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33 Pasig, Manila, Philippines
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
Occupation: Sales / Marketing
I love long meaningful conversations. I love to sing. I have a great voice. I love music (who doesn't?). Any genre; love songs, country, rnb, house, club, pop- depending on the mood. I love to dance. This is the reason why I go to clubs. Dancing to Club music's beat is how I keep stress away. I go to club either Friday or saturday night with girlfiend(s) at least once or twice a month, mostly in The Fort and Ayala area- Haze, Arakama, Imperial, Prive, 7th High- now closed, Palladium, Time, Republiq. My favorite place to chill is The Distillery in Makati Jupiter and Eastwood. I love spa. I make sure to go every Sunday. You'll see me in Azul and Elite Spa. I enjoy combination massage. Their home service is great. I love Wensha. I love Pinot Noir. I love tequila and Baileys. I love to get smoothies and chocolate shakes. I am a dog person. I have a pomeranian in my pad. My space has to be clean, smell good and organized. Im an OC! Im very attentive on things. I'm a planner. I enjoy cooking for myself, friends and anyone who likes to eat. I love seafood. I go to wet market and grocery store once a week with hefty food. I never leave my ref empty. I love to jog everyday at 6PM in our vicinity. I love clothes that makes me feel fabulous. I do my laundry. I hate laundry shops. They mess with my clothes. I'm very independent. I embrace the risks on invesment. I have investment on insurance and Belmont Hotel in Boracay. I love travelling. I'm not just able to do it these past few months since my job requires 7 days a week work. I plan to go on a cruise and tour the world before I'm 35. I am dreaming of buying a Mercedes convertible one day. - Just for me. :)
50 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Male 37 - 55
Occupation: Sales / Marketing
I am Asian Australian so I have a really cute Australian accent. I am relatively happy with my lot but ready to find someone to share a friendship/relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. There are moments best shared with someone special so here I am. I prefer to take it slow to get to know you more, not desperate. Simplicity appeals to me yet I always like a challenge in life to keep things exciting. I love good cuisine (to cook and eat), travel (love autumn in Paris), stimulating chats, dancing, bad karaoke(just kidding), good strong latte, company of my family and friends. I value loyalty, honesty, good manners, humility, compassion and intelligence. I dont like possessiveness or neediness.I prefer open communication, not into guessing nor dramas. Don't need rescuing but I want to be treated with respect and as an equal. Looking for a princess? Not here. I'm articulate, feminine, cheeky, independent, positive, quietly confident, kind, tactile, artistic and passionate about what I want and do. I am naturally curious, so I try to understand my elements even gently rattle the conventions. I am smart enough to assemble IKEA furniture too! I am very affectionate and loving with the right man. I take pride in how I look but not vain. I appreciate style, class and grace. I seek someone similar. My taste in music- varied and eclectic. Coldplay, 70's, 80's. Jazz, black eyed peas, Nora Jones, Nina Simone, J Mayer, Buble, Led Zepp, The Church, Radiohead, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, R&B, Anggun, P Fiori, world music, etc, no duffduff nor country music. If any of the above resonates with you, feel free to email me. I am a standard member so send me an email with your email address and we can take it from there. thanks. Have a good day and happy searching.
42 General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
Seeking: Male 34 - 58
Occupation: Sales / Marketing
Greetings to all! Please read my profile before you decide to send me a message. I'm here still keeping my fingers crossed in finding that special someone who can add meaning to my life. But don't get offended if I don't get back to you there's only 2 reasons: 1.) You probably are wasting your time as I am very specific in what I'm looking for, and 2.) please know I am not too desperate to waste time on guys who are considered my Grandpa's age. I am not judgemental but I am entitled to my own rights to choose and that is one reason why I joined here, to find my ideal match. I knew a lot here are in a hurry to settle, but here is me I don't want to jump into a lifetime commitment without knowing the person well. I've been there and had a lot of lessons learned. It's quite a meaningful experience learning from our own mistakes and experiences. I was making a very short introduction but I guess to some it wasn't that good. And since I got some silly messages, some are boldly inappropriate, maybe then I have to speak my heart out and be open about humanity and racial discrimination nowadays. A lot of people are now getting too judgmental especially when we're talking about women who are born and raised in a third world country like Philippines. The thing is... Not all born and raised in a third world country are gold-diggers or scammers. Some of us work our way harder than what you can imagine just to get that decent way of life. Some of us had been through a lot of struggles just to meet the education we dreamed of having and the goals we believed would make us respectable and honorable person. Some of us meant well for everyone and spent most of our lifetime to become that limited edition and belong into empowered, independent and educated women our future partner can be proud of. Maybe you have to consider thinking about that and know that everywhere around this world there's good and bad, there's advantages and disadvantages, there are pros and cons~ but don't you ever get mistaken to judge or put anyone down if you don't know them well. None of us has the right to judge our fellow human being 'cause we didn't know what they had been through. "Don't judge a book by it's cover and make your own conclusion right away without reading the whole story first. Read the whole book first and maybe then you can say for yourself whether the story is good or bad." I suggest you take the time to know me first before you say something about me. If you want to connect with me just drop a quick message here or look me up in the sky- - using my profile name if you know what I meant I salute you for being witty. I am not regular full-on AsianDating hunter but I'll get back to you soon as I can.. Remember, respect people the way you want to be respected. "What goes around~ comes around." Thanks for taking the time to read and Good luck to all of us searchers!
40 Changsha, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 32 - 52
Occupation: Sales / Marketing
I am always dreaming that scene: In a sunshining afternoon, I am preparing tea or coffee and some desserts on the table beside a big window, my lovely hubby and our kids are playing water with waterpipe on the grassgroud of our garden, the spray is shining brightly under the sunshine. My hubby and kids are running and laughing. And my hubby waves his hands to me when he looks at me through the big window and I can't help smiling to him. I know very well what I want and what kind of man is suitable to have a sweet family with. I am here looking for serious relationship and don't hope to waste any time with those who just keep glancing right and left here. Once both of us have interest in each other, let's keep constant and sincere communication to know more. Then maybe we can leave here hand-in-hand and come together into real life. Our purpose here is not to stay here long, and it's just a way to meet the right one. So I think it's wiser to use the time to get to know the one you are really interested in better, go into and enjoy life together as early as possible, after all, everyone in the world only has one life, we shouldn't waste more time on glancing right and left, and much better to use the time to improve our life together and improve ourselves to be better people. I like travelling very much,scuba diving,hiking, camping,sports, dining out, films and the nature. I always like to make the home tidy and nice with fresh flowers and green plants. Friends like to taste my cooking sometimes on weekend, they think I am decent but also open-minded, kind-hearted, interesting, family-oriented and passionate to life. Hope to meet you here soon.



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