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25 Don Carlos, Bukidnon, Philippines
Seeking: Male 25 - 45
First of all, I am greatly offended by the audacity of these men here where they write in their profile something about us Filipinas being Gold diggers or just wanting to have green card in a relationship. Even if you may have experienced that in your past relationships, that doesn’t still give you the right to include those women who only have pure intentions and solely just seeking for deep connections. I tried having past relationships with someone who is wealthy from the US yet he doesn’t know how to keep a woman in her side. You may have a lot to offer us thru material things but it will always be the genuine efforts, time, support and respect that keep us. Also, I will never respond to someone who asks me in the first conversation about sexual stuff. It is just not really something where we should be conversing about in our first meeting. Some women may respond to it but that is our individual differences. I am different from them. I promise to give you a good conversation as long as you should be good as well. Speak up your mind! Anyhow, I really am not good at describing myself since I believe that the people who you met or around you are the ones who can best describe you well. And for that, they say that I am funny, kind, generous, and a smart ass. I love dogs and I want to really have one someday. I used to have one. He was a stray dog and I had to adopt him because I felt pity for him however, he got sick and I could not afford to bring him to the vet so sadly, he died. There are a lot of stray dogs here in the Philippines and If only I could adopt everyone, I would. It saddens me that a lot of people here wants to have dogs or pet but they lack the ability of taking care of them. You do not just want a pet just because you want them to guard your house but because they are more than that. They should be part of your family and if you are unable to give them the care then don’t bother having pets at home. Moreover, I also love traveling. It is something I am looking forward to in the years to come only if I have savings and job. Sadly I lost my job during this crisis and it is tough. But still, it doesn’t hamper me in traveling. Also I love nature. There is something about nature that calms us and gives us peace. Thus, we should be the firsthand to be preserving it and loving it like it is ourselves. So yeah, currently I am unemployed and it’s getting tough because of this covid virus. It has caused so great in the lives of my countrymen. But I am happy to have few people who are willing to help me throughout this crisis altho I could not always depend on them. But I am also looking for jobs to find in my town now. Just not lucky to have opportunities here than in the city. P.S - i honestly have a lot to to say in this section however, it only allows me a number of words to write everything I want to put here.
Honey Grace
22 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Seeking: Male 18 - 60
26 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Seeking: Male 25 - 35
Teaching is my passion but it’s not who I am! 🗝®️🏚 This is me, in a nutshell. 🌺 I’m a daughter, sister, a friend...I love God with all my heart. I love people,specially kids! I see their best potential, and love helping them accomplish their goals. I live life to the fullest and love, care, give, cry, laugh, forgive, mess up, start over... when I’m afraid I push forward. If I’m mad with someone or someone is mad at me, I put myself in their feet, no matter who I think is right. Doing this has helped me realize that at times, when I believed I was right, I actually was not!! 😬 My head has 100’s of tabs open, so I need to fully concentrate without distractions to stay on track. It’s not hard for me to apologize if I do something wrong because I know I’m NOT perfect! But I also know I don’t need to apologize about my zest for life or about the things I do. I take nothing personal, I believe when someone acts a certain way it’s more about them than about me. I don’t operate around drama. I fly away swiftly and quickly from it, so I can stay closely grounded to my values. I’ve been told so many times I’m going to fail, I honestly lost count. I totally block naysayers. I love learning!! Reading is one of my passions. I often listen to personal development books. I love foods too. I love to cook, bake cakes or cookies. But Im in a balance diet. I love nature, love taking pictures of it. I do what I say I’m going to do 😊 I’m NOT perfect, but aim to be the best version of me I can be each and every day. NO EXCUSES! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love myself imperfections and all! If you will ask me Why I am here in this dating site. Well, my answer is because I want to get married to a christian foreign man, who will love me, faithfully. I do believe in God's perfect timing. So here I am waiting😊 My Life Bible verses. ( Psalms 37:4 and Jeremiah 29:11) In EVERYTHING I give the glory to God. He carried me when I was at my weakest moment and gave me purpose. People said that I’m sweet , funny, easy going, adventurous, easy to talk to, easy to be with, reliable, etc. This is me, accept me or not, Im Happy to be me. By the way, Im working here in Dubai UAE as a private math/sci tutor, but I will go back in the Philippines this coming July 2019. If you are interested, just message me. I will try to message you back as fast as I can. God bless us, and thank you for reading my profile. 😊



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