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47 Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I am who I am... I tend to be very extremes - in all aspects (guess it has something to do with my birth sign which is Libra by the way). I am very low-maintenance. I don't ask for more than what the other person can offer...only to have realized that it isn't so good at all as really really bad persons may take advantage of that! I am passionate about things that matters to me most. I love the simplicity of life & as much as possible stay from situations which would put complexities into my life - very hard to do!!! I usually stay in the safest mode possible. For me it's better to listen, smile & laugh. I radiate an aura of mysterious-shy-nice image. Oftentimes I am apathetic...choosing to stay in an I-don't-care & i'm-not-interested mode. I always carry with me my smile. When in doubt, I smile. When in pain, still I smile...I pick & choose (almost all)my battles wisely. Lastly, I am sooo looking forward to finding my 'pot of gold' @ the end of the rainbow. I know God will send me a Godly man. I will let HIM touch his heart when it's HIS will & certainly not mine...until then, I intend to enjoy this wonderful journey which is my-so-called LIFE! :) Things I Like: laughing,food, bubble baths,traveling,the beach,sitting outside when its nice,movies,reminiscing,christmas,vodka tonic,pictures,massages,my bed,bacon,hotdogs,both sunny & rainy days,hot tubs,textings, smiles,hugs & kisses,holding hands,quiet moments,YOU! (: Things I Appreciate: my parents, close friends,strangers that have a nice thing 2 say & a genuine smile,getting my back rubbed,a sharp wit,people who can laugh @ themselves,honest & loyal men (whew,very hard to find these days!!!),sweet talks, vacations,good kissers,a good body, those who know how 2 swim -coz i don't! :( hard workers,those who can humble themselves,& those who just enjoy life... Things I Dislike: people who LIE, make PROMISES but don't keep them, hide SECRETS! traffic, politics, bad drivers & messy loud people



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