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49 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
I am a loving,affective,positive, easy-going, cheerful, well-educated and confident woman. I enjoy reading, travelling, watching movies, visiting museums, exploring and learning new things, and engaging in good conversations. I am comfortable with myself and the world. I am a good listener and communicator who always focus on the positive side of things and believe communication can solve most problems. I am really into nature. I savor the alternate of seasons and twilight. I love the pale pink cherry blossoms in the spring that dyed the crowds’ cheeks; the melody of the energetic tapping of raindrops on the windows in summer and the way they melt the lush green outside into puddles of summer; the whispers of the autumn winds when they kiss my ears; and the scattered snowflakes that whirls in the sky and how they melt into drops of crystal on my fingertips. I am shocked by the breath-taking sunrise and sunset on the sea, and obsessed by the smell of grass after rain. Everything is beautiful in a lover’s eyes. I am looking forward to sharing these beauties with you in future. I am not born as a sports-lover, I would say. However, going to gym is a way for me to step out of my comfort zone and discover my potential. It also teaches me healthy life-style and how to treat myself better.I have many fitness habits, cycling, swimming and dancing.I also love activities outside such as hiking and walking. I am well-educated and hold a PhD. My career asks for much reading which, luckily, is my hobby too.The books I am interested in are various, including politics, society, education, and culture… I love reading and assimilating new knowledge. I enjoy having thoughtful conversation because they give me new perspective about life and the world. I love travelling and visiting museums. I have been to the US and Japan before, actually twice to the US in 2016 and 2019 separately. In 2016, I made a one-year academic visit in Washington, DC, when I visited most of museums in Washington. The history, beauty and civilization presented in these museums deeply shocked me.I also had road trips with friends during spring and summer vacations. We drove from New York to Key West Island and to many places in the west. In these trips, the rich plants in the east, the wildlife in the west, the vast land, the magnificent mountains and rivers, the beautiful environment and the friendly people all deeply attracted me. I feel it is an wonderful episode to encounter different landscape and culture. I am so curious about the unknown. In the future, I hope that I can explore more countries such as Britain, Spain and New Zealand and other places my lover wants to see. The types of movies I like are mainly feature films, sci-fi and romantic movies. For example, people's pursuit of freedom and hope in The Shawshank Redemption; and the loneliness of human beings facing the vast space and the fighting spirit inspired by it in The Martian all touched me. I am looking for a best friend to share daily life, a life partner in the rest of my life, a soul mate with whom I won’t fear aging. Long distance relationship is challenging but it is worth waiting for someone special. If you are looking for the same thing, please write to me.
54 Luoyang, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 60
I was born and raised in Luoyang which is a beautiful city located in central China. Luoyang has a very good Fengshui. There were near 200 emperors (empress) had ever lived here in Chinese history. My apartment is situated inside the palace of Tang dynasty. :) I've been working at a museumsince I graduated from a teacher's college, It's an easy job and I don't have much to do when I'm on duty, so I have got plenty of time to do reading, writing (I write for some magazines and newspapers in my spare time), and doing Taichi. It take 2 mins to get to the museum from my apartment on foot. (Lucky) I believe that food therapy is much better than pharmacotherapy and the Chinese herbs are much safer than the western medicine. I've been studying and collecting all kinds of recipes of how to solve health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, flu, hypoimmunity, etc. I take good care of my self and take care of my family and my friends as well. We all live a healthy lifstyle. :) I'm pretty good at cooking. The dishes I cook are all good in smell, taste and appearance. Teasing and being teased, I don't mind making fun of myself (neither does my mom, but my father is a little bit serious). Now I'm learning ASL and I wish all of us hearing people would learn sign language so that the deaf can communicate with us. I enjoy sauna, Karaoke, foot massage, cycling, picnicing in a park and having fun with my little niece (who's 5 years old and she knows a little bit English and ASL). I'm understanding so I could be a good listener. I'm patient and loving to kids so I could be a good mother. I'm passionate and faithful so I could be a good lover. A little bit about my family. Both my parents are 66 years old. I have two brothers and one is a vice principal and the other one is a entrepreneur. They both are married. I have 9-year-old and 5-year-old nieces and a 1 year-old nephew who brings us so much fun and who is supposed to be the cutest baby on the planet. I'm the oldest among the siblings but I don't have a man to love, no kids to support, so I am the only worry of my parents. I'm tired of being alone now, that's why I'm here. One thing to consider- family interaction in China and in the west are very different. Here in China, often my mother, father and other relatives will stay here for weeks at a time randomly. So if you love lots of happy family time, China will be a good place for you. Lastly, I am an open minded individual and am looking for someone that even if they don't believe everything I do, at least is respectful to things that are important to me. Fish said: You can't see my tears, because I'm in the water. Water said: I can feel your tears, because you're in my heart. I'm fish and I'm dying of jumping off to the bank for too long and I'm hunger for the water.
50 Xinxiang, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 67
Hi This is Kelly from Xinxiang city of China. My Chinese name is Jie. Have you heard of this city? It is a beautiful city where the Chinese mother river - Yellow River located in, I’ve spent the past 48 years here. I love this city where I was born and raised. I am currently working as an accountant in a private enterprises. My major in university is accounting, so I have been in the accountant profession for years after graduation. I like watching movies, traveling, hiking and walking. It is really enjoyable and interesting to travel to different places, meet different kinds of people, enjoy different kind of foods and learn about the local culture and life style. My friends comment me as a caring, easy going, independent, adaptable and responsible person. Life is too short to be alone. I am looking for a sincere and loving man to explore the adventure of life together. I am looking for a man who is sincere, responsible, outgoing cheerful and passionate in life. I hope we could cherish and admire each other in this relationship. I will try my best to give him the best support. Would you like to take this adventure together with me in the life journey?I like watching movies, traveling, hiking and walking. It is really enjoyable and interesting to travel to different places, meet different kinds of people, enjoy different kind of foods and learn about the local culture and life style. My friends comment me as a caring, easy going, independent, adaptable and responsible person. Life is too short to be alone. I am looking for a sincere and loving man to explore the adventure of life together. Would you like to take this adventure together with me in the life journey?
44 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 46 - 60
 Thank you for browsing my information.I live in a city in Central China and do administrative Work in school. I am a woman of integrity, kindness and loyalty, and a Chinese woman who values her Family very much.I'm not too busy at work. In my spare time, I like drawing, watching movies and Exercising. I can speak some simple daily spoken English .I want to build a stable family with He, I want to be old with him. I refuse to play games.Chinese food is very rich, as long as there Are ingredients, I can make them very delicous. I once entered 30 guests at home. I hope to Make the most delicate food with him in the future.I think it should be the most romantic thing.I. Have a 21-year-old daughter who is about to graduate from university .I usually live alone, and my Daughter occasionally goes home on holiday. I met a few people who asked me why I was beautiful and not in bad condition, and also wanted to Come to this platform to find a partner. This made me feel different. Maybe I want to change the Environment of my life, may I want to feel different cultures, may I think it's bad for women to Divorce. I'm deliberately avoiding something.... My five photos are from May 1, 2019 to March 2021.I hope your photos are not all from 5 years ago I hope you are a man with single-minded feelings.because I'm single-minded about my feelings, and Once I put myself into it, I go to the margin.don't take turns chating with different women at the Same time..I don't want to waste time, whether.Thank you! I think men who have domestic violence are mentally handicapped. I don't like him.
52 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 62
I am passionate about all the truth, kindness and beauty in the life. I have the interests on art with my own opinions. Museums, art galleries, and concert are my favorite places. I prefer a good quality movie. And I would write some reflections when I read some literary works that I like very much. I concern a good healthy lifestyle. I go to gym regularly and I like outdoors a lot. Enjoy walking in the sun and breathing fresh air in nature. I was born and raised in Henan province. Currently, I live in Zhengzhou, China. I have been working in the economic law enforcement department in my whole life as my major was Finance and Economics. I studied and got my bachelor degree in Beijing. It is stable job and I have gotten a lot of achievements and satisfaction. Although I have been under the pressure from the work, I always face different challenges with an optimistic and positive attitude.I also like to keep myself in touch with new things and continuous learning. Recently, my work has been slowly reduced than before. I started to travel around the world, and once stayed in the United States for a while. I like the different life experience to give myself a new understanding. At present, my life is very stable and content. My son has grown up as an adult. He is doping excellent and studying in a university in the United States. I have fulfilled my duty as a mother. I find that I miss love in my deep heart. I am looking forward to having the simple happiness with a loving man. In future, we get through the ups and downs of the life, and we always give the most sincere love and support to each other. And I am ready for the next stage of my life! Are you ready?



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