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57 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Male 55 - 79
I am industrious, kind, sincere, love home, hope to find my other half! You may wonder why I'm in America now. I'm a little special. When I was young, because there were Seven sisters in my family, although the family was in a good economy, I still worked early because There was a relationship be... I am industrious, kind, sincere, love home, hope to find my other Half! You may wonder why I'm in America now. I'm a little special. When I was young, because there were Seven sisters in my family, although the family was in a good economy, I still worked early because There was a relationship between my family and I could enter the factory to work. At that time, Entering the factory was very good and stable job at that year, but it was also very tired as well. I didn't expect to be laid off in the end. many people lost their job at that year. So I went to Shenzhen and became a nurse teacher. I also met a boyfriend at that time, but I didn't get Together in the end. The Internet is more and more developed, and I am not young. I have become the Only single one among my sisters. So a sister recommended me to make friends online. I met my ex Husband. Without any experience and having never been to the United States, I only met him in China At the beginning, I was moved by his rounder, and he said he did not mind that my English is not so Good. So I applied for my fiancee visa and came to the United States. But after I got married, I. Found it is not the life I dreamed. Then I divorced and I also live on my own hands. I had a stable Job in Los Angeles now. Although I have stable life, I do not mind to relocated for my ture love Because the special situation we all know, I lost my job in 2020. Once the busy life was suddenly Pressed the pause button, I thought calmly and decided to continue to look for my happiness. I don't Want to be delayed a lifetime of happiness by a wrong person. After all, I met a lot of people who Helped me selflessly in America. God is guiding me. I listen to his voice and come here. I hope you Can see my sincere heart. This is my story. How about you?
wu lan ge le
68 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Male 55 - 74
I love life, health, respect others, sincerity. Love the clean family environment, not lazy. I, thank everyone in my life who has helped himself. "Forward": One day, Beratou asked teacher Socrates what love is? The teacher asked him to go to the field first and pick the biggest and most golden wheat ear in the whole field. He could only pick it once, and he could only go forward and not go back. And Beratu did it as the teacher said. As a result, he left the field empty of his hands. The teacher asked him why he could not pick it up? He said: I could only pick one, and I could not go back. Even if I saw the biggest gold and yellow, I did not pick one because I did not know whether there was a better one in front. When I went to the front, I never got the same good as I had seen before. The biggest and the golden and yellow grain had already been missed. So I did not pick anything. The teacher said, "Love." One day later, Beratu asked his teacher what marriage was, and his teacher asked him to come to the forest first, and cut down one of the largest and most lush trees in the forest, which was best placed in the house as a Christmas tree. In the same way, only one cut can be made, and in the same way only the way forward, not the way back. And Beratu followed the teacher's words. This time, he brought back an ordinary tree, which was not very lush, nor too bad. The teacher asked him how to bring the ordinary tree back, and he said, "In the last experience, when I went to most of the walk and left two empty hands, I saw that the tree was not bad, and it was cut down, so I don't have to miss it, and I couldn't bring anything out." The teacher said, "This is marriage!"
56 Norwalk, California, United States
Seeking: Male 53 - 63
I am Korean and immigrated from South Korea in February 2015 and I am not good at English yet. But since 2017 I started participating ESL College and I am learning English heard so I will not have a big problem understanding English. But I still use a translator because it is difficult to speak and write in English. I go to school every day to learn English, meet my friends and have a great time. Of course, I am working hard on online classes now. I am looking for a house that I can rule love, recect, care for and live with. I look young than a girl my age. I love to set goals I started learning computers in 1997 and caught students at school as computer students for 6 years from 1998 I build an online site, run my shopping mall, work, and take English classes at school. I ate waxing time because I am busy every day. And I am good at handling computer hardware and software. I am a woman who has live hard and know the value of time. I am witty, unny and positive. I always small and try to live happy every day. Professes and schoolmates get to know easy. Because of me, people will be raugh and have fun. Because I create a fun classroom atmosphere My two sons are 30 and 29 years old. The Everest son is married and independent, and the little one is still alone and lives with me. My sons worry a lot because one day I have to live alone. My mother and family live in Seoul, Korea, and my sister's family lives in another state. When my two sons leave, I will be lonely and very difficult. My friends and aquaints rate me as a very onest, kind, sexy, since, family loaded smart woman, but I am just a woman who is home, hard working and always trying to live fully. I love to adapt quickly, learn anything and finish what I started In fact, I think finding a partner is more important than working in my life Because youth is short and time is fast. I know the import of life and always live with an onest and since heart.
52 Santa Rosa, California, United States
Seeking: Male 44 - 58
Understanding one person depends on his or her connection, understanding that one person depends on patience, and conquering one person depends on wisdom, living together in harmony and tolerance. Only when people help each other can they feel warm; when things are simple, they can work together; when people travel with each other, they do not feel long; and when friends remember each other, they feel deeply. They are good people, they do everything they can to make others, and they do themselves unwittingly. One is man, all are heaven; all things are men, and things are heaven. All human beings have been with them throughout their lives. But how, how long, and how, is the point. Some are for love, some for money, some for appearance, and some for advance. After you search for a place, pick three or four, and when you really spend time with the people you choose, you realize that money doesn't matter. Appearance is not important, identity is not important. The important thing is that this person has a heart that hurts you and loves you. As long as you smile more than tears, concord more than quarrels, and love more than indifference, you find the right person, and you have true happiness. The most precious thing is not something you have, but the people who are with you. We cannot force others to love ourselves, but we must strive to make ourselves worthy of love, and the rest depends on affinity. An independent and visible woman who can pet a person and, of course, change a person at any time; she can be happy and resistant to conflict; and she will strive to cultivate and constantly increase her weight to cope with all sorts of surprises in life. A woman who is well-intentioned, happy, good-natured, and kind will bring endless virtues to her family and to her children, and avoid harm to her family; and if the woman who owns her family is poisonous, If you do not behave in a bad way, do not respect one's relatives, or become obscenity, you will lose the peace of your home and not only endanger yourself. It also blunttered the family. So the old man, the old man, the good woman, the good woman, the bad woman, the bad woman, the bad woman, the bad woman, the bad woman, not the appearance, the good woman, the good wife, not the appearance, It's the look of the heart. The older the woman, the more blessed the woman, and the older the woman, the more ungraceful the woman.



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