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26 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Seeking: Male 25 - 35
Religion: Christian - Protestant
Teaching is my passion but it’s not who I am! 🗝®️🏚 This is me, in a nutshell. 🌺 I’m a daughter, sister, a friend...I love God with all my heart. I love people,specially kids! I see their best potential, and love helping them accomplish their goals. I live life to the fullest and love, care, give, cry, laugh, forgive, mess up, start over... when I’m afraid I push forward. If I’m mad with someone or someone is mad at me, I put myself in their feet, no matter who I think is right. Doing this has helped me realize that at times, when I believed I was right, I actually was not!! 😬 My head has 100’s of tabs open, so I need to fully concentrate without distractions to stay on track. It’s not hard for me to apologize if I do something wrong because I know I’m NOT perfect! But I also know I don’t need to apologize about my zest for life or about the things I do. I take nothing personal, I believe when someone acts a certain way it’s more about them than about me. I don’t operate around drama. I fly away swiftly and quickly from it, so I can stay closely grounded to my values. I’ve been told so many times I’m going to fail, I honestly lost count. I totally block naysayers. I love learning!! Reading is one of my passions. I often listen to personal development books. I love foods too. I love to cook, bake cakes or cookies. But Im in a balance diet. I love nature, love taking pictures of it. I do what I say I’m going to do 😊 I’m NOT perfect, but aim to be the best version of me I can be each and every day. NO EXCUSES! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love myself imperfections and all! If you will ask me Why I am here in this dating site. Well, my answer is because I want to get married to a christian foreign man, who will love me, faithfully. I do believe in God's perfect timing. So here I am waiting😊 My Life Bible verses. ( Psalms 37:4 and Jeremiah 29:11) In EVERYTHING I give the glory to God. He carried me when I was at my weakest moment and gave me purpose. People said that I’m sweet , funny, easy going, adventurous, easy to talk to, easy to be with, reliable, etc. This is me, accept me or not, Im Happy to be me. By the way, Im working here in Dubai UAE as a private math/sci tutor, but I will go back in the Philippines this coming July 2019. If you are interested, just message me. I will try to message you back as fast as I can. God bless us, and thank you for reading my profile. 😊
33 Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Seeking: Male 29 - 70
Religion: Christian - Protestant
First I want to tell everybody that being a Christian is in heart and some people just put God verses but its just a display to pretend they are a real Christian. Real Christian is not just as easy to say but it will be seen in the way you talk, act and by through heart and mind. God will help us find the right one into our lives and i just hold on to God's word that No weapon formed against God shall prosper for He is the Lord that will protect His children. My message and a piece of advice for those who betrayed and cheated, We give it to God for He alone can fight for us. For God is alive and with us. Please if you are going to play or put me in multiple choices with many girls, just leave it. If you are not serious into your life and just play a woman don't bother me and waste my time. I am sorry but I think it is better for both of us to know our motives and wants in life. Im simple, honest, sincere, loving, serious in love, God fearing person.person. Im looking for a pure hearted man and be my partner in life.I am one of the music ministry as a song leader on our church and on medical field profession.I am taking my master of education as well in science biology major for my next journey of another degree. Do not message me if you will just play coz im not the one you are looking for. I want a happy family and serving to God as well..im very oriented especially in regards to family and I love to work and help my future partner as well. This year I am planning to build up myself more in regards to my career and of course with the provision from God.I am still hoping that God will give me the right partner in life as bound into His law and be with me while I am achieving those goal. I am planning to help other people with the blessing that God will give on me. In regards to my future partner, I will adjust my profession if it really need. If I love I can sacrifice for his benefits. Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10 I believe if someone really want something he will really do anything more than a normal fellow can and that is the real love. I just want a partner to be on my side always on my side, on the day i will wake up i know I have him, the man will I care and fill my life also. I believe being honest of who you are will find you the right one to be in life forever.I wish that someday i will gonna post his photo here together with me. May God bring us the best partner He really give to us .I am not a daughter of president or daughter in alw of president that other people claim but an honest and dignity I have in myself that I know not to harm other people.I am sorry for those looking for a woman that has a royal position coz what I have is myself that have a pure heart and servant of the Lord.I know myself that I am well educated but not from any royal family because some people based one person on what she has inherited. Ps: please if you dont prefer a woman who is sweet, romantic and serious in a relationship don't spend time to message or wink me. I am not the one you are looking.Currently i am working as a lecturer of midwife and other health professional. I want to share the knowledge and blessing from our God.I love to help other people and that is my fashion. I am easily attached to a person knows how to value other people. God bless us
50 Quezon, Manila, Philippines
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
Religion: Christian - Protestant
UPDATES: 5/27 I will no longer browse and search for someone, . Just need to wrap up some things here then off.. I had enough... But was glad to make friends with a few good here with their insightful mails and inspiring messages... tho' frustrated with the 'fakes' here... Thanks so much for all those who sent me interest and made their favorites and message me..Wish you all well. I decided to put a stop to this quest.. I'm fed up with false hopes.. Say so serious but then don't exert efforts in trying to get in constant communication... If you're serious in getting to know me or someone else then why not exert some to make use of all the possible ways of communicating.. With so great a distance, both should find ways to get connected.. No matter how busy each other but at least find quality time regularly to communicate coz it's d only way to know each other deeply. TO THE GENUINE HERE- Wish you well in your search! There are still a few decent lady here like me who is looking for a decent one like you... Just OPEN YOUR HEART, not your eyes, for our eyes can sometimes deceived us... I AM SO SORRY TO SAY THESE but some here are fakes men only after "cheap thrills"... and then act like predators to vulnerable women... so they end up with fakes also- ladyboys, hookers, webcam models and scammers.. A few of us experience a great deal of embarrassment and disappointments because we are all blame for others fault... Hey, hey, not all women here are the same, so as with all the men here.. So I will continue to fight against these fakes.. Keep my chin up and stand firm on my convictions that a woman is intended only for one man.. I know true love is possible for me here.. and i believe there is someone here who is deserving of my pure love... I will wait for him, i know that if he desires me, he will do everything to find his way to my heart and life. For that, I will love him till my last breathe!!! ABOUT ME:=================== I lead a simple life, nature-lover, love the beach, county-side, fresh air, cool springs/rivers, animals, moon-lit night, star-gazing,sunrise/sunset..wow! Make the most of every opportunity. Never give up especially if it's worth pursuing, That's why even i feel awkward to take the first move, i will still exert efforts if i find the man deserving of my love and i'm worth of his love too... And time is so precious to waste a single moment.. So if i find him, i will love him every moment and until forever.. And forever i will be his till death comes between us.. I maybe young to look at but i'm age-wise and very prepared to enter into a partnership that leads to serious commitment.. I'm on for clean-living.. never tasted beer or alcohol and never smoke, I love my body, just don't want to get used to it.. have always a healthy lifestyle, Very patient, determined, open-minded and adaptable to changes.. I don't care if my hands get soiled, as long as I'm with my love.. I am so flexible, I can be what i want, maybe a working wife or a plain good wife to my hubby, but no, whatever my hubby wants of me, i will respect his decision.. I'm more than willing to give all of my time to him and only him. I can sacrifice my own for the man i love.. But we will be a good partners... With a good sense of humor but sensitive to other''s feeling.. Honest, sincere and very down-to earth, can easily get along well with people in all walks of life, Sweet, thoughtful, very caring and passionate.. a one man-woman for i have preserved myself for one man only... I will be submissive to my hubby just as God wants a wife should be to her man.. (Prov.31) Family-oriented and will do everything to make our relationship happy and for a lifetime, above all believes and loves God... Willing to disclose my identity to prove my good intentions to someone i can be trusted. Thanks for reading.. God bless!!
35 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Seeking: Male 30 - 42
Religion: Christian - Protestant



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