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59 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Female 18 - 99
Don't you chicas realize standard members can't read your mail cept for kenbotak on the americano online place ? I want to fall in love. I really really do. But genetics keep gettin in the way. My male genes won’t even let me read your whole profile unless your pictures are cute. Even then sometimes I can’t, unless you're witty and can actually form a grammatically correct sentence. My first thought usually isn’t ‘should I ask her out for coffee?' it’s ‘would I bend her over the kitchen sink?’ What gives? It’s not like I’m consciously trying to be that way. I’m a very caring and romantic guy too, but it’s tough to find someone that makes me feel that way lately. I’m a pretty complex person, so any answer here may not even do me justice. It definitely won’t get you to the soul of who I really am, since I stay fairly guarded til I know someone and feel trust. On the surface and at any given moment I can be down to earth, goofy, witty, quirky, creative, fun, funny, in deep thought, sociable, shy, sarcastic, and just a bit off the norm. Digging deeper, you might find that I’m caring and kind and there’s a lot going on inside my head. Yeah, okay, maybe I’m too picky. Maybe I want perfection. For me though, I just think I want what I want. And that’s to be with someone I love, care, respect, and have this overwhelming, unexplained feeling for. Someone that touches my inner soul. without that, what’s the point? 50/50, give and take, communication, hearts going pitter patter, being open minded mentally and , honesty, caring, forgiveness, and a love that knows no ends.
67 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
A man looks in the mirror and counts his pluses and minuses. For the minuses he considers what he can give to himself first and for those he cant, he'll look for that in another person. Here comes you. A man isnt looking for a sweet, kind, woman with a great body who can cook and clean because he can hire those qualities in prostitutes and maids. And since a man doesnt wake up in a cold sweat each nite dreaming of children and spending money on you, the reason he is going to stay interested forever is because you have a unique quality that he cant go out and hire. Like what? Each man is different, for some its the sense of humor he doesnt have, or the ability for you to be patient or helpful or reliable or charming at the right moment. "I can keep you laughing forever" could be a great catch line for some women. He is constantly trying to discover in you these lacking parts and when he hooks on to one, you become a keeper. Since he doesnt like to read womens profiles that say "sweet and charming, looking for honest and sincere" because he knows that means nothing, what else can you say? I am not sure why women are so (lazy?) to write about real aspects of themselves but doing so is keeping the right people away. For some great man, you have it right now yet where is he? To hold my attention, I'd like to hear five things about yourself that are truly you, no matter how nutty they sound. Many men consider it weak and unsexy to articulate their needs so they just hunt for sex instead because its easier. But unless youre training men to judge you on only sex and looks, try creating a real profile that will get rid of 99% of the people out there who incessantly annoy you so that the right 1% with whom youre going to have a fantastic life, like me, can find you. Meantime, I write, invent, play music, read constantly. I like beach, art and architecture. I do things that I can do by myself, even going to movies, because im not dependent on you for my happiness. Likewise, I cant complete you or fill all the dark holes in your life but I bet I can add something that you dont have now. Thats what Im looking for from you, too--what can we add to each other that we dont have now?