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43 Glendale, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Male 34 - 51
Star sign: Sagittarius
Please email me if you are interested. :^)I like to explore very different things because when you learn you are open to becoming better and that’s the key. I believe, to find a partner of a different culture is a wise choice for your personal life, it adds diversity and increases your options for future life. Life is short, dating Asian girls extends your life in a surprised and extra-fantastic way. Diversity provides a team with greater potential for excellence than does homogeneity. I'm a smart, funny girl with a big heart, adventure spirit and a passion for life. Love of travel, great food, sense of humor and intelligent conversation are important to me. I am well educated and had a successful career in China before moving to US to pursue MBA degree in top school. I have been always looking for challenging and fulfilling work and life experience, which make me life more interesting, even though sometimes things become difficult in new environment. Moving around has done much to help me develop a balanced perspective. A friend in the wine business told me the best wine actually only comes from the wild. Vineyard wines actually taste more flat. Why? He said, because in those difficult conditions, even as trees, the roots will go very deep into the ground and try to grab all the nutrition. That makes the fruit and the juice much more tasty and sweet. It’s like me. How I grew up. I needed to work really hard for everything in my life. Nothing was handed to me. Little by little it built up.
56 Santa Monica, California, United States
Seeking: Male 35 - 55
Star sign: Sagittarius
1.Discribe yourself (Personality/ Passion/Beliefs) I’m loving, compassionate, grounded, peaceful, family oriented, gentle, loyal, honest, intuitive, insightful and kind. I’m bicultural and bilingual; I spent my first half in the old tradition of Eastern world and another half in Western world. I'm living in Santa Monica, California. 2.Discribe the type of person you’d like to meet I’d like someone who loving, has strong family value, done some inner work, feel comfortable under his own skin, loyal, honest, thirsts for knowledge, serious about personal growth, expresses his feeling well and love children. 3.Discribe the ideal relationship: We both willing to share our strength as well as vulnerability, supportive, able to create a safe space, to be who we are and watch each other grow with smile. We enjoy each other company and feel at home with each other. We have a strong connection, share common interests and introduce the differences to each other. We enhance each other and have similar philosophy. 4. What should a great date consist of: What we do has less important than who we with. Whatever both of us feel comfortable. 5. Describe your work/business and what it means to you. I have marketing, communication arts, cosmetology, and fashion design background. However I’m no longer interest in those areas. I have been studying psychology outside the academic wall for almost two decades. Though the intensive inner works, I finally discovered my truth passion in mental health field. I have also gone back to school, heading toward becoming a (wounded healer) psychotherapist. I’m passionate about giving positive influence to people, so there will have fulfill life. 6. What do you do for fun/activities: I enjoy spending quality time with my family, cooking and having good food with love one. I like learning, walk on the beach, hiking, yoga and dancing. 7.What does being conscious mean to you: It means knowing myself, being awake and aware of what being presented to me. And desire to reach a higher level of consciousness. 8. How long and what motivated you to be on conscious path: 20 years ago, when I had accomplished what I thought its would make my life fulfill. Little that I knew, I was off the target. The bell rang loud and clear, its shook me out of bed and put me in the path since then. 9. What type of healing modalities do you practice: I practice guided imagery, dream analysis, journaling, meditation and yoga. I often think gratitude thoughts daily and surround myself with supportive people. I would like to learn more about unconventional therapy. 10. What are you most passionate about: I’m passionate about my own inner work, which I can see the priceless reward in my son’s eyes. Developing a healthy relationship with my family, others and me. 11. What your favorite conversation topic: I like to talk and listen to the truth about us. I also like to talk about health, art of healing, culture, family ritual and tradition. 12.What do you see yourself 5 years from today: Reaching a higher self and the rest I can guess about it. 13. Describe your dream/ideal vacation: Having a varity of tropical fruit on the white sand beach and feel nice warm air brushing my skin with love one. 14. What type of book/authors do you enjoy and why: I enjoy reading self-help, cooking and art book. 15. What/who are some of your favorite movies/films/actors: I appreciate all type of artistic works but not joining the Hollywood movie parade. 16. What kind of music moves you: World music and classical. 17. What kind of pet do you have? Name: I love pet but have none right now. 18. Do you support charity organization: Yes. 19. What make you smile: Seeing love flow and touch each other. Being capture by the beautiful and colorful of autumn leafs. Seeing elderly couple walking handed hand in the park. 20. Is there anything else you’d like to share: I believe in developing healthy friendship relationship as a first step. Thank you for taking time reading my profile. I wish you have wonderful journey and a fulfill life.
42 Seattle, Washington, United States
Seeking: Male 43 - 80
Star sign: Sagittarius
Being alone doesn’t mean im lonely. Im not lonely here coz I have with my the other volunteer nurses we give our full care and love in helping those who needs our services. Im happy coz I have the chance to help others. That makes my heart melt esp. when they say thank you.. smile… I am here in this site coz I am looking for my other half. The missing piece of me. the man that can make me complete. The man that I can proudly say “ my husband” I hope and pray I can find it here and hope its you. I am not after of what you have or earn all I am into is the love on how we build a castle of love that makes us one… a castle of love that make us stronger.. I am willing to get to know you and let you get to know me. I have no child no boyfriend , no lover and not yet married. Hope one day…. With you… as of the moment I am currently working as a volunteer here in the clinic from 8am to 5pm weekdays, 8pm to 2am private nurse to an elderly woman this I have salary but not that big compare my abroad job but I am working and working almost 24 hours coz I am saving to renew my visa and fly again abroad on where I will work or where my future husband is so I will go.. I am not rich financially, only rich in love to give you today until our last breath. Im still a virgin ( proud to say) coz for me, im not rich no money, no land to give, no material things to give to my future husband but the complete me the whole package of me. all I want to ask to my future husband, pls be careful with my heart. Love me and don’t hurt me. pls don’t kick or punch me. its so painful my last relationship was a nightmare and I am over it. My last boyfriend kick , punch and hurt me much… now if il be with , im only asking to love me and not hurt me… im sure you have a good heart.. I am willing to go there with you if you want me too… Have you ever been inlove? Do you want to love and be loved again? Any children? Is it ok for your children that you are looking for a woman like me? age doesn’t matter, love does… you maybe born early than me.. if you will be my boyfriend, are you going to come here in the Philippines? Or you want me to go there? Regards
39 Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Seeking: Male 36 - 53
Star sign: Sagittarius
30 New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Male 25 - 48
Star sign: Sagittarius
34 Irvine, California, United States
Seeking: Male 26 - 40
Star sign: Sagittarius
40 Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Seeking: Male 27 - 59
Star sign: Sagittarius
27 Concord, California, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 25
Star sign: Sagittarius
46 Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Seeking: Male 40 - 50
Star sign: Sagittarius
43 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Seeking: Male 34 - 37
Star sign: Sagittarius
30 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Male 26 - 37
Star sign: Sagittarius



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