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44 Kaifeng, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 53
Ni hao ma? My name is Sabrina. Do you want to call it every day? Then remember it in your heart. I am an easy-gonging, tender, family-oriented and sometimes naughty lady( of course, it’s only for you, my special one). I think the most difference place of me is my persistence. No matter in life or work. With my persistence, I am stepping into a beautiful and hopeful life. Why I come here to find a foreign man? I think distance can not be the obstacle of true love. You see nowadays the world became more and more small by the connection of Internet. so why not to find my love in the wider district? actually I am a lady who always wants to learn new things. Do you also have a heart that never say" old" ? I am the one. In my college , I tried to communicate with my foreign teachers much and learn some western culture. I found that I show a strong interest in western culture. At the same time, my English improved much. So it’s no problem to communicate with you. I still want to learn more western culture from you. In my spare time, I would love to swimming which keeps me a good shape and a smooth skin. It’s really good. And I also like travelling and walking. I have been to many famous places in China and would love to try more foreign countries if there is a chance. If I am free , I may also read all kinds of book. It really enrich my mind and broad my horizon. You may have known something about me. If you are interested in knowing more about me, we can start a real communication. Have a nice day!
33 Sanmenxia, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 43
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43 Anyang, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 52
I am the only child in my family,but I am not self-willed. I am optimistic and frank. I like classic music rather than pop music. I play on internet when I am free, and mainly read love novels, and watch foreign films. I like travel. I like traveling with my family members, close friends, or my soulmate in the future better than by myself. I usually do Yoga at noon and this sport makes me feel relaxed and good. Of course, Yoga can make body slimmer, too. I was not eager to get married when I was younger, because I was very satisfied with my life at that time. Of course, it is another important reason that I didn't meet a man who could attract me very much or really love me. And I don't have many chances to meet new friends. In the last two month, my father was found to get a throat cancer.This made me realize that I must speed up to look for my soulmate and end single life, which would make my father in a better frame of mind. I hope this can be good for his illness. In China, many people perhaps get married for ambient pressure from parents, friends and others. Besides, I still want to follow my heart and my feeling to look for my love. I had never thought of marrying a foreign man before I received a call from one of my roommate in the college recently. She is going to marry an American soon. She advised me to look for an American who has never been to China according to her experiences. I agreed with this roommate after I thought it over carefully. So I come here. Welcome all the kind and polite letters. I'd like to communicate with all the sincere friends.



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