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If you are out to meet Filipino women, you might have specific goals in mind. Perhaps you want to find a friend that you can take to dinner and have a nice conversation with. Maybe you are looking for a serious relationship and want the meeting to progress toward marriage. Whatever your purpose, AsianDating could be the site for you.


In looking through the profiles, you will quickly get a sense of these ladies. While one might be talkative and outgoing, another will be shy and quiet. Some women might be interested in a career, while others might dream of family life. You will have options to meet Filipino women that share your interests.


Our goal at AsianDating is to bring compatible people together to enrich their lives. This of course means different things for different people. Join today to find the right person to share your life with.

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41 Manila, Manila, Philippines
Seeking: Male 35 - 60
Okay, I'm here to find a meaningful connection and eventually date and see what happens. Coz 99 percent of men here say they wanna date seriously but just looking to hookup then dump the woman after. I'm open minded but my time isn't free. I'm really not into your games. It sucks when men play with women's emotions but just want sex or time pass anyway. Just be honest, it saves everyone the trouble. Looking for like-minded men. Let's talk and call a spade a spade. INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY and TRANSPARENCY are values I strive to cultivate in myself and seek in others. Only interested in a man who has his life together, who can add value to my life in all aspects. I'm not a simple woman and I don't want a simple life. I'm very ambitious and I need a supportive partner. If you can't give me a good life, I'm not interested. I seek a man who will accept me for who I am, support my growth, and shower me with love and affection. I'm a feminine woman, makeup, dresses, manicures, purse, perfume etc. I like to look good and feel good. But I don't mind going out with no makeup on, going on adventures or to get my hands dirty. I have all the assets to make a man happy. Once I pick you, you never have to question my loyalty. That's a no brainer. I'm a one man woman. I don't believe in cheating. If you're unhappy then leave. No perverts! Don't ask me nudes! No fake profiles. No catfishing. Once we meet, then we can explore more. Don't tell me you love me on first day lol. I'm not dumb. I'm not in a rush for love. I'm looking for someone who genuinely cares about me, not just what's in between my legs. Don't expect me to flirt with you right away. I take time in knowing people. No racists. Stay away! Just be a decent human. Not interested in men who want to chat endlessly without intention of meeting or don't want to show their face on vc. My time is NOT free. Only real people are welcome. INFJ-A, 168cm, 75kg, foodie, demis3xual, sapios3xual, old soul. I'm empathetic, highly intuitive, affectionate. I'm sensual only to my special person, not a random stranger I haven't met. I want a funny guy I can be crazy and stupid with till we're old and grey. I want a kind, generous, and ambitious man who will spoil or mentor me. I'm a true romantic but also know that love is not enough to keep relationships alive. I expect my man to take the lead. ❤️ Connection and mutual respect are important. Keeping my doors open till I find the ONE who's worth the risk, worthy of my loyalty, time and attention. For now I just want to explore and see what's out there. But ultimately the goal is to find my soul mate. I want to travel the world with my best friend, share 10000000 meals together, hold hands and share lots of laughs. 😃 If I do find the LOML, then I won't be here anymore.
34 Davao, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Seeking: Male 40 - 75
Good day everyone ,. My name is Jeanelyn 34 years of age , single an never been married , I live in Davao city a very beautiful place , I'm simple both inside an out an have a good heart , I have a simple personality that you can like an love , I love nature an beach ,I love to travel , an explore the beauty of nature , I love hiking an fishing , Love adventure , I'm the eldest of My family , but I don't live my family since I am 18 years old ,I am independent ,I live with my own , I graduated for 2 years course major of cooking or hotel an restaurant management ,so I can cook yummy an delicious foods , i.love in the kitchen most of my time , an in my flowers at my home, I'm a home buddy I love to stay at home , I don't do cigarettes or get drunk , I'm hard working , an I am full of passion I'm romantic an passionate , love kissing an romance , I been single for 7 years since my one ex past relationship not working cause he is cheating on me while I was working in Saudia Arabia, but I do believe life is always must goes on no matter what happen that's my late father teach me to be strong cause there is reason why it happen , I want to have my own family , I am ready now I'm 34 years old , I'm ready to have my own family that I want to treasure every moment of my life I want a man a husband that I will make him happy no matter what happen never cheating on him or.played with him , I love to be love that's me , I want to be like my late father that he truly love his family., An never surrender no matter life happen , I don't look for perfect relationship , there is no perfect relationship in this world , we are all human we have mistake but not cheating or do bad things , just be honest an true . Cause relationship will work if a couple are both true an honest to their relationship an that's what I want , love is precious an kind , I promise my self if I found my true man I will.never leave him no matter what happen , I am a type of person that have dignity an I will fight my love to a man that I want to spend time forever , Age is not important for me , cause it's just a number an when I am in love it means for me I will.accept him even he is older than me cause love is not about age it's a true feelings , I don't care what people say what I care is I love him ,that's me , hopefully I can find a relationship that last forever , an not playing games a kind an strong relationship to a man that ready to have me , ready to fall in love with me ready to start a true relationship an ready to be happy an cherish , I know it will come an I can't wait to have a happy relationship that is not money is important , love care an kind is important , feel.free to know me , you can find who I am an what I am , know.me first an you will see what's love I have for my right man , come.with me an know me an you will be very happy 😊 . I am full of passion, sweet an romantic that I want to share to my right man . hoping to find here , age is not important for me or looks , cause when you love someone , it's a strong feelings inside , an that's what I want , I do believe it's hard to find true love especially dating site, not only girls are likes to playing games, both girls an boys , like to playing games, but I am not one of them , I can be naughty but to my Man , cause I want to make sure I make him happy an I I satisfied him an that's part of a relationship , as a couple, For me , Love is unconditional, an True love is Princely , I am a type of person that doesn't give up in a relationship as long he won't cheating on me , I believe in a family I want a husband to spend my life together, living simple together, like a bestfriend, hoping to find it here ,
42 Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
Seeking: Male 50 - 80
Hi, My real name is Mariana S. Octa, I am a 42 years old pinay from Bayangan Island Liloy Zamboanga Del Norte. Currently I'm here living and working in Casolian Island, Dapa Surigao Del Norte for a work. I am a bachelor degree graduate of Nursing since year 2004. I am an adopted child of a Christian Homes managed and cares by a NUNS religious Home, under solemn vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Eversince i never meet my biological parents and family relatives, but it does not a hindrance in my life being who am i right now, rather i serve people by my oath being a nurse for humanity, and treating them as my family. I had many works here since i graduated my degree, i started as a nurse aide to cares old nuns, and in priest in archdiocese home in mindanao. After my 2 years free of service job, i apply outside world kind if life. At first it like hardlife for me being i am alone, and just renting a room to live while my job is a medical missionaries. My teams goto places to places to conduct medical activities. After that 3 year contract i had re-apply a new  job again in a private hospital in cebu city as a CRITICAL CARE NURSING  with a focus on the utmost care of the critically ill or unstable patients following extensive injury, surgery or life threatening diseases. My work can be found working in a wide variety of environments and specialties, such as general intensive care units, medical intensive care units, surgical intensive care units, trauma intensive care units, coronary care units, cardiothoracic intensive care units, burns unit, pediatrics and some trauma center emergency. In year 2015 i had re apply again a new job and untill now i am working here as a member of RED CROSS nurse. Our job includes in rescueing people from danger calamities, conducting medical treatment to patients, we move mountains to maountains to visit communities who cannot visit hospitals, we conduct seminar in tribes, and we serve peoples for humanitarian. And currently im here in island of surigao work assignment as this is the island devastated by typhoon odette last december 2021. About my intentions in joining in this dating sites is to find now a man to be my lover. I have 2 lovelife experience from the past but not successful because my first ex boyfriend cheated on me while im in my work, and my second boyfriend was kidnapped by arm men in mindanao and untill now i dont know where he is and its over 10 years past. This time i am looking a man again with a hope that he will be faithfull in a relationship.  
35 Surigao, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
Seeking: Male 45 - 63
It’s hard to describe your own self but let me introduce first. I’m Jean, 35 years old a single mom of two wonderful kids and a widow. I was married to my high school sweetheart but he passed away due to End Stage Renal Disease. But despite what happened in my life. I am still grateful to God for giving me my children. They are my source of strength and happiness. I strive to work hard everyday not just for myself but most for my children. I will do everything for them, that’s how I love my children. My kids tell me that I shouldn’t marry again but life is different when you have someone to talk to about anything and everything coz you know, we can’t tell everything to our kids (they’re too young to understand some things in life.) Anyway, I am a Born Again Christian since birth and I’ve been tested through all the hardships in life but I’m rooting in my Christian faith whatever happens. My interest includes cooking and baking. I really love to cook and bake specially for my family. Although I am not yet a professional baker, but I’m hoping that someday I will be able to attend a workshop to enhance my baking skills. I dream to have my own bake shop in the future where I get to personally cook and bake my own recipes. Singing is also one of my hobby and talent. Not to brag but I came from a family of singers, not a celebrity but in our place our family is known to be good singers. 🙂 I also love the outdoors specially the beach… My friends and workmates said that I am kind. I always give a helping hand whenever someone needs it. I’m aloof but loves the company of family and friends. I also love giving advises when asked. I have a sunny disposition in life and i tend to think positively. I have been through all the ups and downs in life but still thankful to God because everything happens in His time for a reason.