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50 Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 52
31 Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Male 31 - 47
Tourism Declaration: I want to travel alone, carry simple bags, embark on a trip, walk through strange cities one after Another, to experience the natural scenery, beautiful ethnic customs, long history and culture, and Abandon the city. The troubles, seeking a quiet, extragant enjoyment of traveling without asking People, doing what you want, sharing the good things and things you encounter on the road to those Around you; Writing, reading, taking pictures, playing golf, bowling, sleeping, shopping, swimming. One of my Most influential trips was in the core area of (The Everest Reserve in the ‘karma’ Karma Ditch. It Is the only one in the six gullies of Mount Everest. There is only one yak and horses. It has been Isolated from the world for a long time, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, without the Outside intrusion, and enjoys the loneliness and arrogance of the snowy land. Known for its Beautiful snow-capped mountains, steep canyons, lush forests, colorful rhododendrons and clear Springs, it is known as the "world's most beautiful valley". On foot, you can enjoy the world's First Everest (8844.43 meters), the world's fourth Lhotse (8516 meters), the world's fifth Macaru (8463 meters) and the whole territory in China. The world's second peak in China, such as Everest (7804 meters), brings world-class snow mountains to the stunning beauty. The ancients "infinite Scenery is at the peak of danger", the outside world is richer and more inclusive than I imagined, No longer set boundaries with existing life, find infinite possibilities, embrace the bigger world, And share the world about beauty. Personality: I am cheerful, like to make friends, have good interpersonal skills, have relevant professional Knowledge, careful, patient attitude and good professional ethics. I believe that I am serious and Responsible for my work. I always hope to do things better! I am good at communicating with others, sensitive to words and numbers, full of hope for life, I. Like to concentrate! Can adapt to the new environment in a short period of time. , have a strong sense of quality. Love Concept: For me, I always believe that there is true love in the world. This is my view of love. Love is a Kind of encounter. Meeting is a kind of fate. Buddha also said that after five hundred years of Practice, it was exchanged for this life. Passing by, I believe that at first sight, one of the Crowds. This is my understanding of love, dare to love and hate. Declaration of love: Love can be a matter of a moment, it can be a lifelong thing. Everyone can fall in love with Different people at different times. When you meet someone you love, you must work hard to get along With him for a lifetime, because when he leases, everything is too late; When you meet a credible friend, you must Get along with him, because it is not easy to meet a Confident in a person's life. The perfect ending of love: Death and life, and the child, said, the hand of the child, and the child is old, do not forget the Initial heart. Emotional experience: I have never been careess, I am so intoxicated, I am so obsessed with it, I love all of them . Dad's Work: Dad runs an Internet company in Hangzhou. He started doing business in Hangzhou in 1992. After Nearly 10 years of hard work and hard work, he has today's company and achievements. The company's Business is very stable. My mother's work: My mother is a bank employee in Shanghai. I live a life of nine to five every day, and my life is Very pleased. Reasons for work and future planning: I have to face life regardless of what I do, to avoid escaping. I don’t necessarily have to be the Most uncomfortable. I am not necessarily unhappy. I don’t necessarily have to be long-lasting. Do’t Be the weakness, don't rush to say that you have no choice. Don't think that there are only right and Wrong in the world. There are more than one answer to many things. You can find a reason to be Happy! People who know how to relax find easy, forgotten people find freedom. People who know how to care Find friends, cold weather is not cold, cold is cold, there is love in the heart will not be lonely! Life is short, everything is a passing sight. Life is an accident, death is a must! Why boy to ask for unnecessary people, things, feelings, and hardships? How did you get it? How can you get it? The process of living, this is life! Every step that doesn't require you to go out is right. Every step that requires you to go out is no Regrets. Life is enough! When you are alive, find the value of your existence! Let yourself be a little more fulfilled! Since I have come to this world and go back, I will live up to him once! Living must be your own "goal" and "dream" to paint a few colors for your life! If you can't find the value of your existence, think about how you can give yourself a message to Your parents. The one who love you the most! Then enjoy the beauty of the sunset, smirk and paint a perfect ending for your life! The meaning of living is to find the meaning of living: 1) Everyone has the meaning of being alive. Man must live for himself. Meaning is to work for his own Goals. Success requires sweep. Success, failure, slaughter, Cry and cry, every link is to experience And enjoy. Conversely, if a person does not have an idea, what is done to others, what can he Experience? People can’t live and experience, and enjoy. 2) Look at the world with your own eyes. Not everyone in this world is very smooth. Just look at how You solve it. For example, when you walk, you are home. Someone apologizes to you. Sometimes you Still feel very hot, but you I did not expect that the person who hit you is actually more Uncomfortable than you, or think about the phrase "Happy is also a day, unhappy is also a day, why Not happy every day." 3) Life is easy, life is easy, and life is not easy. Don't worry, this society is almost a lot more Than you, but you are living happiness. Not everyone can succeed. As long as you try hard to treat Everyone, be serious about life, as long as you take every day seriously, no matter what you How Is life, I believe it is wonderful. In a word: People want to live a wonderful life, come on!
36 Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 46
I have a love interest now, thanks! ---------(When a person thinks of love as researching people’s inside and out like a dissector who is just interested in satisfying the curiosity or taking other means to convince himself, such as she is excellent, so, I want her - actually you don’t love her at all... Love is the whole and feel about everything while you commit for love, as her inside and her face both have been made into one, that one is exclusive and the fatal attraction to whose eyes have waited that moment for a long long time... You cannot say you love a woman because of her face or she seems a fine art whose everything of outside just meet your format demands - that’s lust, not love. She is the whole and you yield to the feeling when you get close to her, when your first eyes on her, that explain the mystery of love... Without any reasons a heart only can follow its intuition, there are no judge or decide, I want to love you it is simply because I am attracted to you, it is not the case that I should or must love you, when our head give heart reasons of falling for someone, then the love is no longer intuitively pure, our head only can pour power into love, make love become stronger, but it is better for our minds not to constitute reasons when you seek some primordial states of a heart & love, reasons belong to ration, love is such an emotional thing to carry on... I am a lover, all I seek that is to pursue valuable stuffs that is not going only toward physical attractiveness, but mostly base on inner attributes, human are complete, I am not used to divide them into this part or that part, it is the way of dismembered, I say - when a person left you a dazzling impression by whole that you should fall for it, do not be hesitate, as time will teach us to understand that if we meet a right person at a wrong time, everything will not get whirled but simply offers you an alternative, your choice, man, you choose that right person and you will be blocked by the wrong time; but once you give up that person, you have to wait for another lover to come, it is a so long longing over nights...)-------
45 Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 50
I think I'm prettier than most of those who are more intelligent than me and more intelligent than most of those who are prettier than me. Life is a never ending series of highs and lows, wherein lies its greatness. I'm looking for an equal soul to enjoy the ride with me. "It takes 3 seconds to fall in love; it takes 3 decades to get along." (quoted as I believe relationship is romance/passion and friendship/companionship blended into a work of art.) "If I were a fighter, I would fight away all of my fears. If I were a singer, I would sing away all of my sorrows. If I were a dancer, I would dance away all of my tears. But I'm not yet any of them." (Verse I wrote at my low.) Life is short. My agenda: true love, family and career. More questions: The three things which I am most thankful for: my family, my life and my education. Three of my best life-skills are: communicating my innermost thoughts and feelings, achieving personal goals and continuing to expand my knowledge and awareness. My friends describe me as: dependable, quiet, intelligent and generous. I'm an INTP by the personality test, which may help the right man to understand me. My favorite songs: "Fa Ru Xue" by Jay Chou (amazing lyrics and good music), "When you're gone" by Avril Lavigne (the best from her collection), "Chong Bai" by Fish Leong (vocally fantastic) ......and songs I sing:) "Having crossed the vast oceans, I can no longer take a river seriously. If it's not on Mount Wushan, it's not a cloud." which is one of my favorite chinese poems. So where is my one and only? In "Dream of the Red Chamber", Baoyu said to Daiyu, "You are the only one for me in the multifarious world". ------ Don't waste each other's time if you have even the slightest doubt if I'm the one.



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