a dozen countries so far. I am amazed at the majesty of the grand canyon of The united states, also indulged in the splendid culture of europe. of course I also like to observe different people on the road, especially different countries, different cultures, I communicate with them in english, watching them work, live, express their love to someone they loved and see their happy smiles with their family. therefore, I can understand and accept different culture better. all of this makes me love life more, and it makes me more determined to find one that can accompany me for the rest of my life joining my journey.
46 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 65
My name is Amy from Wuhan, and I lived by the Yangtze River from a young age. I am a beautiful, cheerful, optimistic, confident, and energetic woman. I pay attention to the quality of life and have a self-discipline. I have learned nutrition, I can arrange the daily meal mix and make some delicious western food. I used to be a teacher, and I still love dolls at the heart of my child. ... I used to go down to the sea to do business, which made me a quality that I could struggle with. When I work, I never give up when I have problems, I always try to get there as quickly as possible and do my best. When I am at leisure, I have a girls' time to walk around and chat with a tea in the River Beach Park; occasionally I have a meeting with my classmates to feel the countryside; I like to make my own coffee, and the smell of the house makes me feel more than happy. A hot cup of coffee with a few slices of cookies, and a lazily weary of reading a book in a rocking chair, is just how comfortable it is. Reading a thousand books is better than walking around the world. I have traveled to many countries around the world. I had the courage to get to know the world by feeling the unknown scenery, experiencing different cultures, meeting different friends on the way. I used to enjoy this unfettered feeling, but after a long day, I felt lonely on my own trip, hoping to share the beauty with my loved ones. I was a very dedicated person, and my emotional experience once made me a cowardly one, and worked hard to fill the emotional gap. As time passes, the wounds and pain of the past are slowly forgotten



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