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72 Xiamen, Fujian, China
Seeking: Female 45 - 75
Hello from Xiamen, laugh …. I love to laugh, it is such a good feeling. I’ll laugh with you not at you, though I am not a comedian and I cannot make you laugh continuously I find many things can have a funny side to them. 微信 bindana_xiamin 中国国内非常流行的社交媒体应用程序 - 一五八五九二七六九八三 I live … in a world where I find many people and reasons to celebrate the world in which we all live. There are so many people out there that are smiling, holding out there hands to others to say hello and welcome. Let us communicate with each other, learn from each other, give to each other and receive from each other. I care … I express what is in my heart without censoring it through my head. This gets me into trouble sometimes but I don't disguise who I am, though if the situation needs it, I am also thoughtful and tactful. I care passionately for those I am closest to. I'm sure most would have heard the expression "laughter is good medicine for the soul". If that is the case, then my soul must be in fairly good shape. I'm here to find a person that I can call my soulmate, friend and whatever else you may care to add. Someone to share the laughter and fun times as well as the not so good times. 希望翻译正确。 你好,来自厦门、 笑 .... 我喜欢笑,笑是一种很好的感觉。 我会和你一起笑,而不是对着你笑,虽然我不是喜剧演员,不能让你笑个不停,但我发现很多事情都有有趣的一面。 微信 bindana_xiamin 中国国内非常流行的社交媒体应用程序 - 一五八五九二七六九八三 我生活......在这个世界上,我发现有许多人和理由来庆祝我们生活的这个世界。 有那么多人面带微笑,伸出双手向他人问好,表示欢迎。 让我们相互交流,相互学习,相互给予,相互接受。 我关心......我表达我内心的想法,而不是通过头脑进行审查。这有时会给我带来麻烦,但我不会掩饰自己的身份,尽管如果情况需要,我也会考虑周全、婉转表达。我非常关心我最亲近的人。 我相信大多数人都听说过 "笑是心灵的良药 "这句话。如果真是这样的话,那么我的灵魂一定处于相当良好的状态。 我来这里是想找一个人,可以称他为我的知己、朋友或其他任何你想加的东西。一个可以分享欢笑和快乐的人,也可以分享不那么美好的时光。
42 Jinan, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female
Where to begin from? Hmm! Reason for being here is to same as most of yoursJ. I've been working in China for a past few years. So far it's been a nice experience. My Mandarin is limited but I can make a conversation for a few minutes. I do things without  much help using my limited Chinese language. Likes : making friends Medicine : Chinese medicine is better than western one  CAST (if it matters) I Belong to a SYED family. According to my friends I am : generally considered loving & caring, a promise keeper and honest, a bit of introvert and sometimes extrovert (depending on situation) . Sense of humor : witty. Well that's my friends say about me. Why don't you find out by yourself about me? Faith : in ALLAH . Generally : I'm a moderate man. PROFESSION: will qualify as a chartered accountant (public accountant and auditor) Inshaa'Allah in near future (this year). Future :  want to have my own business.  About RELATIONS: Keeping matters as smooth as possible. I feel as Muslim I have a lot of responsibility towards other especially family. Marriage: I strongly believe in marrying only once and marry the right person.. PROBLEMS Tackling:  Best solution to problem is to TALK about it. Conversation is a best tool to resolve. Not shy about: that I'm an average person 从哪里开始?哼!来到这里的理由与大多数人相同。 过去几年我一直在中国工作。到目前为止,这是一个不错的经历。我的普通话有限,但我可以在几分钟内交谈。使用我有限的中文,我可以买东西,找到地方,四处旅行。 喜欢:交朋友 胃新信 药思斯刘琦领吧幺器蚕 中药比西药是更好  CAST(如果有问题)我属于SYED家族。 根据我的朋友,我是:一般认为爱和关怀,承诺和诚实,有点内向,有时外向(取决于情况)。 幽默感:机智。 那是我的朋友们对我说的。你为什么不自己发现我呢? 信仰:在阿拉。 一般来说:我是一个温和的男人。 职业:将在近期(今年)有资格担任特许会计师(会计师和审计师)IA。 未来:想拥有自己的企业。  关于关系:尽可能保持顺畅。我觉得作为穆斯林,我对其他特别的家庭负有很多责任。 婚姻:我坚信只要结婚一次,就可以嫁给合适的人。 问题解决:问题的最佳解决方案是谈论它。对话是解决问题的最佳工具。 不害羞:我是一个普通人
46 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 37
Мы можем встретиться здесь, это должно быть судьба, мы надеемся быть с тобой навсегда. Если мы влюбимся, я буду использовать все свои методы, чтобы дать вам бесконечную любовь. Я готов оказать вам теплую заботу, чтобы вы всегда чувствовали радость быть любимым! Я готов путешествовать с вами по всему миру, пусть романтические краски наполняют наши воспоминания! Я не очень хорош в сладких разговорах, но в скучной жизни я часто буду преподносить вам сюрпризы! Я не очень хорош в общении за винным столом, но я не сплю и буду ждать, чтобы сопровождать вас домой! Я здесь, чтобы найти настоящую любовь и вечную охрану. Я не расстанусь с тобой из-за неудовлетворенной работы по дому. Я не сдамся из-за каких-либо трудностей. Я буду сопровождать тебя, когда я тебе понадоблюсь. Перед лицом опасности я покрою тебя своим телом. Когда наступит конец света, я буду обнимать тебя до конца. Я работаю в правительстве, и мы не разрешаем нам выезжать за границу для решения личных вопросов. Если у нас хватит понимания здесь, я надеюсь, что вы можете прийти ко мне, я возьму на себя все расходы и буду сопровождать это путешествие с искренней любовью.
39 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 25
I come from an ancient civilization, beautiful country - China, and has lived in a 5 0 over years of history in China's Great cultural heritage of the first-tier cities, a lot of Chinese art of celebration came from the city I grew up, I was Love my country and the city I grew up with. I should be regarded as a kind of person who has been working very hard Diligently, and paying. So whether it is going to school or working now, it has always been a good type of man. He has been Engaged in the financial industry, after years of efforts to pay, is considered a relatively successful financial Careers business people, has a good reputation in the local counterparts, because of the 2 3 -year-old is already a Financial management positions, this 1 0 In the year, many outstanding financial talents have also been cultivated, Among which there are many financial management talents and senior financial management talents. After years of hard Work, I have already bought a house in my own city (no loan) And have my own residence. I usually like to enrich my knowledge and more to improve myself. I usually like to read books And study. Besides, I also exercise and learn piano. During leisure time, I also go to see movies and watch dramas Musical and concerts. It is possible that many foreign friends' understanding of China has remained in the past few Decades. After several decades of development in China, many high-rise buildings in first- and second-tier cities Have stood up. The city's development has been quite modern, and various high-class cars are running on the roads Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi may have been premium cars in China 20 years ago. Nowadays, they are everywhere, and they Are considered to be more general cars. Many foreign friends have come to China to develop, live and work. According to a Russian beauty who has worked in China, the monthly income of working in China can reach $3000USD. I think the monthly Income of foreigners in China is generally $1000-$3000 USD is not a big problem, of course, third- and fourth-tier Cities may not have such income. In addition to the modern city, China also has many beautiful places. The Chinese are Generally friendly to foreigners. Foreign friends are welcome to travel, live, develop and work in China at any time. Of course, they also look forward to a copy. Good good luck
46 Heze, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 50
Self-Introduction (English): The cultivation of any emotion must be based on sincerity. I list the advantages (or characteristics) and shortcomings to the public, and specify the requirements for her. Please take a comprehensive consideration, think twice before contacting me (advertisers go far please! Any Low-down chef that try to with the so-called lottery, investment, live broadcast, online shop The name of, try to chat my money, go far please. I have seen through your ugly faces and mean tricks. Male, from Heze, Shandong Province, China. My height 177cm, born in 1978. Majoring in literature and art. I published many articles in the journal edited by Nobel Laureates of Chinese nationality (the proof can be provided). But i am a poor man, a poor man of Chinese standard. I hope to emigrate abroad with my future wife. I am Single and childless. I had a short factual marriage and but i have no marriage certificate. My figure is passable. My appearance and temperament are gentle and quiet. I am fond of literature and has published many articles I am is an unknown writer. Now I engaged in copywriting. I occasional part-time nude art model. I have a house but no car. I. no smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. I like reading, writing, light sports (cycling, etc.) Occasionally painting, design. My shortcoming or problem is: First, I am a poor man, a poor man of Chinese standard. If you think my money is very important, if you don't like poor husband, Please don't choose me. Second, more than ten years ago, i have been imprisoned and tortured for publishing articles criticizing the Chinese government. The policewoman tied me up, took off my pants, and then she used an electric stick to torture me and she cruelly burned hurt my genitals! My genitals can't restore normal function! So i In the sexual life of men and women, I can't be above her body, I can only be below her body. If I were on her body, it would be very painful soon. Yes, I have been to many hospitals. But the effect is not good. If you mind my shortcoming or question, please don't disturb me, Thank you. Self-Introduction (Chinese): Any emotional development must be based on good faith. I am open and honest, listing the strengths (or characteristics) and shortcomings, and detailing what is required of the other person. Think about it, think twice, and then contact me (go far for the advertiser! ! In the name of so-called lottery, investment, live broadcast, online store... Go far for the money scam! ! The sinner has seen your ugly faces and the despicable tricks! !) In the next step. Male, Heze native of Shandong, literature and art. Has published articles in the journal of Nobel Prize laureates of Chinese nationality (proof can be provided). But I am a poor, a poor Chinese standard. I was single and had no children (had a de facto marriage, had not yet been married); I was 178 cm tall and 78 years old. Good size. It looks gentle and quiet. He has been a writer and a writer. It is an unknown writer. He is now writing. Occasionally part-time nude art models. Rooms available without car. Smoke-free, alcohol, gambling and more. Like reading, writing, light sports (cycling, etc.), occasionally painting, Design. My current question: First of all, I am a poor person, a poor person by Chinese standards. If you think my money is important, if you don't like poor husbands, please don't choose me. Secondly, more than a decade ago, I was imprisoned and tortured for publishing articles critical of the Chinese Government. The policewoman tied me up, took off my trousers, and then she tortured me with a stick, and she brutally burned my genitals! My genitals do not function properly. So I have some physical difficulties, and it has been ineffective for many years to see a doctor (I can't stay, that is, I can't get men up and down, I can't get any other posture, For example, women above men). Don't bother those who care about their problems! Thank you!