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47 Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
Seeking: Female 28 - 37
This Viking is creative, adventurous and driven, and goes his own ways in life. Always exploring new ideas and concepts. Put a lot of emphasis on health and fitness, and keep in good shape, both physically and mentally, and most people guess my age a good 10 years below what I am. I am the captain of my own ship, and expect to remain so, all though I am also considerate and kind to those under my wing. I am confident and comfortable around women, and am in no way desperate, but wish to seek out a woman with more traditional values than what my neck of the woods has to offer. I am a rock in a relationship, and i am capable of weathering many a storm. I am also pretty clever, and like my companion to match me to some degree, especially in regards to humor. I can converse with anyone on any topic, and I love to connect with people, and learning their story, history and culture. I am an adventurer in life, and this has led to a great many experiences and skills, too long to list. I can however master (and perhaps charm you in) some of the following areas: - Taekwon-Do (yeah, I sure can protect you from anyone in a pajamas with a belt on it) - Researcher of everything (I dare you to find a field I don't know something about) - Parenthood (been a father for many years. In no way perfect, but got a whole lot of experience and great results) - Dancing (I can do a lot of dances, but I especially love latin ones, Bachata sensual in particular. Can teach you too ;) - Playing piano and guitar (done this for many years, and can play almost anything - recordings may be given on request if I find you charming enough) - Singing (yep, pretty good at that too, without bragging too much. If you can do a duett with me, I may be sold) I am in search of a first mate to join me on my travels around the world, and with whom I can converse for hours in a café in the rain, on an adventurous road trip, or at an exiting restaurant. The chosen first mate will also be required to take good care of the ship and its crew, and of course its captain. May we leave no stone unturned in our adventures, both near and far, and may we grow to be a team in which the world has never seen the like. Will be boarding PH in some weeks, and I am not playing around. Motto: "Be attractive to many women, but choose only one." Are you the one?
36 Elverum, Hedmark, Norway
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
Don't judge a book by it's cover. I really hate prejudice and judgmental attitudes. I also strongly hate assumptions. Yes, I'm a guy, but it doesn't mean I am here for fun and games. Know me first, then you may pass judgment. Having said that, I am not here to make friends. Do not ask me to be your friend. Friendship with me is hard-earned, and I am very careful whom I term a "friend". A "friend" is someone I've known for years, whom I can trust and whom I know is not seeking to exploit me or use me in any way. Generally, friendship with random people is totally worthless and pointless to me. I am here to find a woman, to become acquainted with her, and see if there's any compatibility and if anything might spark from it. It should also be noted that I don't have any religious faith, and I never will. I stick with science, with all its cold hard facts and evidences, but I can easily accept and respect the religious beliefs and faiths of others so long as they can accept and respect mine, and absolutely don't start preaching their faith or any religious lies to me. Mostly happy and cheerful, can joke and laugh a lot once I have come to know a person. I know for a fact that it's not good to be un-serious and joke around when trying to make a first impression with someone new. I can be serious when needed, especially when I first get to know someone. Very thoughtful of my words before I speak, since I really don't like to have misunderstandings. I am a problem-solver, I seek to solve problems and disagreements before they evolve into arguements. I always prefer to find common ground and come to a mutual agreement, than to seek total victory in a disagreement. I am fully able to compromise and adjust myself as needed. I fully respect people who can also show me the same level of respect. If I am disrespected by someone, that person looses my respect too. I am emotionally stable, meaning my feelings don't suddenly change and I am not swayed away from the girl my heart belongs to if I have found the right girl.
64 Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Seeking: Female 37 - 58
i am norwegian, working in oslo, living in oslo withmy boys, separated optemisitc and like beeing out in the nature - espesially close to the sea--.. I am searching for a partner – long term relationship – wife... i dream about my woman to hold in my/her hand walk together, discover the world, nature and the life... its double discovering it together. i think you well know what i want and search for; i want a woman to live with, to love and be loved of, to be with and to help and be helped of. I want a woman i may trust and that trust mea and that find it interesting and good to be with me. i hope - if we find each other interesting - you will move to me here in Oslo, Norway, i hope you will have the possibility to work here - to learn the Norwegian language and fine a job which is good for you and so she also can earn your own money and participate in our household. I don’t need a doll in the house, i want a partner and lover and friend to live with. How do you think of my thoughts?? i grew up on the west coast of Norway. i live now outside oslo. I work too much - and long for someone to meet every evening and do things together... I am fond of being out in the nature, hiking, enjoying summer and warm - not so much winter any longer, barbeque, and being outside the house...and of course travelling with my partner ... YOU??!! I work with economical and person questions as an advisor.. i enjoy my work although it is very much - perhaps too much to do... in the beginning of the next month I will visit Shanghai and Shenzhen - if y are interested in me - and if possible to see y?? – so give me a message if we can meet and learn to know each other hope to meet a warm, serious and kind woman,..