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37 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Île-de-France, France
Seeking: Female 25 - 42
I'm divorced and I have 2 great kids. And both are good news, actualy! (No, no, I'm serious! Dead serious!) Some see this as a failure or a handicap. To me, they are life's ingredients. The things I went through made grow and change. I have to say this but I wasn't good enough. I wasn't responsible, I had precautions of what being a father was, I hadn't delete with my past. I had all this bagnet with me, I wasn't even aware of. "Emotions you don't take care of will take care of you!" You can bet they have. I'm creating what I love, an unhappy wedding in which I learned and become just a father and husband. Dead inside. Yerk! I'm back to my true positive self. And I have learned again. My friends and family are like "Oh! I heard you were getting divorced..." Yes, I am, and it's good news! You should have been worried while I was married, because I was unhappy. Which is why I thing to change my life. I had the secure, comfortable, unhappy life. But I want the real deal, the true love! Just feeling I'm back on the tracks, reaching out in the right direction makes me feel so good. Right were I want to be. My heart's gonna burst any minute! The emperor Marc-Aurèle said something about this. There is this source of good inside you, and it can always burst if you dig deep enough (or something like that's a translation of a translation). I dug. I do things with care, love and goodwill. Not because I have to. Sacrifices rot you from the inside (believe me!). I do it light-heartly or I don't do it. Don't get me wrong I'll do things I don't like. But only driven by the feeling of doing good to others, and as such, doing good to me too. I'm like... the smallest man on the planet (I think I trudthfully met 3 smiller men in my life). My friends call me "Baggins". The truth is I like it. It's a cool nickname. I even sign my drawings like that. It's who I am. I'm Baggins, nice to meet you! I've always been the smallest kid, which almost makes me a sensible as a woman. You see, as a kid I've been the weekly in sports, strengh, social events, my whole life every where I went. I'd never be the type of child who's better than others, special, srtinger, above. Arrogance that I couldn't have. However, I'm grown (in a figure of speech! ;) ) I've learned so much (thinking, observing, learning, training also in martial arts, dance, rollerblades, gym, things that require technical over stretch) today I'm other trying to download my game, to avoid shooting of. OK, maybe not right now, no... because you know... I want you to run away with me and experience somehting new ("I want you" - Gnarls Barkley). Anyway... A few other facts: -INTJ-T - I joke/laugh even when I shouldn't (bad news, minute of silence, funerals, etc.) = I'm sorry in advance) but I can also be dead serious when it's important, important to the people I love, important to you may someday. - I don't wait for people to feel down/hurt to do some good or to compliment - I can spend a huge amount of energy on things thats are completely useless (but fun!! :) ) - I'm looking my hair so one day I'll be just as gorgeous as Professor Xavier of the X-men - I'm a man of principle. Totally uncorruptible.... EXCEPT by my true love (but that's really more your fault than mine :D )
51 Castres, Occitanie, France
Seeking: Female
First, I’d like to warn skammers: I will never send money to somehow I never met physiologically. And I won't invest in bitcoins!😱 so... I've always been VERY interested by Asian woman. So I try here, as in my area you are so few! Before all I'm Gaspar's father (15 yo). He hangs 1 week upon 2 with me. The other week he loves at his mother’s I own a hotel (Europe Hotel) in Castres. I didn’t inherit it, I did it with the money I urned by working. I am a self made man, hard working to build a pleasant life. One you can trust, used to do what I promoted. I have a fair high level of education. I'm very curious and open minded, interested in Arts and Sciences, love walking in the nature but also going out in the city. I love cuddling and kissing. I need physical contacts with people I love. I understand that western man can offer a better life to most of Asian woman. Near this has to be an exchange, like in every couple (see who I seek below...). This means that I'll take care of you and of your kids as if they were mines, maybe help your parents, but not your brothers or sisters. You will have a comfortable life, in a nice house, a car, the best school for your kids, nice holidays and once a year a visit to your country. You will not need to work, but if you want to, I'll support you for this or even employ you in my hotel if you wish. Life here is easy, relax with all services of a big city (Hospital, University, small airport, theater, and of course shops and markets). This is a small city in the countryside. No pollution, no traffic jams, no crime. I'll read to you, we'll share decisions and I'll be loyal. I'll do my best to help you to understand our culture, our rules, and I'll try hard to understand you. For me, difference is an enrichment, a chance more than a threat. Maybe I’m lating of humor here, but be sure that despite I’m serious I love to laugh, make jokes and dance ;-)
48 Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
Sawadee krap First of all thank you à ledge and read my profiles. About me, my friends say that I am nice man. When I have free time I like à walk in country side, now one beach. I like too going à cinema, practicing sport like swimming, cycling (sometime). I like travel, in Asia for long holidays, closer for week now week end. I am looking for my half à share has batch of coils and have has happy family life with child. I fall in coils your country (Thailand) 7 years ago when I cam for the first time. Does Why I would like marry with have Thai woman? I like their nice smiles, their beautiful eyes, and has batch of other things like their mentality, their kindness, their good heart. I like your culture and I want savoir it better, Moorish than has simple tourist. For that reason I am trying à learn Thai with books. Actually I work in France have has to manage now personal assistant; my job i's has little special, so I don’t tell too much about it now. Don’t worry, I have has normal life!! I am independent, (I do has batch of things, like cleaning, cooking has little bit,... everything that has modern man should do). I am looking for someone good à share all moments happening in life, the bests like the others; I have has batch things à give,.... So I don’t want has cooker now year housekeeper, goal if you are has good cooker, I'll appreciate your good dishes, and hope you'll teach me secret some, like this later you'll appreciate mines. For has good balances I don’t think stay at home i's good. I am looking for someone activates, independent and want work (the best way à help your family!!). I’ll not be has sponsor, goal be turn sour I’ll help you first à come, then à be integrated, à find your way here. My project i's à relocate à Thailand for working now business in ten years. If you are agree with my vision of couple life tell me Moorish about you. ; -) Bye bye Have has nice day