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46 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 63
Hello, thank you very much for taking the time to read my message! My name is Ronger and I come from Chongqing, a beautiful city in China. The landscape here has nourished me and created my Elegant, dignified, kind, and strong character! I will read some books about traditional culture, children's education, English and so on in my free time. I like to Dance to music. I like charity activities. I like logging and practicing aeroethics every day. I keep exercising for more Than 30 minutes every day. So I still maintain a fit body! I also love everything that God created! Although I have experienced setbacks in life, I still have a kind heart and energetic smile, the ability to live Independently and some qualities. I am a learning genius! Possess professional certificates such as accounting, cosmology, Chinese medicine, nutrient, insurance Tour guide, and registered international psychologist! I won a high honor in the speech contest. I also like traveling very much. I used to be a professional tour guide!at this Moment I look forward to a desperate love with the one I love, Join him hand in hand to see the beauty of the world, to taste the delicacy of the world, and record our love and romance History, so that our children and grandchildren can learn from and pass on our happiness and beauty. Thank God for Giving me a smart and loved daughter. She is an angel at the age of ten! Won the third prize of Chongqing Olympic Mathematics Competition, and the bronze prize of the 139th ICAA International Children's painting and Calligraphy Competition. She has9627 levels of fine art painting and 8627 Levels of Latin dance. The combination of the first 11 numbers is my WeChat ID. My daughter also has a high talent in Speaking. She often participates in speaking contests and gets excellent results, The daughter's father died of illness when she was one year old. Her daughter long for father's love, and she would Treat him as her biological father to respect and honor him. Haha... are you eager to form a home full of laughter and Laughter with me and my daughter? Although I don't know where you are now? When will it appear in my life? But I believe that you have been in my dream countless times, but God asked us to be more patient, I hope you have come Quiet!
59 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 57 - 75
Hello! Thank you for coming! Thank god let us meet here! I come from Chongqing, a beautiful mountain city in China. I am optimistic about life. Honesty, diligence and fitness Are my character. I am very interested in many new things, whether it is natural science, or life tips, or other aspects, Such as learning English, learning the art of flower arrangement, learning calligraphy, learning music, learning Taijiquan, learning health, Learning family cooking, and so on, often cook delicious food for my family. I also like to travel, like to collect Stamps, like photography, like swimming, like fishing, like many sports, like to do by hand (According to the book to learn knitting crafts there are hundreds of wedding gifts to friends as birthday and moved Into), many of my Hobbes, so my life is very colorful, feel time not enough use every day. Before my retirement, I have Been engaged in engineering technology and computer application software development work, senior engineer in my Work has been praised. Hello! Thank you for coming! Thank God for making us meet here! I am from Chongqing, the beautiful mountain city of China, and I am full of sunshine about life, and honesty, diligence, kindness are my behavior, and I am happy to help people who need help. I'm interested in many new things, whether it's natural science, life tips, or anything like learning English. Learn the art of flower-insertion, study calligraphy, learn music, learn Taiji boxing, learn health care, Learn to cook at home, and so on, often making delicious meals for the family. I also like to travel, love philatelic products, love photography, love swimming, love fishing, I like a lot of sports and I like to do crafts (learning to compile art in books has hundreds of gifts for my friends to celebrate their birthday and for Joe's new home). I have a lot of hobbies, so my life is colorful and I feel like I don't have enough time every day. I worked in engineering technology and computer application software development before I retired, and I have received favorable reviews from senior engineers in my work.
46 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 46 - 60
44 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 41 - 59
Hello. My name is Hong from China a beautiful mountain city chongqing mountain ring of water Landscape, environment and special climate, gave birth to the eegant and self-confidence, lived and Lovely I love to laugh and special personality, mentality sunshine, calm in the face of all life Traveled rip, I engaged in marketing for many years, but still take care of the home in perfect Ordered, family harmony, god gave me a son is very lovely and sensible, 14 years old this year. I am A sharing home, like to share good lifestyle with people, more willing to help others, I like Outdoor activities and travel, my soul is romantic and full of freedom. I believe that I will meet The soul mate in my life, who will make me heart. I have been waiting here, where are you? Hello, my name is Hong from Chongqing, China's beautiful mountain city. The landscape, environment and special climate of the surrounding mountains give me a feeling of elegance and self-confidence. Lively, lovely and particularly funny character, with a sunny mind and a frank face to all the bits and bits of life. I have been marketing for many years, but still keep my home in good shape and family in good harmony. God gave me a son who was so sweet and understanding, 14 years old. I am a sharing family and I like to share a good lifestyle with people, and I am more willing to help. I love the outdoors and the travel. My soul is romantic and full of freedom. I am a believer in love, and I am sure I will meet a soul partner in my life that makes me feel so much. I am waiting here, where are you?
47 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 44 - 60
41 Yongchuan, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 48
My name is hong. I come from, china, a city full of vitality and color. I have lived here for 38 years. because I like beauty, so I choose to engage in beauty work, I love this work. my attitude toward work is the same as my attitude toward love, which is very loyal and passionate. dedicated, I am a very very kind woman, simple, my family and family always come first. I came from China, and macros. I am more proficient at the use of Chinese. I like China and Chinese friends like you and I, of course, my aim is to find my soul mate. I have a 6-year-old daughter, she is very nice and cute, we used to play with her travel. I am a happy, funny girl, I like food, like weekends and family to do dishes and share their food. I like watching movies, like tourism, like painting, the colors are very sensitive, like a stylish element. China's life all the better, only out of a love me for him. I am a hairdresser, beauty, and I love, love of life. I love to learn, have been engaged in the wedding Designer 5, 5 years, I have learned to make up for the wedding overall design institute, the Institute of floral and witnessed a lot of love, marry and have children, happy life. But God gave me a little joke, let me also, that will allow me to accompany the life of people. I believe that the people who love to wander the ocean harbor, and we look forward to meet you there quickly... there are a lot of people who always ask me the same question after seeing my photos, saying that I am beautiful. I want to say that beauty has nothing to do with love. I am just an ordinary person and have nothing special. please do n't judge a person by appearance. she needs to look inside, loyal, kind and serious. I am looking for a serious relationship. I do not accept ambiguous. I want a very caring and considerate man to build a family with him ,marriage. all chats and lies please don't look for me, I don't need to waste time. But I will respect the one who loves me and cherishes me. I'm a 6-year-old girl's Mother. I divorced 5 years ago. I usually work with my children. those who cheat money please stay away from me because I have no money. I have to pay for family expenses and raise children. if you are sincerely looking for a partner and you like beautiful chinese girls and children, you can contact Me.
59 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 53 - 65
My name is Wei, with a daughter, now an adult, I am a person who lives to look in to my soul mate. The real me and pictures, I am an educated, elegant, gentle and kind of typical Asian women, I am engaged in real estate marketing management for many years, to participate in the work of carrying out the financial work, work life gives a lot of life experiences, but I think that life is rich. My hobbies, I love singing, dancing, playing table tennis, photography, tourism, aerobics, read books, focusing on wellness. I am also very focused on quality of life, I like Chinese culture and Chinese cooking, of course, will not do for you favorite dishes, I LOVE COOKING side dishes while listening to music. Listen to Song let me happy, relaxed. Every afternoon, I enjoy the afternoon sun, I will be in the balcony, tea and drink tea in the natural, flowing, putting people back Tim pale and quiet. At night, I will do some aerobics, walking in the garden, quiet night makes my heart more peaceful. This is my life. I hope that the had never seen before, you know, as soon as possible to enjoy the happy life, slowly along with the old. My chinese name is zheng wei. I have a daughter. I am now adult. I am living alone now and I hope to find my soul mate here. there is not much difference between real and me.I am an elegant, gentle and kind woman. I have retired but my life is very rich. I have a wide range of hobbies. I like to sing, dance, play table tennis, photography, travel, aerobics, read books, and pay attention to health. I also pay great attention to the quality of life. I like chinese food culture, cooking chinese food, and of course I will do the food I like for you later. I like cooking food while listening to songs. listening to The music made me happy and relaxed. every afternoon, I enjoy the afternoon sun, I will drink tea on the balcony, drinking tea to let people flow in the nature, so that people return to tranquil and quiet. at night, I will do some aerobic exercise and walk in the garden. quiet nights will make my heart more peaceful. this is my life. I hope that you and those you have never met will meet you early and enjoy the happiest life together.
55 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 70



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