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Jakarta Raya

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24 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 24 - 45
Assalamualaikum 😊 my name Saskia I’m from Indonesia. Bismillah My friends said if I’m funny, friendly, marketing girl 🤣, multi talented, down to earth person, like something unique, and like to always learn something new. ~ I guarantee, i will take care of your tummy hehe because I do really love cooking (my passion). I graduated in gastronomy department and now i running online restaurant. Inshaallah i can be the best chef for you after your mom aamiin 🙏🏻 Btw if you like spicy food please swipe to right because we already match 🤭 ~ I interested with photography and videography, because of that now i’m working as a content creator in coffee company. I hope my future husband also have interest of it too or i will force you to like hahaha kidding. Btw you can check out my Instagram “sisaskistephan” and my youtube channel “S Tiga” if you wonder about my pictures and my videos 😉 ~ I love to traveling, let’s go to Umrah dan Hajj together 🕋 I hope my future husband also like traveling, because i really wanna go with him to discover Indonesia and even the world 🌎 ~ I like to sing and play guitar, but i changed this hobby to listen quran and try to memorize it. Alhamdulillah i listen Quran more than a song now. Btw I fell in love with surah Ar-rahman I really hope my future husband can read this in our wedding day 🥺 ~ I’m a animals lover (cat lovers) 😍, i have four cats and one hamster, i hope you aren’t afraid of it haha. I really hope my future husband like to accompany me to feed street animals because they need us 🥺 I’m a first child of 3, btw i have Chinese gen, so I’m kinda mixed from Indonesian and Chinese gen that’s why I’m a bit slanting hehe. my mom converted from christian to muslim before she married with my dad so alhamdulillah my fam are muslims. But from my mom’s fam some are christian and some are buddha so i hope my future husband have big tolerance with it because we have to respect them ☺️ Fun facts about me: ~ I performed as a master of ceremony in many events ~ I love to watch sunrise/sunset and all about sky ~ I like go to art museum ~ I like to thrifting ~ I can drive motorcycle and car automatic even manual one ~ I really close with my mom ~ I have big responsibility of my little sis and my little bro ~ I follow Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Quran ~ I don’t accept polygamy because i think you can help women by many way not only by marrying them and I believe human can’t do same way like how prophet did because human are the place of mistakes 😊 if you thinking or have this planning, I suggest you to swipe left please
33 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
I am beach enthusiast, communicative, empathetic, loyal heart, adventurous, own strong family value, love to cook, animal lover, I speak up my mind yet silly goofy soul who loves to be easy but accurate over every problem because after all... problems destined to make you better not bitter. A happy driven soul, love life and unbreakably very positive. I am gifted with a very loving soul, mentally spiritually and intellegently strong completed with emotional balanced. I am well-educated woman who love to be humble, prefer to avoid petty arguments, consume great yet genuine talks, self-motivated woman, independent, love to simplify things, genuine, authentic as I am kind of soul who love hard unapologetically. I absorb energy so well so when I meet people I can tell them even before they speak because your vibe attracts your tribe. I love arts, traveling, contribute into humanity issues, meet people, learn new traditions, encourage people, have long walk on the beautiful beach, read great books, relaxing in the sun. As much as I love nature, I want to experience living off grid in minimalism with you somewhere beautiful, get disconnect for a while with crowded society and reconnect with life in such solitude. Yet I am striving for a minimalism lifestyle in reality. I'd love to always have great talks in daily life basis wrapped with deep and truest compassion where we can talk about anything and be best friends for life. Plus I love to help people so having someone for life whose love to help others as well is truly a life treasure. After all life is not always about us. The best legacy you could leave is your kindness



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