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30 Houston, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 18 - 25
Religion: Christian - Catholic
Head up: - I'm really just looking text friend or chat right now. Relationship will eventually happen if it really goes far than than, and please don't push thing quickly. - To those who tried to hook up with me and failed then called me with names, scared me that you were police officer and I would be tracked down for harassment (Funniest thing I ever heard) =)). Well, I just have to say is that SHAME ON YOU!!! - Simple 'Hey how are you' and anything like that will be ignored even if you are super hot guy lol!!! - I'm sorry if this goes in the wrong way, but I gonna say it anyways: no African American ( or black) guys. I met up some guys but ended up they were being a jerk and total hook-up! It is just my pref. not discrimination. No offense but black guys please stay away from me. Thanks A little bit about myself: - Well, if you get here, that's a good sign lol. Anyways, hi, I'm Felix. I am originally from Vietnam. I moved to the USA 2 years ago. First I live in Pennsylvania, then because of my dad's job, my family had to move to Houston. To be honest, I like PA better because it has a nice weather and not so crowded. I currently go to Lone Star College (Cy-fair campus) and work part-time. I had a throat surgery in summer 2011 to get my voice back but it was not that easy. I was able to get my voice back but I am not allow to sing, to yell, or say something too loud or it might hurt my throat again. The side effect of the surgery is my voice become hoarse and sounds more like men. It sticks with me ever since. Some people even make fun of my voice but it ain't no fun. Just try to be in a situation like me and you will feel how it like. So it's pretty much about me. You wanna know more? Just ask but please be specific. I don't want to answer to those general question lol, too much to say. What I like to do: - Well, I'm kinda home person. I rather cook stuffs at home and eat with my date at home (if he likes it) rather than go out, get in line, waiting in a restaurant. But it doesn't mean I don't like to go out. Just because I don't have anyone to go with me so why I have to spend my time like that. I like to listen music, enjoy movies, play games, etc. One more thing you should know about me is that I look like a normal and mighty girl but oh boys, don't underestimate me haha (like ever). I have a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo (call me Master Felix, haha). There was a guy who have trained Muay Thai boxing for 15 years came up to me and want a challenge so he can go on a date with me. He said he would let me hit him 3 times and if he was not knocked out, I had to date him. It turned out that he underestimated me and didn't defense himself well enough, just after 1 tornado kick straight to his face, he passed out. So guys, you better be careful with girls. :) I do have a list for my Mr. Right lol: -First, I would like to someone who is able to hold the conversation in the first time talking. I'm not open to everyone but when I am open to you, I will be the one likely to lead the conversation. Second, my date has to physically and mentally fit. And last but not least, please be honest to me :) I can forgive anything but lies is unforgivable. And who is younger than me is a plus (kkee ~ it's an evil laugh). Please don't: - Just send me a message say something like: "Hi beautiful", "Hey, what's up?", "Hey, how you doing?", "What do you like to do?", v.v - Leave the conversation behind. You are busy ? Just tell me to wait. You are not interested ? Just tell me you are not interested anymore. Please just let me know ok ? So it's pretty much it. But I hope you guys can find someone like you wanted. Good luck! - Felix



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