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48 Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Seeking: Female 18 - 24
48 Biñan, Laguna, Philippines
Seeking: Female 29 - 43
Tender, Gentle, Thorough, Thoughtful, Generous, Eye for Detail, Planner and Organizer, Supportive, Spontaneous, Open, Values Exclusivity and Privacy, Tactile/Touchy, Expressive and Demonstrative in Feelings of Love, Care and Appreciation. Grounded in present moment yet has bright and vivid future orientation. These are also what I am looking for in a person. Friends, colleagues and family consider me a smart and down-to-earth person, kind, humorous, active, reliable and responsible character, and a charming person. I manage to put on a smile no matter what the days bring. There is certainty in my life steps. There is sureness. Unwavering. Never tentative. You will always feel warmth, secured, protected, loved, cared for and thought about when you are with me. I'm spontaneous. I appreciate being supported, loved, cared for, hugged, touched, encouraged. Expresses feelings easily. Showy. Transparent. Very fluid and flexible. I'm passionate and fiery. I respect the loyalty and sanctity of marriage. I don't involve myself with anyone wayward, tentative, immature, dense or purposeless, or just seeking friendships and short-lived relationship. I want long-term; I pursue long-term. I also do not crave just boring companionship but joyful, satisfying, wholesome, and fulfilling relationship. If you already have someone, please don't bother me. If you continue to talk romantically to other ppl and getting to know them while you continue talking romantically with me and you're thinking that you are eternally free to pick and choose and delight in your having many options, then you will not succeed with me. If your intentions are not pure; not consistent; not clear; you won't succeed no matter where you go or who you talk to. In the end, you have got to make a choice, and commit to become exclusive. Great power comes from saying yes to only one path. I know the weakness of human nature, but I still pursue pure love. I have the courage and ability to heal myself. I am not seeking perfection and neither should you. I want to meet a woman who is as real as me. She is smart, intelligent, able to carry herself well and with dignity, succeeds even in stressful situations, has knowledge, wisdom and foresight. She is articulate. Considerate. Has balanced personality. She involves me in all her plans, dealings, decisions, and everyday happenings. She is sensitive. Able to detect what I cannot say, or unable to articulate. She is honest, pure, thorough, modest, loving, caring, loyal, faithful, and trustworthy. Energetic. Maybe she will be my future wife, too. My pictures are true, my information is true, and my conversation with you is also true. I don't know who you are but I hope that when you meet me, you will instantly see and feel that I am real and that I am attractive for you. I like the unique tailoring of clothes. They always attract my eyes. I like to take a walk or ride a bike around the city streets after dinner. I like going to theaters, cinema and museums local and abroad. I like to go to restaurants, gastropubs, cafes, market stores just to see what's new and to know the modern culture local and abroad. There are great places to see everwhere especially in my country. I hope you can go to meet with me one day and come to worthy conclusion that my country could be your home, too. I also like handicrafts and artisanal pursuits and projects; landscaping; gardening; architecture; interior design; playing musical instruments and listening to pop, jazz, rnb, and religious ones; travelling; growing small businesses serving customers; enjoying and revelling different cultures and customs; and family life. There are a lot more that we can discover together. The world is so wonderful. We can always find many beautiful things to do and to have together. I choose the life I like. If we have different hobbies, we can appreciate each other. If we have the same hobby, then all the more we can enjoy it together. The world is welcoming, accepting and tolerant, so should our hearts. My scaiyfp blue note fiv ssx sx.
71 Manila, Manila, Philippines
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
Yes!!!! My beard is gone. That is an easy fix to please you. For me it is time for a family. I search for a lover, a best friend, a wife. I have lived in the Philippines for 8 months but will perhaps for at least 3 years. I coach with the Philippine Women's National Softball Team (The Blu-Girls), and the Junior National Softball Team. I will then live here permanently, so you, or you and your child do not have to leave your family. And yes, I know you will want to remove my beard! We can have a ceremony when you cut it off! I am a safe man. I do not have much ego. I worked on what is called, "crisis lines" in the USA. It is a service for women who are beaten by boyfriends or husbands, raped or assaulted, and also sadly children who are hurt. I am a sympathetic and understanding man. A safe man! I will not send money to a woman I have not met. I have had every scam offered to me. A phone and computer for communications, My mother is in the hospital, I was robbed at Cebuana Lhuillier when I went to pick up the money. I have heard every story more than once. So don't try. Just don't bother and find a the right fool for you! If you are sincere, then it is nice to meet you! It would be nice to find a lovely woman with 1 or 2 children for marriage. I will also marry a woman without children and we will make our own family! I have no children of my own, but I am not concerned about their blood, only the possibility to care for them. I do not like feminist women, but I am not a bossy or domineering man. I simply think a woman should behave like a woman, and a man should show his appreciation for her feminine qualities. He must protect them, or he is not a man. I also realize I should become Catholic. If you ask me if a wife should work in the house, or to have a job. I will tell you that a man should allow his wife to be happy and free of his constraints! Only then can his "butterfly" make him happy. I am at a mature age in my life when I understand that my dreams are achieved, or they have left like a puff of smoke. I no longer dream very much for myself. I now dream of seeing happiness in someone else. I would like to dream their dreams. I have many interests including history, arts, sports, travel, classical literature, fishing, skiing, theater, horses, and music. I love animals and nature. I studied art at a French University, and Wildlife Biology at the University of Idaho, USA. I am a very nice, considerate, and polite gentleman. I am educated and have a wide variety of interests. However, education is often a matter of opportunity! If you do not have an opportunity, if your family requires support and can not support your education, then that is unfortunate, but it is not a bad thing! Many of the smartest people do not go to the University. Currently I coach Softball internationally. I work with the Olympics program to develop teams in many countries. I like to travel. I like culture, history, sciences, and debate. I love music. Lea Salonga was my favorite "theater" singer. Rachelle Ann Go, Sarah Geronimo are other favorites I knew before I came here. I hate men who abuse women. I worked as a volunteer for 14 years on "crisis-lines" where women who are hit, abused, raped, or who have children who are abused call for help. So I am a safe man!
30 Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines
Seeking: Male 18 - 99