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The name Singapore originates from an old Sanskrit word that translated to “lion city.” While Singapore is known to be an expensive city, people here generally enjoy a high quality of life. It is a major hub when it comes to shipping and finance and this city-state consistently ranks high across the board when it comes education, healthcare, housing and personal safety. Anyone that wants to meet Singaporean women can expect to find someone who is confident, independent and deeply committed to meaningful, stable relationships.


The women of Singapore are generally interested in long-term commitments. They want to feel loved and protected, but they also value finding a partner who respects their point of view. Singaporean women are generally optimistic with a good sense of humor. Many of the women here tend to prioritize courtesy when it comes to interacting with strangers. As you get to know a Singaporean woman, you may be struck by her sense of loyalty and tenderness. She will want to get to know you in a way that promotes mutual respect. She is generally not clingy and understands the importance of boundaries and personal space.


After you meet Singaporean women, you shouldn’t be surprised to find one who loves bravely and boldly. There’s love out there for the lionhearted and somewhere in Singapore, love is calling.

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39 Changi, Singapore, Singapore
Seeking: Male 38 - 50
46 Clementi, Singapore, Singapore
Seeking: Male 28 - 55
I should be a person who is easy-going and has many human highlights and advantages, such as: Simple, sincere and kind, optimal, Meaningful and confident, mild-mannered, easy to get along with, not caring, three views, right and wrong judgment Clear understanding of current affairs and the moral bottom line, filial piece, caring, entrepreneurial to help others Responsible, caring for the family, single-minded with affection, underestimating fame, wealth, Material, romantic and rational. The circle of friends is clean, simple and pure. A little bit of cleanliness, pay Attention to the cleanliness, quality and matching of the home environment and clothing, and is committed to pursuing A romantic life with a sense of quality, vivid and interesting, and meaningful petty bourgeoisie. I pay more attention To balanced nutrition and healthy diet. If time permits, I usually like to purchase their own ingredients and cook in Different ways. Strikes traveling, sports (lunning, hiking, climbing, etc.) Table tennis, badminton, swimming, cycling) Love music, likes to sing, can play the piano, drink tea and chat, cook, taste different food, etc. have my own Preferences, esthetics, personality, do not like to follow the crowd, pragmatic. I can bring a sense of security to The people around you: I have a clear understanding of what is right and wrong, and I can make accurate judgments and decisions at critical Moments. I like to do things that suit me, I like, and do what I can without pressure. I am a life-loving, fun person, and I. Hope the other half is too. Trustworthy and make friends as friends; As a company, it is worth discovering and cherishing. Only after the experience can I realize and understand: The key to peace, health and happiness lies in choosing the right people who are right and suitable for each other. It is Not only the eyes that like and attract each other for the first time, but also the three similar views, the same hobies, The same frequency, and inner beauty. Good quality with these premises, all complexity will be reduced to simplicity And easy. If the setbacks and ups and downs of life are regarded as a necessary test for life, the answer sheet should not Only be qualified. I believe that everything is for a better meeting - the love of my life: My dearest Mr. right, please take care and advice for the rest of your life. For example: Simple, genuine, good, upbeat, confident, moderate, Easy to deal with, three-way perspective, right-and-wrong judgment, clear understanding of current events, and ethical bottom line, Filial, caring, helpful, responsible, The type of family, one who uses love, one who looks down on fame, goods, romance, and rationality. The circle of friends is clean and simple. A little bit of a clean freak, clean, good quality for home environment, dress, Exquisite in matching, we are committed to pursuing a romantic life with a sense of quality, lively and fun, and meaningful small capital. They are more focused on balanced nutrition and healthy diet. When time permits, they usually prefer to buy their own ingredients and cook their own dishes. Enjoy tourism, sports (running, hiking, climbing, Table tennis, badminton, swimming, cycling), Love music, love singing, play piano, drink tea, chat, Cooking, tasting different dishes and more. Have your own preferences, your esthetic, your personality, you don't want to be in the crowd, Practical, not popular. Can give people around us a sense of security: We have a clear understanding of the major issues of right and wrong, and can make accurate judgments and decisions at critical times. Likes to do things that suit you, like, and work within your power without pressure. I am a life-loving, fun person, and I hope the other half too. Trusted and made friends; discovered and valued as partners. Experience to understand and understand that the key to peace, health, and happiness is to choose the right people who are right and fit for each other, not just the first eyes that love each other and attract each other. More importantly, the three concepts are similar, have the same interests and hobbies, have the same frequency, and have a good quality of inner beauty. With these premises, all complexity will be simple and easy. If life's frustrations and bitter experiences are perceived as a human must-test, the answer should not be merely a pass. Believe everything for a better encounter - the love of my life: The most dear Mr. right, please take care and teach the body for the rest of your life.