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39 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 36
Hey guys, I'm Laehl from Chongqing China, a beautiful city with lots of outbreaks rivers here. People likes to visit Chongqing due to it's nice view and delicouos food, and sometime jsut for watching beauties here~~~~ okay, let's get To the point. Just dont make sense like most of my previous colleagues and clients that I MUST be a very pretty girl because Of my CQ label, haha...Coz the reality is that I'm just very normal looking, and most of the time I thought it could be that I left Chongqing for too long time and didnt get its enough moisture. Then I decided to get back CQ after more than ten Years studying and working out of CQ. Now I've been back more than 3 years, loving the life here very much although I left my Homtown for many years, but I never loose my CQ character, honeest, upright, cheerer and straight forward. And I had Lived in Shanghai and Hangzhou more than 7 years, those working and life experience also taught me far sighted, Attentive, tough and smart. I've always been a single coz I think I didn't really meet my ture love in past of life. I might Be too serious on marriage and a kind of strict on the person I love. But dont be afraid, I'm quite easy going and I have a lot Of hobies. I only dont like the guy who is low quality, full of nonsense, idle about whole day and make no attempt for Progress. In weekends, I dont like staying at home too much but attending outdoor activities. Traveling is my If you also like sports and traveling, please contact me. Maybe we can be good travel partners. I really like American reality show, particularly Athletic programs, the amazing race, Survivor....
45 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 46 - 60
Please read my information carefully. It is not difficult to find me. My 12-year-old daughter and I live in Chongqing, China. I work in the marketing of interior decoration companies and deal with all kinds of customers. So I have a strong Ability to communicate and recognize people. In my work, I am an intellectual, capable and elegant female employee.in Life, I am a gentle, loved and interesting happy fruit.with me, you will not be bored.I am strict with myself and easy to Get along with. I always see the advantages of others and tolerate their shortcomings. I have good interpersonal Relationships. After work, I like to stay at home quiet.read a book, drink tea, cook a delicious meal, clean the room And enjoy the time always.make an appointment with good friends to go out and get together occasionally.life is always Busy and full.It is my most important leisure time to accompany my daughter to do what she likes. I am also an image Consultant and a psychological consultant.help people heal their emotions and foods through clothing.I manage my Weight and figure, maintain self-discipline and healthy eating habits, which is the secret of my youthful Appearance . I hope to have a big garden in the future. You can plant many kinds of flowers.listen to the sound of flowers With you. Make a pot of old tea. A delicious diner. Walk by the sea hand in hand.I hope to see the world with you in the Future. If the heart has no place to perch on. Wherever I go, I am a vagrant. Looking for an interesting south. Spend the Rest of your life together. Have you been attracted by so many advantages? It's not hard to find me, if you put your heart into it. If you like me like this, please write me a letter.
42 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 55
My name is Jane. I am an honest, kind, optimal, gentleman person, I love God, Have traditional values, conservative but still sexy naughty. I love life and study. I like reading, sports, dancing And traveling. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that my work brings, and I know how to relax. I love to be with nature And laugh like a child. I will be moved to tears by the wild flowers blooming by the roadside. I see the kindness of Everyone and find god's gift to me in the "bad things"! I Cherish every day and every person god has given me. Through past life experiences and continuous learning and Growth, I have learned to love and be loved, to accept, to tolerate, to respect and to be grateful. Now my heart is filled With peace and joy! For that, I am eternally grateful! Now I have entered a new milestone in my life. I long for a warm home, an intimate relationship full of love, mutual Respect and loyalty! I want to give my sincere and passionate love to a special man, and I want to be loved in the same way by a man. In my dreams, I. Wake up every morning with your loving hugs and kisses. We pray together, eat together, walk together, sleep together, Do a lot of happy things together, also overcome difficulties together, hand in hand through life every day, let the Future because of our acquaintance, acquaintance and love and more bright and happy! If you want to know more about me, please write to me. Maybe good things will happen from the moment you write to me! Looking forward to your reply!
45 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 52
I am a very sincere, kind and warm girl. I have a pair of very beautiful eyes. My friendly personality makes me a very Popular person both in work and in life! At the same time, I am also a very loving girl, I helped nearly on a platform of love Chinese contributions 1 0more than 200 Families, I hope that people will no longer suffer from diseases, and I hope that the world can be full of love and winter! ❤️ so, regarding my work, my job is to teach and train Chinese medicine technology. At the same time, I am also a Chinese Medicine clinical health doctor with very comprehensive skills; My excellent speech is deeply respected and respected by the majority of students and others. Worship, my super Technology is also highly trusted and recognized by customers and friends! I have a wide range of hobbies. I like dancing, singling, listening to beautiful music, feeling romantic feelings and Things, and learning about personal improvement. I hope I can continue to improve and progress... My biggest hobby is Dancing , Dance is my favorite art and sport. Whenever I dance to music, I feel very happy and happy! I am a woman who pays great attention to family. I pay great attention to the atmosphere of family. I hope to find my Soul mate in the vast crowd, and have a happy and warm home with him, and live happily forever! Thank you for taking the time to read my resume, I hope you are the person I am looking for! ❤️ I am a very sincere, kind and warm girl, I have a pair of very beautiful eyes, my friendly character makes me a very Popular person both in work and in life! At the same time, I am also a very caring girl. I have helped nearly 1000 families on a caring donation platform in China Hope that people will not suffer from disease any more. I hope that the world will be full of love and warth! ❤ then, as for my work



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