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49 Putrajaya, Putrajaya, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 45 - 55
Am I easy to love? If someone asked me that, I wouldn't know how to answer. Maybe some days I'm easier to love than others. I don't think a person is easy to love 100% all the time. Everyone has good days and bad days. Everyone has their moments. Some days I'm a whirlwind of emotions. The highs, the lows. Over thinking, over feeling, allowing thoughts & emotions to run wild in my mind. Questioning everything, reading into everything. Sometimes making small things into bigger things they shouldn't have ever become. Some days I'm quiet. Very quiet. That's how he knows something is up. Something is bothering me. When I'm upset, stressed, or something is bothering me I'm very quiet. It's almost like my words are stolen from me. Kept hidden under lock and key until I want them to come out. There're days I need reassurance. Even though I know the answer, it's reassuring to hear the words. It makes me feel good. Some days I rile and tease. Some days I'm sad and spiral down state that only he will know to get me out of- with how he calms me and talks about memories we had that makes me smile or grin. Other days I'm my humorous happy fun-loving self, making him laugh in his work day. There're days I put the psychology hat on and be the advice giver. Then there's days I'm a storm. A wild feminine soul with emotions and thoughts heightened where everything I feel is at a tornado strength. Other days I'm a calm turquoise sea taking everything in stride. There's no in between. I'm either black or white. There're no grey areas. He gets everything I am. The soul mate, the passionate lover, the confidant, the best friend, the advisor, my delicate femininity, the wild rhapsody soul, the strong will force of nature, the little girl inside the woman, the comedian, very in tune and affectionate, honest and raw, the sadness and pain, the uninhibited love. He will get it all. So, am I easy to love? I think the answer is....you're only easy to love with the right person. The right person will take every facet and part of your being, your mind, and soul...and understand all those things at a level where there's so much familiarity, it's like they've known you for years. They feel you're a part of them, their other half. Those are the ones that find it easy to love you. The ones that are meant to be with you. The ones who accept you for who you are and try not to change you. They accept your dark and your light. The ones not right for you will never know how to love you and find you easy to love. The right one will find you easy to love naturally.
44 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 30 - 60
I'm a pretty laid back person and enjoy the simple pleasures that life brings. I love food and tour high and low around looking for good food. I adore children... they simply inspire me. I listen to tops on rock music chart and camp out at cinemas, kinda arty at heart too. Right now I am working as a finance executive: which is what I went to school for. Not loving it would trade it for a career in culinary or child education though..yadda..yadda..yadda. I like romance and lots of it (with the right person of course) but funny i'm not a romantic person. I don't like someone that is in love with their own voice or someone with an ego the size of a football stadium. It's one thing to be confident; which is good; but if you think the world revolves around you... sorry buddy. I would like to meet someone who is stable. Someone who can carry a conversation and funny. I want my date to be up front about things, entertaining me with his wittiness and jokes. Leave your ego at home if you have a big one because a cocky attitude will not work with me. If you look at yourself more than paying attention to me then we have a problem...ouch. Personality to me is a very important quality but looks do count to...sorry but its true. Physically I like someone who is somewhat in shape (doesn't have to look like the late Heath Ledger, but if you do, you'll score brownie points. I'm not quite in shape though but would love if you are!). Clean cut is a nice thing too. I think you kind of get the idea of my date coz I'm kind of frank but yet i'm very open-minded. Life is too short. I'm trying to get it fulfilled as much as i could. Currently very interested in learning foreign language, French, Japanese and Mandarin. Would appreciate talking and sharing the language with someone fluent and flair. See you soon, till then, take care alls.