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37 Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 50
Hello! I am ping coming from, one of the most ancient cities with rich culture and historical backgrounds, very close to shanghai with numbers of places interests such as the confucius temple, the Confucius temple, is composed of the confucius temple, the xuegong palace, the tribute courtyard and the three major building groups, which occupy a large area. every year the lantern festival is held at the Confucius temple and the delicious cuisine including the duck blood fans, small cage buns, butter pancakes, potstickers, spiced eggs, first-rate beans, and so on! There are also famous scenic spots: xuanwu lake, presidential palace, zhongshan mausoleum. I was graduated from xuzhou medical university and I used to work as a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company, and later i obtained the qualification certificate fund, so currently I am working as a consultant in a financial company. I love simple and quietness in life and that is why gardening becomes one of my hobbies. besides, I love singing, music, movies, walking, jogging and traveling. my favorite music type is classical and i am fond of romantic, science fiction and comics movies. I have ever traveled to korea, indonesia, maldives, hong kong and macao. I am welcoming different diets especially for fruits, steamed buns, dumplings, dumplings, Dumplings, noodles. I am a simple lady who will take a real interest in the things important to my special one. I hope to have someone who is honest, and has contacts with me in love and emotion spirit, love leading a simple life respect his love.. lets create the sunshine, enjoy the simple happiness and color together not just for a moment, but for the rest of our lives journey.
40 Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
I’m not a big cheese. I’m unique and special in this world. Am I your fire? The one you desire. If you would like to know more about me, don't hesitate to write to me. My We Do you like lotus? Do you like a girl who is the same glorious and elegant as lotus? I want talk you about me first. I am a lovely, gentle girl who loves and cherish life so much. Life is a blossom of flowers, so nice and beautiful. I try to live happily every day, give warm smile to everyone and be kind to the surroundings. In the daily life, I prefer the green color, which give me a feeling of peace and warm. I usually wear green clothes, for I consider green could make me calm down and bring me the soft wind of spring. Is green your favorite color? Is this kind of girl who likes peace your desire one? As a traditional Chinese girl, I have many hobbies towards our culture, such as listening to the opera, Shaoxing and Huangmei opera. Our traditional operas are so nice and peace, it can bring me to the very old Chinese dynasty, some romantic love affairs, haha. Do you wanna try that, dear gentleman? I also like to listen to some popular music and folk song from our country and abroad. While I like some kinds of arts, I like watching picture albums and paintings and sculpture. From every art work, I could appreciate the every piece of art work, from different angles. I am deep into our traditional ink-wash painting, which is very elegant and could give me many nice imaginations about the conditions there and let me imagine of many beautiful scenery. I like reading a lot, putting myself in the sea of the books, to open my horizon and mold my character. Now I usually go to the library to read some books about my work to improve myself. I really want to be a much better and wise woman. I hope I could find a dear gentleman, then we could share our same hobby and have a nice dream together.
Chun Ling Tang
50 Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 58
I was born in 1970 in March, I was warm and gentle fish, her husband passed away are single, there is a good English teachers, we do not have a language barrier, but I will teach you more a language (English), I live in the beautiful city of salt, this is a relaxing, scenic city, I very much loved beauty, mind the form, it has been running for a beautiful flower shop, every day I always bring happiness and blessings to others, like the romantic love and family relations, and at the same time I have good interpersonal relations, and friends are very fond of me, and a daughter in the United States, and I would like to live in the same hobbies, along with the rest of your partner! I LOVE COOKING and doing very good cuisine, and enjoy family and friends I do dishes, and of course I hope one day you can even enjoy my cooking… I was a relatively quiet woman, I like the flower, tourism, singing, listening to music, sometimes the fitness, reading and cooking. I like two people together to create a lot of romantic surprises to share in the joy of life every time, I believe that the money is not a substitute for happiness, but happiness must not let their physical and mental pleasure that I was a sentimental man, I would appreciate a flower, I will be a film tears, I would kind of help to others, I will cherish all life's fate! I believe that the fate will let you come to me, I am not gaming life, only to find true love, serious marital relations, and that the world is too large, it has seven billion population, but the world is too small for us to meet here, and this is how the chances of small, so I hope that when we met, known each other, can also 相 love phase-out until the end of the life...



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