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46 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 60
I am a girl who loves nature. As long as I go for a walk in the mountains and base in the sun, the corners of my mouth will turn Up. I like to sit quietly by the sea, watching the tide rise and fall, feel the waves rushing past the seat, and watch It go away. I feel like a piece of dust in the vast universe, talking to the ancient times in the eternal tide. I am eager to learn about different cultures and experience different lifestyles and customs. I used to eat on the Streets of Malaysia with my right hand like the locals, and it was a very pleasant experience, like I was back in my Childhood. I also like to communicate with local people in foreign countries, listening to their stories and Experiencing different lives always surprises me. Once I was chating with a local woman in White Rock, Vancouver. We Chatted a lot, and we ended up talking about Chinese culture. To my surprise, she actually talked about Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching Going to museums is also one of my favorites, especially those in the natural sciences or art. I like to stand at the Painting for a long time, talk to it with my heart, and feel the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the characters in the Painting. I remember seeing tears in my eyes as I stood in front of a portrait of a young man at the Wilhelm Palace in Kassel. It was a very interesting experience. I spent seven days in the British Museum and still felt unsatisfied. Of Course, I didn't get a chance to stand at the Mona Lisa because so many people wanted to see her smile. In my opinion, the Crowd is as funny as the Mona Lisa's smile I've always lived a single life and never got married. In my life, I have many good friends. Almost every Wednesday Night, several friends come to my house to share the current situation, enjoy the food, and wish each other well. It was Also my chance to showcase my cooking skills and passion. As the saying goes, three women in one play, then five or six Women together, lol, I guess you can imagine what a happy scene it is I am good at finding fun in the duly. In spring, I will look for dandelions in the law; I often draw what I feel in reading, or listen to the birds sing in the woods while running, and watch the busses the Changing of the seasons is a very interesting process. I am always curious about the unknown and have great resilience! I worked in a magazine for more than ten years until the magazine was replaced by online media. Then I started to learn English and travel around, English became the magic key to open the world for me
39 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 55
It's a whole new journey for me. To begin with, I would like to say I am very lucky to meet myself, in this most beautiful age. :) I currently work in an American management consulting company. DC is like my second hometown. At the same time, I run an education blog, teaching youth Internet entrepreneurship. I think this is the best way to give back to the society. As much as I like my job, I feel like it is about time to consider my future family life, how would it be, what does he my future husband look like. Instead of thinking about it all the time, I decided to take a step and so here I am. When I was a little girl, I always have had this dream "to see the outside world", so after I grew up I went to Beijing to study English, and learned a lot of foreign culture, one day I decided to see the bigger world with my own eyes - so I took a trip I visited 40 countries in the world. I have seen the world, I have met the true self, I have figured out what I have been missing is that someone to spend my life with. I am still a little girl inside after all these years. I often shed tears because of other people's stories, I often jump up with joy just because a smallest wish come true. The world is complicated, but it can be very simple. To me love is the purest things in the world. I really hope the day we meet, we are the best of ourselves, we can be ourselves in front of each other, we can share with each other anything we want. To me this is the best relationship looks like. So if you also wonder what would she look like, and you also ready to make something really nice happen in your life, I suggest we have a little talk here right now. haha 😁
51 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 50
Just for marry with soulmate before 2022.06 in here.then close this profile if your quality and goal isn't so pure and Respected, dont disturb me. Rate of true love is 1/2.5 million according research conclusions. I insist on principle Of soulmate for half of life, I ever refused massive suits. You must be a white gentleman who outstanding quality with Stable and noble soul. [My traps] 1. I never been married and take the initiative to be single.need sense of security And belonging and conventional March, I'm Chinese. 2. High-quality talks with concise, rationale, emotional Broad and subtle, ever been CEO/VP/V Dean/Chief of editor in enterprises,university,news media.in spare time, I'm An independent strategic planner and corporate/government consultant. 3. My Hobbies are writing,reading, Spirituality,photography,costume design,stamp collecting,outdoor sports,tourism,music,cooking Public welfare charity. 4. I thank God and parents give me generous, energetic soul especially long curly black hair is My treasure. (But since political persecution, some of my hair has turned little gray) I like different national cultural backgrounds.Learning ability,theoretical construction and scientific Research ability should enable me to make new achievements & contribute to humanity in future multinational Marriage. 6.I has senior quality of world citizen.I have done many public charity deeds, including going deep into the Sichuan earthquake disaster area to provide disaster relief to the victims and triple volunteers; In the process of suffering FM terror, hell like persecution, serious physical and mental illness, economic hardship And safeguarding rights, I still love justice, draft legislative proposals on the protection of human rights and Promoted it to the State Council. 7. Be mentally prepared and plan to get married before 2022.06. [Your traps] 1. Nobel Morality, calm and low-key personality, mental health, justice, unity of knowledge and action, high sense of Responsibility; Logistic/rational thinking, broad and subtle pattern, international vision, high savvy Know how to love and be loved, your original family ethics and emotions are high quality, spirit of charity/public Welfare is great; 4. White, handsome, good temperature, health, fitness Love to read,sports,travel,music,gentlemanually demo, above 178CM; 5. Master or doctoral degree; You are best never married, aged 40-53 yrs old; 7. If you have own company, I will help your foundation to develop by leaks and bounds while fulfilling my Talent Mission; 8.your quality must be wisdom,simple,nobody,outstanding manually gentleman who can be my soulmate & protector/hero 9.be mentally prepared and plan to get married before 2022.06. [Tips] we need high-quality matching by high quality & Effective communication to confirm our lifelong partner of rest life by logical steps - Analyze our both's matching degree,confirm on video,plan how to meet,discuss how to be together and how to handle Transnational marriage procedures and establish family in a real environment and scene. If your goals are chotic or Lack of concentration, you are casual and irresponsible behavior that waste time and energy online will be low and lost Responsibility and love to self and others.so no disturb me.thx. People who lack simple, efficient communication, true wisdom, and motivation cannot achieve results and true happiness. So please be sure to show a sound introduction, multiple photos, a brief analysis of our fit, and then we call our video to confirm each other's true state. If the one-month communication cannot reach the agreed-upon questions of how to meet offline, get along with each other, and plan to get married, I am sorry for the time and effort we have devoted. Only a sound brain, a high moral character, and practical action can enable us to have love and happiness. I hope that the future husband will not only be my soul mate, but also my protective God, hero, and outstanding man!
61 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 56 - 67
I am a kind, caring, respectful, caring retired teacher. My daughter has grown up and has a little grandson that adds to my well-being. Every year, I travel to feel the call from afar, and of course, I have time to go to the club to ride a horse and interact with it in silence. Sometimes I suddenly sing a favorite song, a Chinese Peking Opera (King Bee), and I live with poems and kitchen to try different food practices. What I do is food is definitely not dark cooking. What do you like? Can I try it? I can draw pictures at home during the epidemic, and embroidery in China is also my favorite thing. I still believe in love here, and let us hand in hand to enter the temple of happy marriage. If you cannot make a weixin video call, do not contact me. If you like smiles like me, then our luck must be Very good. Read your favorite book and you'll find the answer. I am a kind, 99 caring, 88 respectful and consider retired teacher from Hongmao. My daughter has been married for a Long time. I have a grandson which adds to my sense of happiness. Every year I travel far away to feel the call from afar And of course ride horses at the club and have a quiet conversation with them. Sometimes I break into one of my favorite Songs, the Chinese Opera farewell My Concubine. I have poetry in my life, and I have a kitchen to try different food Recipients. I'm definitely not cooking dark food. What kind of food do you like? Can I try it on? Here I still believe in love, let us hand in hand into a happy marriage hall. I respect all sincere people, my favorite Book can be found on wechat video phone



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